Sweetdee, i posted yr reading a few days ago

  • Dear sweetdee47

    This is just in case you havent logged in a while.I have posted yr tarot reading in your thread.Hope it helps.

    Once again thanks for reading for me.have a good new year!

  • Dear suramya,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I have had a battle to get online the last couple of days..... maybe because of the holidays and internet were overloaded.... at least I am back on. 🙂

    YES, i do have questions for you..... I find it rather difficult to read for myself.....

    Are you poised between two equally powerful options or forces? You seem to want to make a choice as fairly as possible and are deliberating. Probably some paper work is also involved. The cards indicate that soon you will move away from any difficult or dangerous routes to an easier one/choice. - I TAKE THIS IS TALKING ABOUT MY PLANS TO BUY A VEHICLE, DUE TO PAST FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES I CAN'T GO THE NORMAL ROUTE FOR FINANCE. finance.

    On the personal front again you seem to be caught in a duel like situation. Either this is pleasurable argument or contest with someone or a choice between two people. I f the latter, there is a masculine assertive man in your present, who likes things his way and wont back down. The cards advise you to take a risk and follow your heart. Your future or second option is the King of cups a man of emotion and generosity. Alternatively it means You are the one getting emotionally mature and nurturing - OK, THIS ONE IS MORE TRICKY. THERE IS NO ONE IN MY LIFE CURRENTLY, BUT MY EX LOVER ( WE SPLIT UP ALMOST A YEAR AGO) IS A KING UP CUPS PERSON, OUT OF THE BLUE GOT A TEXT MESSAGE TWO DAYS AGO. ANY POSSIBILITY OF HIM COMING BACK TO MY LIFE?


    Thank you again, I really appreciate your time.

    Love and light

  • Dear Sweetdee

    Wish I was a psychic!Would love to answer all yr questions:)since you are so helpful to everyone Im sure you will soon find answers from a higher source.

    About whether the king cups will come back ,I cant say on the basis of a tarot reading and otherwise also because of free will and how it changes tarot readings.Instead i asked what attracts him abt you or aids your coming together?And I got 10 pentacles which means that you come across as a secure person who manages home and finances well,is good at handling tradition/property/abundance of all sorts and that helps you.But funnily i got 10 pentacles in advice position also for you which might mean that the trappings of material security may hide your emotional needs and vulnerability.maybe you are asking or should ask...what next/else.Probably its time to review what you need to make you really happy and maybe pursue the spiritual path you are on.

    What made you drift or what obstacle there is to your getting together:ace wands.Are you too asserive or self assured or sexy to handle?!(that last is a compliment!)

    Outcome:There may be challenges in this relationship ,that you can get see through with persistence and effective communication.

    As for anyone else in yr life,I again got a person who you like to have stimulating discussion and argument with but is likely to cause you some anxiety temporarily.not sure abt this one!

    On the car front I got that you need to take a break from current strategy ,retreat fr a while.Look out for oppurtunities,the finance will come from a new direction.Keep exploring and keep looking...you have the skills to make it happen.

    Sorry I couldnt get anything more,but if you want to ask another question ill try,

    Love and light dear!

  • Hi again Suramya,

    Thank you once again, I do appreciate your time and effort. And yes, you are so correct about free will and all.

    Love and light

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