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    Im starting or have started the second part of my jurney. I am able to walk away from my ex-boyfriend that hurt me and start fresh in my life. I made my list of the ideal man i want. and im patient. my problem is, my ex boyfriend invited to take me out for my birth day on the 26. I did contact Hans and im greatful for his advise. i feel, i need girl talk.

    im affraid of my heart being crushed again. Should i accept his invitation? whats going on! why out of no where this man wants to see me again. I thought he dident care. and where is this other man im suppose to meet? or is it my ex???

    i hope you get this msg...thank you in adavnce

  • my consiounce sais:

    I should see him to stop dwelling on my own illusions about him, i will be able to see the reality of how i see him and feel about him. I will be stronger and wiser thn before.

    Im afraid of been hurt again by this man, but i wont be???

    this reminds me of a relationship i had with a nother man many yars ago, we HAD to break up. we kept in touch for many years as friends. My birthday came around and he took me out, it was AMAZING what he did for me. I love him for that. it hurt to leave him when we had to break up, but after creating a friendship i was strong, and moved on from him for good.

    BUT, what if it dosent end up that way..? and it destrois me in my NEW JOURNEY

  • They always say, the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results! What do you get from that?

  • quenkath,

    thank you for replying.

    its is true what you say. I can seat here and type my short story. But bottom line, i would be crazy to think something diffrent would manifest from this man. i drove my self crazy last year just thinking about him. Not anymore. this chapter ends.

  • i know, why do we , as women put up with this s h i t from these so called men?

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