• Ok so I have a specific man on my mind we are not together he knows I like him etc... nothing has happened yet anyway I keep seeing his name both his christian and surname everywhere in films books and lyrics of songs... I see words which are specific to phrases he has used in conversation or relating to nicknames we have used for each other. Also numbers associated with his birthday or mine door numbers/registration plates on cars/phone nos etc

    The other day I had to see to a lady at work about a problem she was having and we got to talk about birth signs etc.,. without thinking too much I just knew straight away she would be the same birth sign as the man I like and I kinda also knew her birthday would be close to his. She told me his birthday and it was the same days as his I sort of almost knew instintively anyway and it didnt even really come as much of a suprise. But it did make me feel a bit wobbly.

    Now is this all because I want this person in my life and he is in my thoughts a lot or is the universe sending me a message of any kind? Of course you know the answer I want but I would rather know the truth??

    I put a film on the other day a DVD I have had for ages and havent watched yet........... the heros father had his (the man I like's) name but with the christain name and surname reversed................. for example if his name was James Tyler the charachter was called Tyler James. (just an example not the real name!)

    I went to Lyme Regis in Doset with a friend the other weekend ...I am determined to try and forget this man as i dont think he is as into me as I am into him.....not sure tho....anyway I went into a card shop and picked up a card with a handmade boat on it and the name of the boat was his surname I later went into a shop and the book I picked up was his christian name (the author's name)

    About an hr late my friend and I were standing outside an old a house and it had a beautiful symbol above the door and my friend said oh it looks like an Archer and it had Sagittarius written underneath which is his birth sign.......... am I going mad? Am I willing these signs to come to me as I guess maybe subconciously you could do that ?? I havent invented them they have really happened but am I reading too much into them? Has this happened to anyone else and if so did anything come of it?

  • I really thought I was crazy when it happened to me too! The guy I love is a Saggitarius too. I see his name all over the place, there was even a person who had my first name as her first name and his first name as her last name! I couldn't belive that. I have seen the numbers from his brithday all around, for example I would look at the clock and the time would be his birthday 11:25. Sometimes I get on a train and the number of the car I am in or the train across the platform is the numbers of our birthdays 1425, 2514, 4125 or 5241. I have had dreams about him that came true. And what makes it interesting is that when I get these signs, it is usually when I am trying to forget him because I start to think that he's not really into me. And usually when I see one of these signs, he comes to visit me, takes me out or calls me.

    I think that it has to be fate for both of us. It happened too many times for it to be coincidence.

  • You aren't crazy - it happens with my former Cancer. We were watching a show at a friends house and a couple was on - their names - Patrick and Paula. I process claims for a living and there his name is in full (but it wasn't him). I'm a 9 and he's born on the 9th. Even though we aren't together right now, I still see his name everywhere, people say the same things exactly the way he would and these are strangers. there are so many instances - it's hard to get into. I think it's your spirit guide telling you that you need to explore your options with this man. If you weren't being led into this direction, you would be noticing other things.

  • Yeah like when you get a car all of a sudden you start seeing those all over the place and gee you never noticed it till you had one.

  • I got a Chevy Crew Cab Duelly and started seeing them all the time. I got a Nissan truck and I started seeing them and now with my Expedition Wow everyone has one.

  • I really think you notice things more once you've had one. You become more aware of your surroundings. That's what I think.

  • LibrasLair - I agree with you on that. Once I got my Camry - that's ALL I see on the road now........it actually makes me alittle mad - I thought I had got an awesome car and it turns out pretty much everyone else does too!!! lol!!!

  • Hi, Well, doesn't seem like chance anymore for you. Haven't had this kind of experience myself. I am in a relationship where there has been a lot of ups and downs. He will tell me things that have happened to him and I'll hear a song and it explains his experience so vividly, almost like the song is explaining it to me. One thing that is repetitive is the sign of Virgo. Actually, my friends birthday and my ex-boyfriend's birthday are 1 day apart. Virgo is a good sign for me but also a serious sign. They seem to be quite serious w/regards to the relationship.

  • sooooooooooo my dear true trusted and inspired friends..

    scorpiotaurquarius/paulsj or i?? never sure?/libralair/nicetaurus/dreamernorth/maria ria/verdana/butterly sag so................. ok it has happened to u2 soo u know I really love this guy have kept my distance recent professional Tarot says romance in summer etc.. 4 sure

    am I seeing these signs and numbers because I cannot get him out of my head or because it is karma/destiny/fate HELP??

    Am I thinking I want it to happen with him so much that I see these signs OR beause I actually think about him so much that I am willing it to become so obssessed therefore simply LOOKING for the right signs that I WANT to see? The other day my friend John bought me a brass sign from an antique shop it says This is a little house with a big welcome (my Edwaridan cottage is called The Little House) i can make an anagram of this out of my POTENTIAL lover's name is that just lucky coincidence?

    If I am going mad please tell me but my tarot lady said look 4 hidden signs they are all around me his name his birthday me suddenly meeting people with same birthday today I had to call lady on maternity leave from work today I congratulated her on the birth off her baby son I dared ask what have u called him lest he have the same name as the man I love. sort of knew she would say his name before I asked it... guess what? Baby's middle name of the man I loves' surname am I going mad?


    Butterfly sag and verdna and Bullbeach dreamernoth and nicetaurus/faery wild and anyone please advise

    Am I so thinking about him that he is in my subconscious crops up everwhere as someone said even numbers now make an appearance and I I spoke to a young girl at work last week bubbly young attractive and I almost thought darent ask her birth sign cos I jus knew... and 4 her to have his same birthday day as him........... lucky coincidence or wishful thinking or fate??

    For those of u who said it happened to u result or progress report please?



  • scorptauraquarius oopssssssss f see aboveorgot to say these things LIKE WITH U always happen when I think right ........I will 4get him completely and totally put him outta my mind!


  • scorp/taur/aquarius/paulj

    so thanku 4 your comments in relation to my dilemma

    burning question

    did u have a relationship with this person following the signs and in ur experience did the signs mean anything or should I disregard as me just hoping 4 something which will not happen?


  • Hi, I can not explain why signs are given to us except that THEY ARE. Relationships can be tricky also. I am very good at getting myself into situations--I'm Aquarius. We can really get off the beaten trail--but our intentions are good. Just know what you want out of a relationship. I find out everyday that what I thought I understood, I really don't. You can't categorize a lot. Don't be hard on yourself or think too hard on this one.

  • Dalia thanku for your reply it mean as a lot.

    U know what? i have agonised over this for a long time but my Tarot reader who has an excellent reputation asssures me that the Sag man I am in love with me misses me a lot and we will apparently hae a hot romance all summer guess I shld just relax a ittle and let fate take a hand

    thku for your thts


  • paulaj

    need ur help u say I think u nd to explore otions with this man how?? if after a lot of interest shown by him how can I do this without seeming clingly or needy?

    Your reply gives me hope? So u dont think the signs I have had are coincidence but something more meaningful? be interested in your response



  • Well - here's my thought on this. Because you like him, you are more apt to notice things that possibly relate to him, which means he is always on your mind. These types of things happen with me and my Cancer boy, but he and I haven't spoke in over a month. The signs may be that he was thinking of you, but if he hasn't made any moves towards you in a relationship type way - it may just be your guide keeping him in your thoughts until he is ready for you.

    On the other hand, you are a Capricorn - just like me - and I ALWAYS over think things when it comes to guys. We always tend to overanalyze things until there's nothing left. That can run people off quicker than they can sneeze.........speaking from personal experience only - mind you.

    But you said that your tarot reader said to look out for signs - the signs may just be that....or they could be signs relating to the fact that he isn't ready for you.

    If you haven't already told him how you feel, then maybe you should.

  • Paula

    thanku 4 ur kind thoughts actually I am a Taurean? Anyway you are a sweetie to reply honesty I do appreciate your comments I guess I am scared this is total madness I adore this guy but we have only met about 3 times (thro work) he hasthe kind of deep brown eyes you could literaaly fall into I cant expian well u know.he has a good heart I can honestly say I have a lot of exerience wtih men but I dont feel I have EVER felt such an instant attraction he is absolutely my cuppa tea I adore him so. have to be careful that I act in th proper way

    thanku sweetie 4 giving me hope I am a good honest and caring person I think he cld be my Mr Rifgt oh well time will tell and thanku


  • Paula sweet

    dont know where the 'c' came from at the end of my reply its late etc!

    me soooooooooooooooooo tired


  • Okay, I want to weigh in on this...I don't remember who, but, someone posted the sentence, you are over thinking this, and I agree.

    Look, In our human lives we are not meant to understand everything that happens to us, be it signs, or experiences. We are not meant to question why, we are meant to follow spirits guidance. Here's the problem, free will...unfortunately, free will screws everybody up. The ability to make a decision can surely take us off track..I think these signs you are seeing are your guides trying to keep you on track. From the sounds of it you are really giving them a run for the money, ha,ha,ha. You are taurean and you are stubborn and persistent, not a bad thing, but can can cause you to over think everything! Just go with the flow, I beleive your guides are desperately trying to tell you something and that is why all the signs keep appearing.

    Pay attention and follow their lead and you will surely be happy in your heart.

    Hope this helps...

  • Well since she has only met this guy 3 times through work how can she even make a judgement call of I know he is the one? Sounds like a big case of puppy love. She doesn't know this man and I think she is acting like a kid. She wants this so bad that she sees what she want to see. This is the real world and you need to take your time and get to know someone and even then sometimes its not going to be what you have built it up to be. I would like this forum to be a place where we can learn things and yes ask for someone elses take on a subject. But if that's the case really listen to the help you are givin and see what fits you. Don't run head on into something just because you want it because it could be a very hard lesson. I know we only learn from our own mistakes but you can choose to be more careful at the speed your moving.

  • (spoken like a True Libran 😃

    i personally don't believe in coincidences- they are synchronicities (i think i spelled that right) i was told that they were a sign that we are on the Right Path. mine seem to usually involve numbers, but the signs are everywhere, as stated previously. my personal opinion is that if this guy has left such an impression on you, you should find some subtle way to let him know, because if you don't and then you never get together you'll regret it. by subtle, i mean, a special smile..letting your eyes meet just a bit longer than with the average person- just little things. to my way of thinking, there's nothing sadder than being too shy to give a relationship a chance just for fear of being 'embarrased' or 'hurt'

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