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  • I hear that . I hate it when someone messes w/ my freedom. I have been faithful and in many serious relationships but as soon as domestication comes along I am ready to pack my stuff and run for the hills. Never to even look back once. Not once have I fantasized or wanted a wedding or wished i was married.... You will find someone one day they just need to give you space in order for your love to grow. Any controlling behavior is not tolerable for us saggies:)

  • I am a Gemini and I have been living with/married to a Sag born 11/23 for 17 years. He's a great guy to have fun with and live a carefree life with, but relationships and maintaining them are his downfall. It's as if partners are supposed to do all of the work, while he sits and enjoys the benefits of it all. When it comes to confronting difficult situations, he runs away from them or pretends they don't exist. Perhaps this has nothing to do with his sign and simply a part of his personality/upbringing. One day he will have to realize that in life everything can't be his way and that responsibility is a part of life. But I feel for him because that day may come at a cost he may not know how to pay.

  • Hello everybody,

    a few things I have to say. If a Sag says he doesnt love you but still is jealous when you go out with some guys, its not because of love, he thinks that he is replaceable. as I always says if a Sag loves you he/she will be all yours and tell that to you. If not they are not really into you. Most of the times Sags confuses friendship with love and the other way round. so first and formost be a Sags friend first, then and then only think about a relationship. even if you are deeply or madly in love with a Sag and may be ready to give up or sacrifice everything for him/her, after sometime it will be extremely difficult to live with because of our love for freedom and need for emotional satisfaction. most of the time our needs are not physical, its spiritual. and if you cannot connect to a Sag on this spiritual basis, you are never gonna, I would say the Sag is never gonna be happy with you, however long or commited he may remain to you.

  • No one is ever an always...kind of prediction. Sags are independent but so are Aries, Taurus, to name a few. Just over a relationship with a Taurus, we had a lot in common but he moved away and couldn't see a long distance relationship working or just didn't want it.

    He was off and on more than one woman at a time. Maybe my lack of getting pissed off about it made him think I didn't care, but I am not prone to outbreaks in front of someone. My communication is better with people I am not in love with too. I don't know how to confront them. You all take it easy, God has a plan. We are just players and everyday is a new act in the play.

  • Just wanted to state my opnion about this. I really feel you would do better with a Libra in your life. Someone who can help you balance your inter-most thoughts. I thing she will be a good balance for you and can make you relax enough to fully appreciate what a really good relationship is all about. I don't think that Aries or Leo would be a good match because you never really know their temperment for day to day or even at times from hour to hour. You would be better off with somone you, [with lots of patience to get here but well worth it], can totaly enjoy their company time after time first because of a good friendship and then if the attaction is there you will both know it. But be cautious and don't take to the first Libra you meet unless it justs great from the start. Most Libra's cannot stand any type of drama in their life so they tend to really layed back in and can help balance any relationship they feel their could later be a commitment between two people that have taken the time to really get to know one another and feel great about each other's company at all times. Don't get me wrong all relationship have their walls to knock down but if its meant to be then it will be. It will happen just give it time and don't let Aries and Leo get you down. Just be yourself at all times and you will meet a great woman in your life before to long. Thanks for listening and I wish you all the best in your hunt for what is a really a great and rewarding future to come in your life. Stay easy and just settle in for a while and things will work out for you.


    turtledove in NC

  • Taurus/Gemini cusp here (May 20), my lover, my best friend is Dec 3. We have been living together 7 very happy years. He's VERY stable in our relationship. Even the toughest, worst of times. We have stayed strong and loving to one another. Moody & self-centered at times. NEVER any jealousy on his part. Or of his wandering astray.

  • Hi,

    I am a pisces,sag sag and I love my sag so much that I give her the freedom to be what she needs - lots of holidays count. Jealousy will kill the relationship because it is only in your head, they don't cheat on you - a sag will love you completely if you know she is a sag. I need my freedom, and by freedom, I mean I need he space to be me as well and that is what is so lovely about a sag. They don't judge at all and they do have the ability to make you feel loved - you just need to love them enough not to be possesive

    Life is for living and with a sag you will live life to the full. The highs so much out weigh the lows that they are the best ever, not that I am biased being part sag as well

  • My Sag is Dec 3 as well

  • Heyy P P you do ? May I ask what you ment with ; I don't think it's so much about being sleazy or non-committal, like Geminis tend to be. For Sags ???????

    Do you want to say that a Female Gemini are sleazy and Non commital ?? so Geminis are cheaters , adultery ?? My woman is Kazakh and they have other culture than we have in the West see?? To say Honestly >> am the first man which she ever slept with ?? How is that possible in what you discribe ?? Aint Trust Basic in Relations ?? Am a Sag and am very commited to her doh ????

  • am from 24/11

  • All the news abt Bad Saggy`s out of this world cozz we will never cheat a RAM , LEO , VIRGO,GEMINI, TAURUS , PISCES, Aquarius, LIBRA,CANCER; SCORPIO; or CAPRICORN.... WE CAN BE DIFFICULT, BUT MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING AND TRUST IS MAIN IMPORTANCE... YESS WE ARE SEX/ADDICTS SO ?? In a relationship we are go for the full 100% So that would be only possitive for the beloved partner right?? Orgasmico Halleluja !!! ,aswell we are very good for our childeren..... and commited to our family ...

    A sober Dutch ....

  • hi faeryof the wild: in response to your post having scorpio in venus.... me too... im a sag/libra moon/cancer rising..... Having venus in scorpio is VERY intense... You love with everything you have and can turn the intensity of that love into hate all the same. You give it your all or give nothing. There are no shades of gray. If you are completely gaga over someone, the superficial need not apply!!

    Good luck


  • I've been madly in love with a Sag guy for 2 years and it was the worst experience of my entire life! I was so exhausted with stupid games and mixed signals and his inability to commit that I thought he put me off relationships for life!! But now that I'm with someone else, he's suddenly insanely jealous and wouldn't leave me alone. Stay away from Sag men!!!!!!!

  • Arbil

    hmmmmmmm intersting what you say well I have only been in love with my Sag guy for 7 months and the same thing loads of emails texts attention then nothing then I thought that's it so I didnt contact him for 3 months then today I have been helping his friend who has hit a spot of bother at work (my boss asked me to deal with the friend which was just cooincidence) and the friend has obviously told him now today I get a text from him saying hey how are you? Hope ur ok etc? its bizarre no I guess I cannot play those games any more so what you say rings so true!



  • Hey Nefrratiti...its been awhile i hope ure still on this site i need some advice but first how are u doing any progress on u and your sag i hope ure getting what u want...anyways this is my progress with my sag to make a long storty short.....My Sag has finally admitted his feelings for me he has told me that he is commited to me and he does love me but when he told me we were IMING on the computer when he told me....WooHoo i should be happy....but bc im so insecure i have doubt maybe bc i have found out he has a MySpace page and a Facebook page the only friends he has r females friends and he did have a comment page on his myspace one of the females left him a comment that said hey sexy she lives in South Darkota but know his comment page has disapeared either he make his comment page private or he deleted it so is he hiding something from me or should i worry?

  • I am a Sag and we are very simple people. All we ask is to be treated well. If you treat your mate how you would want to be treated then you should have no problem with us. We are very straightforward and we usually roll with the punches. We will oblige you as long as you oblige us. We absolutely love sex, and more of it. So if that is good you normally shouldn't have a problem. We females and males express ourselves through intimacy. If we dont want you we will not hurt your feelings we will simply tell you in a nice way. You dont have to worry about games, lies, or "cheating", unless you show us otherwise. We generally love to do whatever makes our mate happy as long as we feel secure with you.

  • OMG, We have to have sex a freakin lot. Satisfaction guaranteed

  • I'm a sag that was in a relationship for 17 years that just ended in Janruary of this year. Ughhh.... I ask myself every day how I managed all those years. So the answer is yes we can have long lasting relationships but, one big word always seems to get in the way. It's the dreadfull C word "COMMITMENT". As if 17 years wasn't enough commitment he still wanted to marry??? Honestly though what happened is that "I" grew apart from him just didin't love him the same as before and wasn't about to get Married and stuck for another 17 years. He's a Libra i'm a Sag , he was too jealous and controling and let's just say i'm lucky i found my way out. It took alot of determination to get where I am today. For all sags out there looking for love be patient he or she hasn't found "YOU" yet. It will happen when you least exspect.

  • To KDIVA , Very well said and yes we have Very high sexdrives that's us!!!

  • Well all I can say is that, if your a female Sag, the more we get older the harder it is forus to trust simply because either be it a friendly relationship or romantic we have been burned repeatedly. It's not because we are unlucky in love it's just because we have such large hearts that we try to give the things we do not have. I am a Sag I beleive with a moon rising in Leo and also Cancer which makes a freakin' emotinal little turd lol.

    We are diffently the ones who HATE to be tied down or 'strangled'. We hate to feel like we are being boxed in and can't be ourselves. Especially when it comes to maybe a mate being very 'childlike'. Sag's are good parents but they like people who aremore like them, self reliant.

    We also have the tendancy to be very intuitive and psychic. we ALWAYS have the feeling that the grass is always greener or something better is coming a long. You just have not found that right person yet to fell that you don't have to 'look' anymore. By nature we have ahard tiem trusting people. Especially ones that make our 'gut' upset. My advice to you ALWAYS and I stress ALWAYS follow your gut instinct with someone. It's never wrong.

    Try not to stress yourself out about it. You simply need to find that person who can let you be yourself and be free because that is the only way you will ever enjoy a relationship. And wtih our sign it's not always about physical we liek someno who can mentally stimulate us as well.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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