Hi is it possible 2 do me a quick general reading please

  • Hi

    I am a Gemini born 29 May 1968 (have no idea of time of my birth )

    I consulted a psychic about 2 years ago and was asking her about my 2 children,

    and she said she could not tell me about them because i had a blocked aura and i was

    "broken" lol i know... she wanted $ 250 dollars to fix me .... needless 2 say i never paid her

    $ 250 dollars to fix me. I would really appreciate a reading Thanking you

  • Hi Scooby40

    Wow to fix you? Holy .................... What comes to mind is "Why fix what is NOT broken?"

    Makes no bloody sense and im happy you didnt let yaself be baited at all. Blocked aura my fanny.

    Well im here to say, you AINT broken NOR blocked. Youre a wellbalance sane woman who has raised guided her children in a very very good sane wellbalanced way. So WELL DONE my dear! Well done indeed!

    I wish to help but i need names, city and country and IF u can provide photo´s. From the littel info its hard for me to get much.

    Ill leave you with a maximum a reader once gave me, use what u can from what readers get from you n throw the rest away. Ill add refer to ya gut n if in doubt always ask it. U did it with the pay me n ill fix u situation. ur gut went WHAT? pay u to fix me? u gotta me hosing me!

    until ur repost my dear


  • Hello CWB

    Thank u very much for your reply, Ha ha I really enjoyed your comments,, had a good chuckle out of it....

    The info you requested is... Kerith Miller, 29th May 1968, born in Springs South Africa, living in Ireland,

    My daughter... Melissa 11th July 1995, Springs, time of birth: 13:15

    My son... Gareth Nolan 12th Feb 1989, springs, Time of birth: 09:30

    Here are some photos.

  • Some of them didn't upload so I'm retrying... lol

  • Melissa is the one with the blonde hair and black dress,

  • I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post, thank you very much.

    Here's a badly taken picture of me....lol

    Regards Kerith.

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