FOR drgagannagi FROM cwb

  • Hi sweetie

    I made this thread bc i felt i had made myself be influenced by other reader on your initial thread., MAD mistake. Some mentioned is sane advice but i´d like to correct mine.

    Its true good things comes to those that wait. Im living proof of it. Ill explain but let me fist ask you something.

    Do you have a sense feeling deep inside you that you just know without doubt that your man which youlong for is meant for yoy and you for him? that it has a DESTINED over it? that you just KNOW but cant reason or explain it? You just KNOW!?

    if yes to all above then hang onto him, await him and on and off make sure you´re still there. Many men need proof that despite whatever he has to deal n go through that someone is still there, even if it feels like a push away slap in face neglegence and more.- He needs to know u have the love understanding n stamina to wait him out.

    This is what ive had for 2 of my friends. Lately it has shown one was indeed a dream, and dreams dont come true BUT from it, i won the best friend EVER! So in a way i still won if you can call it winning. The other when I met him was at twominds wether to go this or that way. We becamse friends, n ive always had that feeling sense of DESTINED meant to be n ive never been able to reason or explain it. I just knew u know?! Anyhews he fell under spell of someone bad, but i stuck by him even through silences and reconnections, i still stayed his friend if not more.

    For the better part of 2 years he has been through a very nasty long dragged out nasty divorce, and i stuck by him. And i waited while i did my things, like job, hunt for job, take this or that course, helped out family, and finally uptook education as computerscience. tough learnings i tell ya lol. I say this bc i know you aint sitting and waiting by the phone 24/7 like many think we do.

    This last past half year ive on and off caught my Charlie on the phone and by email. Something alone a year ago was IMPOSSIBLE, an idea a happening that i believed id NEVER get or have happen to me. But it did. Quite a few times. THIS SHOWS waiting for what u feel is destined is worth ur while. It will pay off.

    So drgagannagi, if you feel deep inside u n him are meant DESTINED, dont let anyone tell you what you oughta do. trust me, had i followed some advice given me here and elsewhere, i´d not gotten those rare phonecalls, let alone reconnected to him. So when ur gut wrenches on the ought i go bye bye DONT. Stick to ya guns n stay the course no matter how long it takes.

    And above all, dont take one reader´s word for face truth. Only your gut knows the truth. As one famous reader i was close to said, take only from the reading what sits right by n in you for face value, all else toss it, discard it like trash bc its then not meant for u at all.

    That said ill leave u with my own wisdom that i always go by. ALWAYS ALWAYS CONFER WITH YA GUT BC IT HAS YET NOT STEERED YA WRONG.!!! NEVER DOUBT YA GUT!!!



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