Insight needed !!!

  • hi i just moved back from the sahara desert to the states . its been a very slow start to reconnect . i need some insight on th enew chapter here . will things stsrt opening up for me here ? i arrived with loads of energy for things to fhappen . ,but only now the energy its loosing its ground and im not connecting ith work and people like i thought i would .

    also i have a possible new relationship . its a long distance unusual one . i met him right before i left morocco .we are in contact almost daily . ui feel a very close connection to him he will be here in a month or 2 .once i get settled .

    i feel this could be an exciting relationship . does he feel the same for me ? does it have the potential im feel it has ??

    im at such a stand still with my whole entire life and im so ready for things to start moving along . insight would be soooooooo helpful !!!! thanks a million !!

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