Sag in relationships

  • I am responding to the very first post about Sag self-admitting of not being able to commit. If I recall, you said you are a Leo moon and Aries ascending. Ouch. lol My brother is a Sag, and he was always impatient and somewhat of a control freak--wanted things his way, and assumed his way was, well, the best. He had very binary thinking, and that made him appear "cold" and not able to really show emotion to a lady.

    Now, at 42, he has calmed down, but mainly due to age. He has also turned up his Christian faith a few notches, so he has devoted himself to trying to be what God wants. I think those two factors/changes have made him less of a typical Sag and its tendencies therein. I think, too, the key for him was who he married (2nd marriage, by the way). His wife is a control freak, so she trumps him, in a way. However, it has had its bumps--two control freaks butting heads is no surprise.

    I have definitely found that if each person does his own thing, a Sag is happier. Sags like to take on the world and push, push, push themselves, so you better get out of their way! I don't think it's so much about being sleazy or non-committal, like Geminis tend to be. For Sags, it's a self-desire to push and become better, so they focus on their own world, and if you don't like it, well...

    I could say more about that specifically, but I am making this too long. As for having Leo and Aries in your mix, I can only guess that you're really impatient and want things your way. Add that to needing your ego stroked all the time, with Leo in your mix, then you might specifically have a hard time. It's quite the oxymoron, really. You need someone to praise you all the time, probably, so that you feel self-assured and wanted (Leos are privately VERY insecure creatures; I am one, so I can say this!)...yet, you want your freedom and not to be nagged or questioned. That is a tough cookie to deal with. You'll need someone who can constantly teeter-totter with you, without getting dizzy and getting off the ride.

    One more thing: find out your Venus sign--that is really more about how you deal with love and relationships. Tell me what it is and I can give you a further viewpoint.

    Hope this has helped some, and remember, it's just my opinion based on my experiences/knowledge.

  • Well, to this I say whatever. I was with a sag male for 3 yrs. never jealous or possesive. Got him clean off drugs helped to build his business and even worked two jobs when his business was slow. We talked about our wedding on 2/7/09 and he cheated on me 4 days later. Now I am left with all the problems we shared together to face by myself. He lied through our whole relationship. He tells me I am his best friend still to this day and does not have enough repect for me to be honest. Truth is no matter who you are you can't make a sag happy. PS My mother is a Sag and I live 850 miles from her.

  • I'm a Sag and I've been in 2 long term relationships on second marriage and not too happy and am making moves to leave as its been downhill for the last 5 years...Sags when put into a cage will stand next to the door,hooves at the ready and when they bolt they tend to wait for the person who put them there is on the other side so when the door is smashed the person is crushed underneath...not pretty but Sags like horses need their running if you can not be clingy or controlling you can keep one...

  • Not a typo, but a Freudian slip. There is not enough space for a Taurus and a sag.

  • hi Peachyplanet, now you are being really helpful. well my venus is in scorpio and I dont think that is making my life any easier. looking forward to your views!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • QK!

    U r perfect for Sag wtb that no needy tude! Love u first and b a bit ". Selfish!"! He loves it!!!

    I'm a Mother to Sag son. Dec 2, 1990. he's like a Starto Everyone!! Bet you anything you all will know of him-he's gonna be ( already started!) famous. Anyhow, enough bragging! I'm a Scorpio btw. So, that's not the same as girlfriend, but he's my great friend. Totally an inspiration! And I Love him...and have always felt a mutual, especially close, bond. Plus, he's my son.

    U do not want to b too needy with the Sagg, tho! I've been crying for a year @ his going off to college!!! But I keep it to myself.

    So, my take on Sagg in relationships!

    Lisa Scorpion Lady

  • MY Sags birthday is nov 30th im trying to figure out if he was born on a cusp if so what is it can someone help me.

  • im a leo astrology saids leos and sags are very compatiable what do u think just needto find out about the cusp

  • hi Smallbit, i dont kno if leos and sags are really that compatible but one thing is sure your Sag is not born on the cusp!

  • Hi Peachyplanet, I read your post about questioning the venus sign.......I am a libra with a leo moon and a venus in leo but my mars is in sag. I am in love with a married sag who has a lot of aquarius in his chart but his venus is in libra as is my sun. We haven't seen each other for oaver a month but talked over the weekend as he asked me out to lunch. I couldn't go. He is calling me in the evenings which is highly unusual. We both admit we are sort of "addicted" to each other. He told me he was in love with me back in December but a lot has happened and he is definately staying for the kids (he had a bad childhood). All I can say is that he started this thing between us but has always been upfront with me. I have been seperated from my husband since January. What is your opinion on our planets and the fact it seems so easy for him to go a month without talking and now is buring up my phoneline?

  • Thanks,faeryofthewilds...for the info.. being compatible with my sag our charts say we are very compatible i hope they are right 3 different physics have also said that we are soulmates i feel like nefertiti its been 5 years for me and my sag but he really hasnt committed to me and i am older than him what am i to do and i have told him how i feel about him he knows that i love him but he tells me he doesnt love me he tells me he cares for me deeply but like i said b4 when i date other guys hes gets jealous and he also tells me we are not a couple but he gets jealous its so confusing mixed signals.

  • Hey its me again we keep visiting the same sites!!

    Dont u give up it sounds to me as if you have come a long way with your Sag guy.

    If he gets jealous of you and other guys then I reckon he does care a lot. I guess it depends as well what part of Sag he is and some do find it harder to commit than others.

    5 years is a long time you have invested a lot. I reckon take it easy dont be so hard on yourself keep him in your sights but explore other interest sand let him know you have other things in your life.

    If he is yours he will always be there.. You have a head start on me its good so keep going and dont give up. Maybe some Sag guys just are a bit confusing and that is the way they are. I have never fallen for a Sag before so its all new to me but i think u and him sound good...

    For me I am just starting with this guy if at all but I am a Taurean and we never give up either. Keep positive... I think the vibes sound good between you......

  • Hey Nefertiti...smallbit here im so glad i have outside opinions like yourself to help me with this all my friends have different opinions about me and my sag me and my sag arent together either he doesnt love me we dont go out in public as in going out on a date sometimes i think its because im older than he is i feel like hes ashame of me we have talked about it he saids no sometimes i feellike giving up and moving on with my life move back home by the ocean we have come along way over the 5 years but i dont know if it will ever be more i told him i needed a change and i was going to move back home he said to me in a text i know how bad u want to get away from me dont know what to think u say think postive i do i try i pray about it i ask god to give me a sign sometimes all this energy on him is exhausting but i love him so much i believe that we are meant to be .

  • nefratiti, i'm a pisces woman deeply in love with a sag man 17 dec, he knows how i feel. We aren't together and i stopped regular contact at end of last year,as he was driviing me crazy with texts and phonecalls,all going nowhere,as he can't commit. What really maddened me was he thought that i would wait fpr him to decide what he was going to do! He would pull out all the stops if he thought he had a rival for my affections,but when he'd realise he had no competition,he'd go back to the sameol' sameol'.

    He has contacted me twice, i returned a one word answer each time. A good friend of mine lives near him, he asks about me. This has been going on for over two years,he drives me nuts,but i can't help how i feel about him. He could never tell me how he felt about me, as to him that would be commitment, i know that he is mad about me,hence my frustration,at his constant contact and my reasons for ending it.

    Has anyone got any insights into this behaviour?

  • Im a sag and i can tell u the best ppl for us are taurans because they are indipendnt and mysterious, we hate needy ppl n ppl that are unfaithful. But ofcourse we are very faithful and commited, there os a catch thou we are faithful and commited to the point of death olif we are in love but if we do cheat that should be a sure sign for the person we are with tjat there is no love involved and there never will be. Hope that helped the wonderers

  • There is no way out of that cause as i said im a sag and in a relationship we have to have excitment if we know the person is too available we get bored and if the person is not we feel the need to make them so that they are just ours and the same cycle kinda continues. We cant help that its part of our nature. Be adventrous and fun loving and he will come around in my opinion, dnt fall under a routine we hate to feel the same day repeated over and over again, its the only thing i can say

  • Smallbit and Piccolina and all the others who have sent replies i am grateful for your insight and I will reply to you soon.

    missmiss3232 well thanku as I had a few people say Sag and Taurus are NOT compatible so forget it.. what you say gives me hope.

    When I was in touch with Sag man a lot he would often reply really friendly but I noticed if I didnt text him or make any contact and then did he would say hey how are u? Long time since we have chatted?? Guessin you are busy etc. so I thought right...

    Anyway its my birthday on 15th May and I always feel empowered and a bit more confident then so gonna leave it then and see how i feel might call or just say hi wondered how you are and see..

    Cant believe I feel so strongly he is a fair bit younger but I honeslty dont think he is worried about that.......... i certainly didnt gte that impression. hey we will see.

    thanku so grateful for all the help

  • Piccolina

    well yes I can see how my situation is similar I used to get up to 40 texts a night and constant emails and stuff then we were going to meet up he said can you get a day off and we can do something and I said yep and all arranged then he went all quiet then when back on track again same thing. Totally inexplicable then I thought oh maybe just say my ex is back on scene(actually he was for a while) then Sag man says oh didnt realise etc and when I put my back out he said dont tell me how you did it I would be jealous etc.... weird dont get it......

    One morning woke up and he had text saying just think I could be waking up with you now etc.....

    so me removed myself completely poor you my situation has only been going on since November but dont worry some Sag people will reply and share their secrets I am sure they will help us and some already have......maybe you shld hang on in there I think u should ............

  • hello smallbit

    so you are older than him? Me too well a fair bit in my case but I dont look or feel it at all and it doesnt seem to bother my Sag cos he always pays me compliments BUT I think u need to get away from the age thing or it will start to really bother you. Well its hard I love my Sag too but it is prob easier for me as we have not actually had a relationship which means I have walked away unscathed apart from missing him and thinking of what could have been. I think hang on for a bit in your case take up some other interest and new/old friends and just keep him in your sights. Let fate decide what will happen and ease off worrying about it for a bit fate will decide if u2 are meant to be... but try to stay happy life is too short no one should have the power to make another person this unhappy u dont deserve it.

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