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  • Hi,

    I am an empath that is in need of guidance. I tend to pick up on other people emotions and moods a lot and they affect my own. I have a grandmother that had a stroke early in the year that left her without speech. She has been depressed for many years before her stroke from the death of her husband, son and sisters. Smewhat she seems more at peace since her stroke, but other times she seems deeply depressed. I know it has to be frustrating not to be able to communicate your day to day yes or no needs much less any abstract concepts on feelings.

    Each time I see her, I wish I knew how to help her with my empathy abilities. I feel like sometimes I end getting what she is trying to communicate with the help of my untrained empath abilities and other times I can't pick up more than the intensity of the emotions she's feeling. Her ability to ask and express these abstract concepts are important to her. I feel like I should use these abilities to help her more but I am not really sure how. How may I best go about using these abilities to help her? If it be the Universes will for me to train these abilities, please give someone the sight to see the complexity of what I am so poorly able to put into words and a reflection of how to help.


  • GreyStar,

    First you must put yourself in your grandmothers shoes, and uncondition yourself to

    the tool of highest communication through tongue , then think how then would you communicate without tongue ? Communication dosent mainly rely on voice,

    we communicate with strangers each day with practicially no words spoken

    through gestures, eye movements, body movements and if your really lucky

    through empath communication..When I was younger I had a death aunt

    who still tried speaking although to others it never made sense, but my family were

    amazed at how easily i understood her although she made NO SENSE, its all based upon gestures and body language and feelings that we can commute to one another

    you must be intune with her inner feeling to feel her however, it takes patience and effort.

    hope this was a help, Blessings.

  • Thank you so much addictdtoriches. This new approach is helping with my grandmother some already. Unless her emotions are very intense like frustration or deep sadness, I am learning to help her without her emotions becoming part of my own its like I am in tune with them without them overwhelming me. I can't help but feel she had some kind of closure on something major on christmas although I am unsure on what closure she had specifically. She seems somewhat more at peace. Thank you for your insight, help and blessings as I feel like I am on the start to learning to use my empath abilities to help...I guess it was meant to start with my grandma...then to help other people.

    Thank you again.


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