Angelic Assistance for the New Year

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    From Christopher Dilts


    Beloved Angels I call upon you. Blessed and sacred Angels, messengers of God and of goodness, messengers of light and of love, bring to us the illumination, the wisdom, the light and the love that we may prepare ourselves for this new year.

    We are Angels of Release and we are also Angels of Embracing The New. We are the Angels who will help you to let go of all thought, action, and word whose time it is to fall away.

    We are the Angels who come to you in winter to help prepare you for the new year. We come to you in this quieter time, a time of increased stillness, a time when you may more easily enter into the stillness of your own soul. When you enter this still place in your own soul, you find a place like a deep well; a well and wellspring of refreshment and replenishment. This well of your soul may be deeply drawn upon for it runs to the depth of eternity. Your soul is eternal, it has no beginning and no end, and it connects you to the eternal love and wisdom of heaven.

    Your soul is in a constant state of expressing its true nature - which is divine love. Ever expanding, ever evolving, your experience of your soul runs through cycles like the seasons and cycles like day and night. These seasons of your soul are a natural cycle, a natural process, of your evolution into ever more present love. We assure you that no matter what season you find yourself in, that you are moving ever deeper into the loving embrace of Creator and creation.

    You are at a natural place of pausing, now, before the new year begins. We encourage you to enter into the inner stillness and to truly pause and contemplate, even if just for a few minutes, in each of these days leading to the new year.

    The new year comes in the wintertime for it signifies new birth. New birth in a time of more darkness, in a place of more emptiness. It is from this clarity and from this stillness that your own consciousness is reborn. Your consciousness ever evolves, is ever reborn in its journey into the full expression of your soul. Your soul is constant, fixed and eternal, for it is made of the original love that created all of creation. Your consciousness evolves to understand, experience and express this. We assure you that your destination, a place of full realization of the eternal love of heaven and your place in it, is assured. Release any fear or doubt that you will eventually attain this - it is your soul's birthplace and birthright.

    We ask that you call upon us to help you to clarify what you may now release. Releasing the old is an essential step to fully preparing yourself for the new year.

    We ask you to review the past year with compassion, with kindness towards yourself and others, with the certain knowledge that all that you have experienced has divine purpose and loving intent. Every experience of this past year is to be embraced and engaged in a loving place of understanding. This understanding is to be contained with compassion, with forgiveness, with kindness, and with true and genuine appreciation. True and genuine appreciation comes when you engage your deeper realization of the power and potency of each of these experiences to reveal the nature and condition of your own consciousness. This is the key - the revelation of the condition of your own consciousness. All that you see around you is the mirror reflection of your own inner consciousness.

    Call upon us to help you understand and embrace the lesson of your soul that is contained in each of these experiences. We promise you that we will help you, guide you and lead you to your own place of genuine self-realization. Each of these experiences may be welcomed back into your awareness in the spirit of a conversation, in the spirit of engaging from a place of love with an interest in seeing more deeply, knowing more completely, and understanding more fully how these experiences may lead you to realize the openings and blockages to expanding your consciousness.

    Welcome back the most important, the most meaningful, the most painful, the most distressful, and of course, the most loving and joyful experiences of the year. Detach yourself from the associated emotions, calm your feelings, hold a place of loving witness consciousness as you review your experiences.

    Prepare yourself further by embracing a deep sense of love and wonder. Allow yourself to watch and review these experiences as you would theater, a film or a radio program. Simply witness and observe. Allow your Angels to carry you through these experiences much in the same way that the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future carry Ebenezer Scrooge in the tale "A Christmas Carol." Allow yourself to truly see those around you - see their lives, their loves, their fears, their positives and negatives in a context of their own evolution and self-realization.

    As you review and bless each experience, ask us to help you to receive all the highest wisdom and realization that each experience contains.

    Bless each thought, each observation, and each place of witnessing, for you are witnessing your own evolution. Welcome the wisdom, welcome the truth, and realize that even your pain in these experiences is a loving companion that focuses your attention on the most important matter at hand. Yet, your focus is on the wisdom you can gain, not on the pain.

    The Angel of Forgiveness will help you to forgive yourself and all others. Call upon this Angel for help with every mistake that you have made and every mistake that has been made by another. Call upon this Angel to help you to see and realize that even these mistakes were blessed and enfolded in Creator's love for you. Each of these mistakes are growing and learning opportunities. Trust to the love in your own soul -for this is the very same love that the souls of those around you are made of. This love unifies, reveals and brings all experience into loving harmony.

    The Angel of Forgiveness will bring the balm of new awareness to any wound, be it mental, physical, emotional or even an apparent wound to your spirit. Your spirit can never truly be harmed. Rest assured that your spirit (soul) is eternal and indestructible. What feels like a wound to your spirit is actually the breaking away, sometimes a painful tearing away, of illusion, misunderstanding and misidentification with what is desired from what is true.

    Next, call upon the Angel of Compassion. The Angel of Compassion will help you find peace within yourself and peace with those around you. The Angel of Compassion will also remind you that when you anchor yourself in the eternal love that is within your soul, you also connect with the universal field of love which connects all souls.

    Then call upon The Angel of Peace who will help to settle your thoughts as you work your way through this process. The Angel of Peace brings peace to your mind, to your thoughts, to your emotions and feelings, and to your physical body and nervous system. The Angel of Peace helps you to break your established habits of stimulus and response so that you are free to look freshly at your assumptions and beliefs. The Angel of Peace resolves conflict and settles your mind, which helps you to connect to the well of love that is your soul.

    The Angel of Revelation may then work with you. When you are ready, call upon the Angel of Revelation. For once you have brought yourself into forgiveness, compassion and peace, you are ready for deep revelation. The Angel of Revelation will guide you through what has been a mystery to you so that you may gather the wisdom that you are now ready to receive.

    The Angel of Wisdom also will help you to fully understand and live the new wisdom that you are realizing. The Angel of Wisdom helps prepare you for the new year. In some ways this is like a graduation. You are leaving behind the old subjects, some of your old classmates, some of your old teachers, and going on your next place of learning. Allow this natural process.

    Welcome the new. Welcome the new gifts that your soul will call to you. Make space, create places so that this new may enter your life. Move out the old, give away the old. Make presents of your old β€œstuff” - give it away. For every thing that you are complete with, every thing that no longer speaks of newness to you, that no longer speaks of love to you, simply gift to another. Make space in your heart for new love. Make space in your mind for new thought. Make space in your life for new experience.

    Your Guardian Angels will now help guide you into the new year. They will help guide you along the most loving path that your own consciousness is able to see. They will show you -they will light this new way. Call upon your Guardian Angels for peace, for comfort, but also for the excitement and the freshness of new life.

    Your Guardian Angels prepare you to grow again in this new year. Just as the nature Angels help new buds to blossom in springtime, your guardian Angels help new buds of wisdom, awareness, compassion, and love to blossom within you.

    Your Guardian Angels are with you in every step you take. They are with you in every thought, every word, every action. Pause for a moment - call upon them - allow them to help fresh thought to emerge. You will find fresh expressions of love and of kindness rising naturally within you – welcome them, create with them and give them as gifts to others!

    As you move into the new year, accept and welcome a shift in your own perceptions. This shift is brought about by your own inner realizations that love does move all things with a divine order and a divine purpose. It comes with a certainty that the love within your own soul will continue to express and will continue to attract every person, place, and thing that is perfectly matched to your evolving consciousness.

    Realize that there is nothing more important than the state of your own consciousness. Steep it in love, steep it in the purity of the love of creation, and allow it to be a pure vessel for the expression of the loving consciousness that is both your soul and the very stuff of creation.

    We are available to you to help and assist you. Call upon us with every step you take into the new year and the birth of new loving consciousness within yourself. Call upon us - we are ever present and ever with you.

    All blessings, all encouragement, all wisdom and all compassion to you for a good and loving journey!

    -The New Year's Angels

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  • What an awesome guide and message! Thank you Poetic for sharing this lovely message of love and hope. Out with the old and in with the new! YAY

  • Thank you : )


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  • Poetic I had to share with you that this morning I made a bit of a self step back and called an old friend and sister. I haven't spoken to her in months now...busy lives. She asked my take on a visitation she had just this AM. She was making coffee and praying for safety. She and her family are traveling today for a memorial (please remember them in prayer as the roads are not good at all here.) She turned and saw an angel standing in her kitchen..not like an Arch or Warrior type but in white and peaceful. Then as she looked just beyond him came a line up of 4 others. I shared with her this post and she was so excited as the man that just passed was not usually nice and was very blunt about how he felt things should be. Well Mary had been praying for forgiveness and compassion and had come to tears feeling for him and her release of all the resentments. They also have been praying for direction. I just thought that you would appreciate that the Angels have been seen here on Earth just today. I made me very excited to talk to her and feel the joint understanding and closeness in Christ we still have. Thank you Poetic! HUGE HUGS?Peg

  • Thanks for sharing so much you are a true light bearer!

    Cheers Pfree

  • Thank You guys! I pray we all have a Peaceful, Prosperous and Healthy New Year! Love Yall!

  • This would definitely bring about much growth and awakening. I will meditate on this further to see what blockages or things I still have left to release. Blessings to you.


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  • Wow I can't believe I didn't see this before. Interesting......

  • hMM.

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