Sag in relationships

  • Hey all... Being a sag/libra/cancer..... a commitment is very possible.. Just dont smother, DONT LIE and allow big time freedom. We could be bossy and quick to anger, but we forget about it as quickly...

    Ive been married to a cappie for 18 years. He keeps me grounded but allows me the freedom to pretty much do whatever i choose... within limits.... Never stops me from living my life. He is great with money and has taught me the value of the dollar. Hang in there all you SAG lovers...

  • Hi Everyone...I'm a sag/pisces/cancer.. I have been married to a Pisces for 21 years now. A Sag is very loyal, we like to continually learn new things and are always open to going new places. We love challenges, but do not like being smothered. We love our families and are very much motherly as we love helping and caring for people. We also are humanitarians born out of our need to help people. We are very out spoken and honest, we have no patience for stupidity. We are always optimistic, often being accused of wearing rose colored glasses. We just choose not to dwell on all the negative. We tend to stay away from people with negative outlooks on life or just downer attitudes in general as we don't like to be brought down.

    We do enjoy the thrill of the chase and of being caught. When caught just don't hang on to tightly. We are very jealous of what we perceive as ours, don't play games to make us jealous, because we can hold grudges. If we have a grudge it can last years, we take personal hurts very much to heart....

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  • Butterflysag

    I just read your nice reply I am new to this site and forget that there are chains of e mails.

    Oh God what do I do.... maybe you are right.. the thing is he was v keen and we flirted a lot on text and e mail and I have met him thro work a few times and he said I am an angel have a heart of gold he doesnt know why I put up with him (work thing) etc but then after I moved on to a new project no contact at all. he would e mail me and say good mornin how are you? Did you sleep ok? i didnt etc.... not the sort of stuff you would send a casual acquaintance....

    My tarot reader saw him clearly I am worried I may have just assumed too much she says no he definitely is interested he has been hurt he is confused you seem strong to him he does not know if he can live up to that etc. BUT def sparks and romance in the summer etc....

    We were just friendly for a while then one night he text and said what are you doing? I said I am getting in the bath and he said oh is ther room for 2 or would I have toi sit on your lap etc.... one morning I got up and he had sent me a text saying just think if i had spent the night with you I would be waking you up now etc... so I honestly am not imagining he wanted a relationship with me or the way he felt we started as friends but there was def a physical attrraction he described me to a friend as she is really kind and very cute etc... oh I GIVE UP

    I cant call i jus cant he will think i am chasing him shldnt he come back and make the contact with me oh dear I miss him he made me smile I think we would have been great together

    ok ur are a sag you know far more than me is a month really that long hm maybe I will give it a bit longer he knows exactly how I feel I sent him a Valetines card and he text me and said thnaku for the card and Happy Valentines Day hun etc... wouldnt he have jus chosen to ignore and not said a thing? CONFUSED guessIi will never understand u Sags!!!


  • Nefratiti,

    I think you should call him or text him. Let him know that you just wanted to say Hi and that you missed the fact that he made you smile. Keep being his friend until he makes the next move, it's his choice the next step anyway unless you stop caring. We sags like to have lots of friends so that's your in, until he steps up. You don't have to be shy to say Hi.

  • Nefratiti, I can understand your situation very well. I am a Scorpio with Taurus Moon and Aquarius Rising who is head over heels in love with a Sag who is on the Scorpio/Sag cusp, with a Virgo Moon and Aquarius Rising and he has been doing the same thing that the man you want is doing. We have a long history. I have known him for 12 years. We went out for a year 11 years ago, but then we broke up 10 years ago. We were young, but our love was really deep and intense for our age. I am still passionately in love with him after all that time. He is always in my thoughts, I dream of him almost every night, I long for his touch or just to hear his voice. But having a Taurus moon makes me more stubborn than a normal Scorpio, and I really don't want to give up on him. From all of the astrological research I have done on our relationship, we will either be soulmates or lifetime friends. I can definitely understand the attraction that you have to Saggis. They are so much fun and spontanious, and when you are with them, they take you somewhere where you never thought you would be. They make you see the world in a completely different way.

    Over the past 10 years that we have been "friends" since we broke up, he keeps flirting with me like your guy, telling me that he loves me, that we will be together forever, touching me, which I love, but he keeps saying that he only wants to be friends. My intuition tells me otherwise. We have such a deep connection that when he is near me, or if I concentrate on him, or if he calls me, I can sense him. I can sense his mood, sometimes I can feel a headache or a stomachache he may have,and I can feel the stress that he has. It's really weird. When he is next to me or I touch him, I can feel the intensity of the feelings he has for me and that's how I know he is head over heels for me as well, but he is afraid of my intensity; that I will control him and tie him down, which are big no nos for Saggis. It frustrates me because I want to be more than friends.

    Sometimes, because of his Virgo moon, he gets so caught up in work and stressing himself that he might not call me for a whole month, sometimes even more than that. So no, a month is not too long, he did not forget you, and if he is as interested as he seems to be in you, you should definitely try with him. Call him up and say that it has been a while since you spoke and you were just wondering how he was doing. Don't tell him you miss him or you need him (at least not at first), or anything that sounds too needy or clingy because he will shut down on you. Just let him know that you are still interested in him and that you care. Don't make ultimatums or pressure him to be with you, because Saggis do not respond well to this. Be patient with him because commitments are hard with Saggis but they are not impossible. If you respect their space and don't make them feel like you are tying them down or cornering them, Saggis can be some of the best lovers. I promise you will not regret the wait.

  • To scorptaurquarius(oops think I may have got ur name wrong in previous and if so I apologise profusely anyway.....)

    and all to my other dear tarot friends whose support I so appreciate.....

    I cant call him he might run a mile I cant risk it surely I will look desperate? I miss him badly just love that sag sense of humour I think he has a good Sag heart when I was redeploying people from his department as part of my job including him (36 of his colleagues but I found them all internal jobs) he was the ONLY person out of 36 who would call e mail and text and say hey how are u? busy day again? I expect u have had a lot of stress and yet at that time he could have been out of a job himself.. so sweet and so cute I totally fell in love with him and after a couple of months I said do u know I have an enormous crush on u? (brave? well yes) then he started texting calling and e mailing and he didnt exactly say go to hell he was DEF interested but I really have given up it has been a month hey guys and gals I cannot contact him I CANT butterflysag if he wants me he has to show me but GOD I miss him loads in the words of The Beautiful South I love u from the bottom of my pencil case I am really miserable as we were contacting each other daily for 6 mths hey CONFUSEDE? MISERABLE? LOST? yes to all but u guys have been so suppotive so thku to my lovely friends who got me thro............ well u know who u u and thk u to all who helped ur amazin


  • Scorp/Taur/aquarius all who have helped me?butterflysag etc...............

    just wanna say you have been so helpful and so many other people.thanku

    this is weird ............I am a Senior Personnel Officer for a big organisation now I had to tell 36 people they would be out of jobs and help them with application forms and interview stuff etc (hey gd news.... within 4 mths had found all staff internal jobs got congrats from Ch Constable etc)

    Anyway forget that BUT all thro 4 mths when I was stressed lost weight agonised etc cos I work in Personnel cos I wanna help people etc this man I totally fell in love with,,, well he broke his arm (he is football referree) I HAD to send him home re health and safety etc he didnt wanna go I had to insist etc ANYWAY we kinda formed friendship and we got close he was the ONLY person who used to text and call and say hello how are you today? Another busy day? etc Then when u I put my back out one weekend doing my garden he would say hello how ru today? How is your back? u nd to rest up etc/ I am sure someone who didnt care would not bother to do that

    totally exhausted and confused Sag men? dont get it?


  • Anyway my dear friends i want him .....YEP I DO.I feel he is around me all around everywhere I try to forget him every day I get up and I say to myself he is gone BUT and as soon as I do there it is staring me straight in the face a lyric a phrase a number glaring at me its hell on earth.. I can honestly say I have never felt anything so karmic or so strong... and u my friends say call him say hi but wont I look desperate if was so close to me and ever cared?? Now I feel him slipping away well thats it I guess..............

    QUESTION just because I see his name and Karmic closeness is that because i want it to happen or that its fate and it actually will???


  • This is a message for scorptauraquarius and all other friends who have helped me there are a lot of u forgive me if I dont mention u all.........

    thank u hun I mean scorptauraquarius4 ur kind word s ur so kind and understanding..when you said he did not forget you.......... I felt really emotional cos I feel so strongly about him. When I read your words I thought yep I wake up and I know automatically if he is sad or happy or bewildered etc. Honestly I know how he is feelin and I am NOWHERE NEAR HIM and he has for some reason shut me out (Maybe if he read this he would think OMG fatal attraction etc) but read on......... I am older than him ( a fair bit actually) the thing is (please dont think I am being big headed I am not) but I look a lot younger than I am quite a bit so do attract younger men please please please this is not a boast I just exercise(belly dancin) look after my skin etc my mum the same...... and I honestly think he probably hasnt had anyway near the amount of relationships I have had this doesnt bother me at all but it probably bothers him as my Tarot reader says he sees u as a strong confident woman etc and doesnt feel he can match up oh dear I hope he will give me a chance I actually want him very badly I dont care that he is younger and less experienced I really dont I just kind of feel drawn to him cos he is sweet and kind and has a good Sag heart I want him so bad and he has the cutest face u ever saw a bit geeky really but well just cant help myself those deep brown soulful eyes long eyelashes (never ever can I resist a pretty boy),, rugged and manly? Forget it give me cute anytime) and I am usually so choosy and fussy and he is not particularly handsome but u know what ? and how mad is his he has the cutest button nose the sort u want want ur kids to have.well I would anyway! but he says to his friends (who told me) that I am cute and kind and have a heart of gold and that I am a star and an angel etc

    oh I am rambling..............anyway I appreciate all your advice really..... u give amzin advice but I do think this is just an illson thk u anyway.


    again my dear friends I hve had other eligible attractive men ask me out I DONT WANT THEM JUST HIM pray for me please and if any of u have physic abilities???????



  • I never thought we Sags are really so complicated. and as every Sag here explained am exactly like all those and with all my signs being fire signs, am extremely explosive. if am right half or more of my planets are in fire sign, so am a burning fire 🙂

    lately I have been having a weird relationship with a cancer guy, and as you all know cancerians and sags never get along, so ours were in length and breadth a waste of time. and he is a proper cancer and extremely possesive, so you guys can understand what happened. but he thought I was being rude and indifferent to him because I am extremely good and didnt want to hurt him (he just broke up with his girl) and didnt understand that I wasnt really that into him, just considered him as a friend. most of the times I just found reasons to leave him and didnt talk to him until he came up confusing me all of a sudden. recently I thought I will give the relationship a try and did try it only to find that I wasnt at all intrested in him and I told him this honestly and still he wouldnt stop trying to woo me. Well he is a sort of gentleman, he doesnt trouble me that much with emo-blackmail or anything, thank goodness.

    being all fire sign, I guess it is all about finding some one who will keep up with me physically mentally and emotionally. thank you all again for your support and advice and insight 🙂

  • Nefertiti,

    ( I'm a Sag/virgo/aries). Whether he's a Sag or not - you need to decide if he DESERVES you. He may not be into you - if he was, he would be chasing you. Sags are centaurs and archers- they aim, shoot - fire after what they want. It's nice and all to worry about his needs (independence, etc.) however it doesn't sound completely reciprocal. Send a text or call him once and for all and ask him directly (Sags don't like B.S. or the run-around). Take it from there.

  • Wow my relationship with my sag is alot like yours the connection we have is so strong likewhat u said about his moods and how he feeling i can feel all those things with my sag a couple of years ago he had a friend staying with him a female i knew she was there in my my mind i saw her car sitting on front of his house i could feel it i got in my car and drove to his house just to be sure about this feeling i had and there she was this feeling connection that we have sometimes makes me cry b/c its so overwhemling its a feeling u just cant explain and the crying is a good sags birthday is nov 30 can someone help me figure out the cusp im not sure if he was even born on a cusp my birthday is aug 11 all of my readings tell me that we are very compataible but we also need a strong saturn connection not sure about that either .

  • I am a Libra/Leo/Scopio.......I have been having an affair with a Sag/Aquarius. We are both married only I seperated during the affair. I feel as though we are soulmates but never expected our relationship to get as intense as it did. We have broken it off 3 to 4 times as he has children I feel the guilt and he says he can't handle the lying. I know it is wrong and I have stayed away for 5 weeks......I broke down yesterday and called. I have noticed even from the beginnig when HE started the relationship between us that he does not like to call or initiate things...but is always happy when I do. He told me 5 weeks ago nothing had changed about his feelings for me but he is commited to his marraige which he is UNHAPPY for the kids and b/c he made the commitment. He says he will leave when his youngest goes to college....that is 9 years away. I am obviously not saying I will wait for him but I at the same time I feel we are suppose to be a part of each others lives. I do love him and it's just KILLING me. I miss him. Any advice?

  • Also, I am going to see him tomorrow about a matter that has nothing to do with our relationship. Any advice from all you Sags out there if I should just stick to the matter or also let him know I've been missing him?

  • Nefertiti,

    Do you think some of your hesitation to contact him is because your older than him? Maybe deep down your afraid he won't want you because you are older. If that is the case let go of the age thing it doesn't make a difference. He may take your not calling as a sign of disinterest, so maybe he's struggling to stay away the same as you. As women we don't always have to wait for the man to take the first step, being younger maybe he's not really sure how you feel...I think he's as confused as you about his feelings. You said he thinks your a strong woman maybe that confuses him like you said. Good luck ...GO FOR IT..

  • EdenHappyGirl,

    I think I can understand how you both feel. He is a sag so he take his commitments very seriously as far as his kids are concerned. I can understand him wanting to do right by his kids. Most people think cut and run [for him] but maybe his marriage might not be that bad, they could be more like roommates as the love between them could be gone. They could be staying together as a united front for their kids..Who knows maybe it could be from their own childhood wanting to give their kids different than they had. I guess it's up to what you can live with, are you willing to make that sacrifice of yourself to be with him. It sounds like he's been pretty up front and honest about his position..I wish you all the best..

  • Nefratiti

    I am a sag female... We/sags need to be pursued sometimes. We are such givers and if he was hurt ina previous relationship then he may need the security of knowing how you feel. You are soo stubborn that you pretty much refuse to call but you are keeping him at bay as well. When I really like someone but I am unsure of their response I will leave the ball in their court. I even dealt with another sag who was the same way. sag/sag relationships can be scary! This guy maybe totally feeling you but feel may feel that it is your turn it show your interest in him! We are a little complicated

  • Also if you see him and dont let him know that you've missed him, tho a typical Sag male will ask, then you are basically telling him that you dont. We dont like games. We like things straightforward. So dont beat around the bush, just be flirty and not overbearing. I dont think you have a problem with that! We are very open so you will be able to tell by his reaction......

  • Nefratiti, am sorry to say this but i really do have this feeling that this Sag guy is not that into you. If he is he would have marked his terittory around you. As it goes Sags are really honest unless something wrong withm the planets in their charts, they would make it clear to you if they really want you. Only after that would they leave you to innitiate things, till then even though they will listen to you, they will make sure that you both keep in touch. If you are still in the first phase, and if he is not contacting you, well I think he is not that into you. Maybe he is just experimenting. Because Sags arent patient and they sure will let you know, if they are really into you. and if they really wants you they will keep trying for a while and then just walk over it. Tell him what you feel and see how he reacts, instead of just beating around the bush!

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