• Hi

    After seeing so many requesting readings but being surpassed because they forgot or didnt know what information to post along their request, desided I to make this thread here. We´re all different people and readers, so we have each our unique way to do it. HOWEVER common nominator is, we all need some information to get a connection in order to read help guide the requestee. I hope we can help them by this here thread. If we can agree what is needed and its provided, maybe those surpassed wont be surpassed in future?

    I hope we can make a standard of information is needed for us to help them that covers all of our individual readers needs to help those who ask for our help. I´ll lay out what i think wre all need, if may differ and please add your 5 cents worth in.

    1. True name, city country u live in

    2. date of birth include time n city born in

    3. sunsign maybe

    4. photo´s of u and those u ask on for

    5. ur issues which need attention

    6. which kind of read u´d like in subject line mayb, bc we have so many different readers n each has their way of doing it.

    cheers cwb

  • I don't have a photo. But could really use a reading right now. Tips?

  • Hi emaegf

    this aint a can i get a reading thread., its a help for requestees n readers on what information we as readers may need tohelp u with ur issues.

    i listed the ones ive seen often is asked for by readers. Also it shows how different we readers are, that we have our way of doing it and just bc we do it in one way doesnt mean we´re not readers when requesting parties ask want it in a special way.

    i suggest u repost as a new topic n see what happens. n sweetie u may wanna consider providing more than ur one liner, because ..............well from it basically only card readers can get anything there .................... then again i dont know which is why i made this one.

    i hope more readers will join the debate

  • Hey Charmed: how about something like this:


    reading please: job prospect (then they could explain ex: I had 2 interviews both went well how can I decide which one is the better offer)

    dob: 12/1/58

    location: tampa, florida usa

    name: sher aka shadowmist

    picture: ( i dont have any pixes but if they had one they could attach)

    maybe this could make it easier for the readers in this type of format

  • Now THATS what im talking about Shadow. It would help them a whole lot more as well as whoever chooses to help them. Also it will help those that are surpassed bc it lacks.

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