In need of a reading for new year

  • About a year ago I had a really good reading on here that really came true in many ways.. I would like someone to do a reading for the next ear I have ahead. This past year I was told would be very emotional and tough for me. But also a growing period. Which it REALLY was. I'm hoping for a better year this time around. My birthday is 1/21/1990. I was born at 11:42 pm. (If that helps some).

    Also Im dating a guy that is born 11/6/1988.. any insight on that relationship?

  • No birthdate reading knows your leval of ascension, life phases, current choices, self truth and living in your truth, nature and nurture, so I wont go there but this may help...............

    Rather than focus on the pain of surrendering, what would happen if I focus on the pleasure of moving to a new (higher) direction?

    Do I have the faith, focus and patience to gently allow my path to unfold before me?

    Is this the right time to make a transition? Am I properly geared for the journey?

    Can I move out of a desolation while I'm still clinging to the pain of the past?

    Better yet, how can release the past to facilitate my growth?

    How many have had repeat situations?

    Every "Situation" in life is a learning experience and lesson. Life experience applies to the same theory of a school exam; YOU must take it until YOU pass it on your own without counsel and outside help. You then seek the "truths". YOU engross yourself with the knowledge that applies to the "situation" (test); YOU discern and formulate your best affluent strategy. YOU must grasp the truth and YOU must move fowards with the Truth; it cannot be denied.

    Every situation in your life requires you to seek deep thruth is an opportunity to evolve and attain self Ascension.

    Self Ascension: deliberates the conscious decision to bring one’s life experience into alignment with higer self (spirit self) soul consciousness. A consistant active approach superseding the ego and unordered thoughts that prevents one from living in the now and trusting in their inner awareness.

    The more heartache and trial you experience the more you have to seek the truth into yourself and then become an aware being with growth.To raise your frequency higher; go within and ask yourself. Seek deeper truth to elevate your vibration. Initiate your next steps with the inherited truths influencing you judgments. If you do not let yourself see the truth and carry it out, you will keep acquiring the same situations as "lessons" until you do. Another person and situation will ascend your way as another test and opportunity for you to pass it and release it entirely out of your life. The test will keep coming until YOU handle it independently and trust in yourself and become Enlightened.

    Once you exhibit your higher vibration you can attract the same frequency and you will think differently about requesting info and answers from ones who do not hold the truth in your situations becuase no one holds the truth to you or your partners in the given situation. Your partner who may or may not have self truth and ascension; so no one but you can judge it. Even if the other parties lack self truth; you can at least go within to seek yours concerning the situation and make the judgement call. No one else can but YOU.

    We can and should show gratitude for the many situations that evolve in our life becuase its from those situations that we are presented with ambition to inquest our resonate self. We then attain what self understanding is; Enlightenment. We then can raise our vibration and predict outcomes and attract higher frequency with higher self awareness and Ascension.

    Do I have enough faith to drop my action, and take a passive/meditative stance in this situation?

    What is the focus of my prayer life, and is my physical life aligned with that focus?

    Am I battle weary? What methods of recuperation can I explore to heal myself?

    Does my inner vision match my outer reality? What can I do to get a better match?

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  • Capricorn444, I have been reading your responses to other peoples posts and I admire your point of view very much. Would you do one for me please? Not sure if you need any info...

  • I respect you valuing self I will go ahead and draw my power of intent to you so I can flow my energy to you....with intention to recieve divine guidance to your phase in the path of divine opportunity....................

  • I do not like to make Judgments but based of your phrase of the question.....and name...I can sense a desire for a relationship and possibly an emotional confusion about current or recent are inquesting....Are you pretty consistant concerning home and hearth grounding? If so very good.

    Make sure to really listen to self and consider who comes first.

    Assessmnet and concerning the reward in your harvest. "step in with good intentions and the results may be blessed" Have you evoked a relationship?

    What path is going to get me to the results?

    Personal courage and adventure are in your situation, personal courage involves much integrity. Pateince and perseverance in love and all our edeavors. If we desire answers upfront with out the adventure inquest..we then jump ahead to conclusions, bring in presures and tense energy into our endeavors that will continue to manifest of those of the realtionships in this life is the sensations and experiences in the now and letting it unfold fro us.......

    An excellent way foward is with great ethic, moral and honesty applying logic and reason but allowing yourself to nurture your dreams and love them to manifest with integrity and being Jusr. A great awareness of you first and then your surroundings.........

    " I present a mixture of nervous energy joined with calm assurance that everything will roll my way. I am the dreamer who can apply those dreams with uncanny alacrity and clear-minded intelligence."

    Get the flow going again in your life by giving equal or more than what you've received. Remember, this is an inclusive universe. By giving openly, honestly, you're insuring your perpetual gain.

    What is your path? Is there any blockages? Are you withholding anything? What is gained from seperation? Are you clear on your visions and paths?

  • "Please embrace me with a divine blessing and bless me and the 78 pathways of the divination to enlighten Lovinmylife so she may ascend into harmony and love"

    Subconscious area to assess: Star-new inspiration and hope, self ascension, rejuvenation, assessing long term endeavors.......................a promise that hope for brighter days is ahead

    Do I allow my higher source to be my guide?

    How can I nuture myself and those around me more?

    Do I emit a presence of peace and harmony to others?

    Conscious area to assess: 6 Coins- Philanthropy. divine giving and recieving. balance of power, material energy, time, resorces, space and knowledge "truths" open up ones self...........

    How can you best stimulate responses from your enviroment with good intent?

    Are all my prime physical needs balanced to my satisfaction?

    How do I feel about accepting the generosity of others?

    How do I feel about charity and giving to others?

    Do I have a sense of physical well-being and balance?

  • Now: Counsel on tarot divination ; I do not know your level of understanding but tarot can only segue into areas of subconscious and conscious actions that may need to be assessed in current circumstances. No choice or answers lay within tarot. They can ignite intuity and may evoke an unseen force hidden due to emotions or distractions blocking sight in a situation of an areas that is impacting but no answers for directions, the client" is the power holder of the choice and will.

  • Wow! Yes, yes, and yes! I applaud you! I was in meditation last evening and you have confirmed much of what was revealed to me and additionaly gave me some things to consider and think about that should have a positive impact on my perception. Confused about love? Yes most of the time. Who to love, who to let in, who to keep out, at what measure to give at what measure to recieve. I tend to go with the flow of things until I feel that my toes are being stepped on. then with one giant swoop I take that love away but the problem with this is I am not just taking it away from the person I care about but denying it for myself as well. Which leads to conflict that seems to go unresolved and hurt feelings on both sides. I want to see things in a different way and respond in a different way then I have so that everyone wins. Instead of a lose/lose situation. Its not that I havent had enough opportunities for love its that love seems to come in and slip through my fingers just when I am starting to feel comfortable. When you spoke to the other requestee about repeating lessons and having to repeat them until you get it right and doing it indepenendtly, I really identified with that. This has been a difficult lesson that I have had to repeat over and over....Well, thanks so much for your wonderful insights. Clearly you are an intelligent person and someone who thinks outside the box. Glad to have met you. You are appreciated for your time and energy. Thanks again! I want to print this and let it resonate for awhile. Also yes I do feel hopeful for what the future brings because I give generously to others and I know I have had some beautiful things saved up in the karmic bank for quite sometime. I know I just need to learn this one thing and get it right and the doors will be open and all the wonderful things that have been waiting for me will be there.

  • To Capricorn 444

    Are you able to give me some insight to the months ahead re business, if relocation is in sight, and any other., I appreciate that you are giving your time and I hope that you are also enjoying family and freinds over the Christmas period.

    Thank you so much.

  • Lovinmylife; you have a very strong divine enbergy behind your intentions and you have made me feel appreciated. I know you have the potential and the abilities to overcome the lessons, its your spirited self that will heighten your ascension and revelations in this life. I like your attitude and your sense of care concerning the quality of wisdom you recieve:)

    Helen: I will work on this later for you....:)

  • Capricorn, I really just want to thank you for sharing your gift. I have been reading many of your replies and like lovinmylife I love that you ask the questions that allow us to deeper meditate, question, grow and evolve into who we should be. You present the questions that one may not have thought about. You have me thinking on a couple of things from Km12's reading and I thank you for the direction in prayer ...the focus?! I love the giftings! Thank you kind Sir and Happy Happy New Year /Peg

  • Feangelikah: Thank you much, that has lifted my day:) Thank you and all for your openess and strength to ascend yourself to higher self truth, confidence and Faith.

  • Thank you so much

  • Capricorn, I to have been reading your answers... I am in a really hard part of my life and would love some insight if you have time.....

  • Helen49;

    Are you able to give me some insight to the months ahead re business, if relocation is in sight, and any other., I appreciate that you are giving your time and I hope that you are also enjoying family and freinds over the Christmas period.

    New hope and inspiration is coming in concerning business. It does show you moving on in a new direction and going with the flow and remaining flexable to change concerning work. Do you feel powerless in this situation? Is it out of your control?

    First I am going to give you some questions I feel will benefit you this coming year:

    Am I stuck in an unhealthy rut? What can I do to change it?

    Am I lying to myself about something going on under my nose?

    Am I ignoring some tell-tale signs that I'm not being treated with the respect and love I deserve?

    How can I more fully enjoy socialising and comminity?

    What can I do to incorporate a sense of fun in my daily life?

    Can I accept that joy is my natural state, and that I do not have to earn it?

    I will do a reading concerning your way foward concerning the new year...

    New mental focus; new thoughts, release doubts, new ideas an drelationships are coming ths year.

    Simplify your situation.

    Focus on the main issue and listen to your own inner guidance

    Are you choosing beauty or strife in your life?

    " nervous energy joined with calm assurance " this is going to be a time for personal growth especially concerning mentality;interactions with you involve truthfulness, ethical behavior, discouragement or matters of the mind.

    Spirit: keep your faith and trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, call upon your spirit self for guidance...this year is going to test your mettle:)

    What do I value beliefs or my image?

    Do I fear adventure or do I fear practicality?

    How true are you to your inner calling?

    Physical self: teamwork, planning competance, invision, patience in completion of projects.

    How can I combine the intangibles of me with my tangibles (my skill, body, action)?

    Be cooperaative, just, ethical and enjoy the perseverance of your projects........

    Mentality advice:

    The path you are going down may be a chaqllenging; it is meant to come to test and expand you into your higher being. It is a growth phase to allow you to discover and hone your self. Please release doubts and uplift your energy within you. You are important to this world and the world is in benefit from your dignified dynamic self. Approach your thoughts with spirit self; you will be able to use it constructively. Examine your situation carefully to be sure you are making the best choices. Even a small change can make all the difference:)

    "I embrace divine opportunities" "I trust my self and my path that it may unfold before me" I embrace divine patience and harmony" " I am deserving of divine abundance"

    Take care:)

  • To Capricorn44

    I thank you so much for your insight and caring reading.I hope that you do have a rewarding year and god bless

    regards Helen

  • Fincyndi. address your concern. This is the last reading I can commit to on this post. I have set up a website and have many to address there and a post on this forum which turned into many more than expected but I do love to do this and thank all for the fith and confidence and gratitude. I hope to be doing more of this especially from my blog this late spring early summer when my projects and community services are complete along with my work hours.

    To all, no fears and doubts, fear is only an illusion, self esteem and assurance3 and faith into our future, we create our future and the world provides the counterparts to our a bilites needed to manifest it is more a battle in the mind and spirit can assist us to greater inspiration and self proud of all you have acomplished, our sacrifices our pains we endure and our integrity that create who we choose to become out of our attitudes and perseveraance through these times of challanges..............................

    Love to all and light!

  • I do astrological reports as well as compatibility reports. I charge for these so let me know if you are interested.

  • You can get free ones done at and on this site. Problem is that people who actually have loving long term relationships donty need astro reports. Love does not manifest of of doubt, insecurity, ;ack of self knowledge , faith, and real understanding, of the other person, if you go lone wolf to do a compatibility reading you manifest the sense of lack of faith, confidence in self and the other person thus the relationship........integrity, patience, perseverance, self harmony, faith, confidence..........self love, self clarity, wounds healed...............and so on.............thats when love finds you!

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