Repeat situations...

  • Every situation in your life that requires you to seek deep thruth is an opportunity to grow.The more pain and struggle you experience the more you have to seek the truth into yourself and then become an aware being with growth.Those situations we can thank becuase we then attain deeper truth.To raise your frequency higher go within and ask yourself. Seek deeper truth to elevate your vibration. If you do not let yourself see the truth, you will keep acquiring the same situations as "lessons" until you do. Another person and situation will be sent your way as another test and opportunity for you to pass it and release it for good. The test will keep coming until YOU handle it independently and trust in yourself and become enlightened. Once you develope your higher vibration you can attract the same frequency and you will think differently about requesting info and answers from ones who do not hold the truth in your situations becuase no one holds the truth to you or your partners. Your partner who may or may not have self truth and ascension and you are the ones that rule the outcome.

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  • Capricorn444

    I dont think I've ever talked to you on here before, but I noticed some of your responses, and was wondering if you could help me with topic that I wrote. The title it addressed to the Captian, but I'm hoping to get input from anyone really.

  • Ok please address your concern.........:)

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