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  • Oh and also we HATE liars absolutley detest them. If their isn't 100 percent honestly within the relationship it wont work and once we are lied to or secrets are kept from us we have a hard time trusting you again.

  • This is the 1st time I've ever participated in a forum. Seeing the subject, tho', and not to be negative, but I am a pisces whose been married to a sag for 30 yrs. Currently, after many unhappy years on my part, and now his, we are divorcing. In all these years I have gotten so little out of him. I feel I don't know him possibly because he doesn't know himself, and will not look within ever. Okay, I know we fish can be somewhat needy, but I got so little physical contact, no emotional support, he avoided the "G" word at all costs so I couldn't discuss anything spiritual at all, and we had a very difficult time communicating about anything. A lot was swept under the rug or left unresolved. He was very set in his ways, always right and very controlling. I spent a very Dark Night of the Soul without his help. This isn't what I thought marriage should be, yet I was convinced that i was the problem, I was the sick one. Of course there is a lot more to the story. It of course wasn't all his fault. Still it's very sad. I feel as it I wasted all those years with a man I don't know who never saw me for who I was. Is this too wordy?

  • First time posting here...hi all.

    I am a female Sag Dec 19 (Cap cusp) with Virgo moon and Pisces rising. I too have Scorpio in Venus but also in mars and Jupiter talk about crazy haha.

    Anyway I wanted to say that I was in a relationship with a Pisces for 10 yrs (really stayed for the kids) the problem there was I lost my identity and he was very selfish, finally I had enough and had to leave.

    Once I found myself and stayed true to who I really am life has been wonderful. I must admit that I do get confused now and then when it comes to men. I am dating a Gemini who is an absolutely great guy, just not that exciting to me (kind of became complacent)...and am friends with a Pisces who I actually have feelings for (we had a brief relationship about a year ago) but he drives me nuts with his distrust and we aren't even together, he has a gf and knows I am seeing the Gemini. He tells me stuff like I have feelings for you that I have never felt for anyone b4 (and he's been married twice) sometimes I think he is actually sincere and other times who knows.

    its all pretty confusing...I do know that no matter what happens I will stay true to who I am and what I will and will not put up with. Either way I don't have any problems with being by myself and I think that is an important thing to be able to do.

    I did want to say that as a Sag I know that we are extremely attracted to people who have lots of confidence and self esteem, independent, honesty is a must, open minded, fun, not jealous or possesive, someone that will add value to our lives and at least try to understand our need for activity and yes sometimes space. Really we are pretty simple people and will be happy to commit as long as it is reciprocated and feels right and also it doesn't become heavy or demanding, keep it light and simple and it should be good at least from our prospective.

    It helps if you can both keep your lifestyles, activities etc. and join them together and yet still have seperate things you each can do so that your Sag won't feel smothered.

    PiscesPiggy maybe you can lend me some good insight into the male pisces?! The 2 that I have been with have been pretty different yet the same in certain things...

  • its when the right person comes along that the sagittarius can settle down.... its when you want something bad enough... its realizing its never felt the same before... i was born december 20 and i have definitly had my relationship problems... i cheat i lie i end things as soon as they get serious or i might get hurt i was always scared and guarded it turned into a game.. i met a great cancer things have changed i have insecurities but i know i DO NOT want to risk what i have and i have realized they way i used to allow myself into the wrong situations i see them now and have no desire to put myself in a situation where i will hurt my relationship... i have never put everything aside to focus on one person but i realized i did it without even thinking it came natural.... i think thats where things get better when things come natural you find your self fighting for what you want in the right ways and you find your self compromising when you normally you wouldnt.

  • hahah and i dont know how every one else will see it but i was dating a sagittarius when i met my cancer..... i met my cancer in august 08 and by january of 09 we were seeing each other secretly and i was still with my sag. )i ended it with the sag exactly a month later) it was the month after being with the cancer i knew what i had to do and where i wanted to be and its been an uphill battle but i think we are winning!!!!

  • SaggiGal89 you know that us sag's really don't care how other people see us or what we do (don't judge us cuz we aren't judging anyone else)...what matters is what we think....convention be darned haha.

    I do agree with you when you said that once the right person comes along and makes us feel secure and comfortable enough in the relationship we will commit and settle down, but don't get complacent on us cuz we like to keep things fresh, fun and exciting 🙂

    I went with a cancer once (kind of crazy situation 8 yrs) anyway he was a great guy, full of emotions, the problem we had was we felt the same emotions but at different times...

    Story of my life is ~bad timing~.

    But I am forever the optimist and look forward to all the trials and experiences until I finally find the one that has the same timing as me! hahaha

  • in a relationship, communication is the first step 2 making any relationship work better, u want 2 no something about someone just ask, if they don't give u an answer or give u a response u want, then they r not interested in you, yeah okay sometimes we think about the signs, which ones r good 4 us, well it seems fire and air signs go best and water and earth signs go 2gether, (think of it this way, if u plant a tree it needs water, or if u want to make ur bong fire bigger u r gonna need air and lots of gas 4 that, LOL) anyway the rest is up to all of us to make it work for us, me personally, i'm a sag woman, and i've been in a relationship (married) for 12 years and communication is the key, and maybe the way some of us was brought up as children also contribute 2 the way we behave in our relations with others, but 4 u if u r a taurus man, it might not work because if she wanted u 2 know her, she would've open up 2 u a long time ago, keep trying u never no! us sag women we are open books if we want u 2 no, if not we are under lock and key

  • well said Evad, I 2, am in a relationship(married) with a gemini and I think they r kids who need guidance and well since i'm already raising 4 boys 2 b men well another won't hurt and i find that if i tell him how i fell he respond somewhat well 2 it but u hit it on the nail with naive act of theirs and not taking responsiblity 4 their action, u hit it so rite girl

  • to EdenHappyGirl, it's women like u that gives us all a bad name, and why women can't trust other women around their men, because women like u don't know where the line is and don't say that bullsit about, his marriage was over or he isn't in love with his wife, men will always be men, they all think with their d**ks, if he cheats on his wife he will certainly do it 2 u, u r no exception , and when another womam with a shorter dress or a tighter as comes along he will do 2 u what he did 2 his wife,won't u feel stupid then, remember men faithfulness depends on their options.................

  • I am pretty much 100% in Smallbit's situation. I am a virgo with a piscean moon and an ascendant aquarius, and have been madly in love with a sagittarius/ taurean moon for the past two years. in the beginning, he made the first move, and i was more than receptive to it, and after a short time we fell in love, though naturally he never commited. we've always had an intense emotional/psychic connection, and i always knew when he would contact me, even after long periods of not hearing from him (as sagittarian males love their freedom), and vice versa, there have been eerie occasions when i'd try to contact him and fail in some way, and he always contacted me immediately thereafter. over time we've had a our ups and downs in this torrid love affair, and we've spent months apart only to feel the fire anew whenever we'd meet again. i know that alot of our problems stemmed from our lack of communication-- we never spoke about things in the literal sense, and even though we never made anything official, we always gave eachother space, and freedom. sexual infidelity never was a problem for us, i would gladly participate in an open relationship because i find conventional monogamy to be just as stifling as he does, and i'm a loner who craves space, much alike him. in numerology terms we are an excellent match because our heart's desire numbers are both 6, unfortunately astrologically speaking, we are the most unlikely match: a virgoan woman and a sagittarian man. it's been two years, and we've often questioned one another about our other romantic endeavors, both of us expressing badly disguised jealousy... but in the most shocking turn of events, he abruptly decided to give up on us... to pursue a relationship-- with a sagittarian woman! i don't know if this is just one of the sagittarius' wily eccentric ploys, (he has referred to it as an experiment) but i honestly feel like this could be the end. the only thing i can see fit to do, is wait it out without hopes for anything in particular. i feel like i've done all i can to clear the way, but in the end it reaped no fulfilling results. even though still, i know that sag males prefer their partners to remain solid, open-minded, and unbroken by their habits-- and i refuse to let them break me. i think perhaps he has overlooked the fact that after all this time, i have remained the most constant woman in his life in the past two years, and that even though we've both had our separate affairs, we always came back to eachother. i don't know what to expect out of this situation-- perhaps he'll get a dose of his own medicine with that other sagittarius, perhaps he'll find a comfortable niche. that's just my experience. you can always expect to get shot down plenty of times by the archer, i guess. 😕

  • Taurus checking in, I have a similar situation to a few of you. My question is, when Sag men act jealous, is it real or an act? This Sag will claim he doesn't love me yet never let's me get to far out of reach, befriending my friends to know what I'm up to when we aren't speaking, going through my cell, asking who I've been with?

    It's very confusing because I always heard Sags didn't get jealous. It seems as soon as I give, he vanishes again, but always finds away to open the door back up.

  • i'm starting to believe this is their nature entirely. the fact that they show so much interest in our lives (my sag does the EXACT same thing, in terms of befriending all of my BFFs as a way to get close to me) can only lead one to assume what's obvious: they DO care. they just have shitty ways of showing it, and find that doing so, creates this immense sense of vulnerability, which at the same time leads them to believe that they feel tied down. However i've grown to understand, that it's THEIR emotions that make them feel that way--- any sort of overwhelming feeling, such as love-- not me, personally. i've learned to, in a sense, smile and nod, just playing along for the most part. i know that when he goes away, he will inevitably come back-- the past has proven this, and the present is, well, ongoing, but nevertheless proven as a pattern. let him go, i say. and in the meantime, try not to let your heart get too broken up about it because you know where you stand in his life-- whether he knows it, or wants to admit it. this type of foresight, is a wonderful knowledge to have at hand, and it will eventually give you peace of mind. sagittarians are freespirited wanderers, wandering from one person, one place, to the next-- the truth lies in the fact that they keep wandering back.

    while comparing my situation particularly to many others, i've noticed that even though sagittarians are more than capable of true polygamy (ie dating more than one person, as opposed to casual flings), they are more than faithful emotionally, to the ones they really care about. my sag is off right now dating someone else, and yet for some reason, i still hold his interest. i'm not saying put up with any sort of disrespect or unfair treatment, but if there's one thing that a sagittarius can appreciate--it's honesty, and especially, assertiveness. standing your ground, while letting things fall where they may.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am a Sag/Virgo/Leo...married three times, divorced twice. I LOVE my independence more than anything and find it very hard to settle down with one mate. It has been said that only another sag can really understand the sag personality. I have a twin sister and her husband is a sag also and they have been married and faithful for a very long time....40 yrs. plus. Fire signs don't generally do well with earth signs, but the love of my life is a Virgo....but I have a Virgo ascendant, so maybe that's it????

  • possibly if their moon sign is an earth sign, as well? where sagittarians are flighty and flaky fire signs, a good solid dependable earth sign could ground them a bit more.

  • Very interesting seeing it from a Sag's POV. I have known Sags to be incredibly difficult to pin down. They are wonderful, fun active people, but committment-phobes. But now I see that it might not be that they are afraid to commit, they just can't. So normally I would say that Sag's love adventure and love to be free. They don't like the idea that they might not be able to just take off at any given moment and party with any given person. But with your point of view, maybe I would say that Sag's just wish they could find a person who allows them to still feel like they can take off at any given moment and party with any given person, someone who gives them their space. Of course, it could be your Capri cusp. They are considerably grounded and like the idea of security and commitment. So maybe that's why you feel like you want to settle down but can't.

    I think you should start dating Earth signs. Cardinal Earth Capricorns will be very laid-back but probably not looking to join in on the fun, the Fixed Earth Taurus probably won't tolerate your random adventure and they can get insanely jealous. Probably a Mutable earth sign like Virgo. They will join in on the adventure (as long as you let them organize it) but they'll be really laid back and let you feel free and comittment-free. They like order and details, almost obsessive.

  • adylia, being a Virgo myself, i couldn't agree with you more. thank you 🙂

  • I am a taurus and I have a Sag potential, meaning there's a Sag that's interested in me and asked me out and I've been interested in him, but believe me I said yes! But I want to know if we are compatible for each other. Are Taurus's and Sag's good for each other? we have a lot in common personality wise and we have great chemistry. How are they in relationshipwise? Tell me all you know! thanks

  • I am a Sag with a taurus moon, capricorn mars, and scorpio venus. I had long enduring relationships without cheating. If the Sag has any earth or water in the aspects I just mention they are capable of commitment. If they have air and fire in theses aspects do not expect any long term situation. This makes them too flighty.

  • If you're a Cancer woman, run like hell from a Sagittarius, save yourself the heartache and tears. They're not right for us.

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