• It's interesting that you should mention fate as I tend to believe more and more that some things are destined to happen. I have dreams that have manifested into reality - not always earth shattering - maybe a place i have visited etc. That makes me think that I haven't manifested the occurrence, rather I have tuned in to what will happen at some stage. I don't think of myself as at all psychic but I can be quite intuitive and I have always been a sensitive person anyway. I dreamt a couple of times months before my father died that he would pass away. When he did, shockiing as it was, I think it was preparing me in some way.

    I have also read recently that soul mates will only get together when the time is right. For instance if you look at your own life situation and perhaps the other person is mimicking something you are going through eg they may not have completely cut ties with an ex and may be you haven't completely resolved with your ex either - that type of thing. It kinda made sense to me for my case.

    I personally have never noticed signs like this before (the names everywhere), but it may just be an awareness thing. Like was said earlier about the other person noticing signs. Maybe they have to be open to notice things (I don't think guys always are). I believe the signs must be showing some connection, one way or another.

    Nefratiti - good luck to you too and I hope it works out for you. It would be nice to know there is some order in this chaotic universe. ps I don't think you are mad either (as was said above) just because you see signs and for someone to suggest so means that they think the world functions on an entirely rational basis. Clearly it does not!

  • I am beginning to believe more in fate as I have had dreams that kinda come into actuality. This makes me think that it is not the same as manifesting a thought, it is something that I have tapped into that will occur. I dreamt my father dieda couple of times a few months before he did. The circumstances in the dream were different but I think it was preparing for the inveitable.

    Nefratiti, I don't think you are mad either (as above). The people who are really mad are the ones who don't see beyond the veil and take everything at face value - they are nuts! The world is not a rational place. I have never had signs like this before (name etc) but it could be that I haven't been aware of them before. But i can be quite intuitive.

    When someone asked if the other person sees them - maybe they aren't open to them so they might not (I don't know how many guys would be in all honesty). But if anything, I believe it shows a connection. And I tend to believe that it could be a timing issue as well. I was reading recently about someone who had met their soulmate and they said that timing was a major factor. For instance if they were still linked to an ex (and you were too) which was making it difficult to move on to something new, things get put on hold. That makes sense to me in a lot of ways.

  • Oops - I posted twice! The first seemed to disappear into the ether so I posted again (saying pretty much the same stuff) 😉 Excuse me - i am new at this..

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