Help ! insight needed!!!!

  • hi can you please give me some insight on a possibale relationship ? i have connected with someone long distance . we have met a few times before i returned to the usa . we chat email and skype all the time . and he wants to come here for a few months .

    i really feel a big ( love ) connection with him . is he feeling the same way ? will this develop into something substantial ?? any insight would be so helpful . he makes me so confused !! he is always contacting me , sending photos of himself ,skyping . i have brought up the subject but he told me he never really thought about it !! but said it was cool . but he had just broke with his ex girl like almost a year ago .thats why he didnt say anytbing about that to me .he didnt say no but he didnt say yes . he still stays in touch and is still planning to come to the states . is it friendship he seeks or is it possible to connect on more personal level?any insight wold be so helpful .im so confused . we get along so well and have so much on common .

    my dob 2/9/61


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