Sag in relationships

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  • am thankful to thehealthychick double sag libra moon and all others who have given me much information adn thankyou all for taking part in the discussion..

  • I am a Sag and in a long term relationship with a taurus (12 years) It isnt easy especially when the hard times hit. He says he hasnt had an affair with this married woman that he has known forever (she is scorpio) but he has taken her out to lunch (she will go & meet him) & he has met her on the sly in the evenings occasionally claiming happy hour with coworkers & refusing to give her up(he talks, texts, chats on facebook & instant messengers) (& yes he deleted me from his facebook account & has her set to private so no elses can see what they talk about) everyday and he states "we have been friends forever" I know who she is & meet her when we moved intogether & I told him them to mark my words she is trouble!! Now in the past I never minded when he sent an ecard for her birthday or christmas.

    When we sags commit we really commit and my taurus is slowly coming around He is very stubborn & hates to apologize & he knows what he has done & what he has to do to keep me & earn my trust back. Sags are very very verbal when a wrong has been commited & he is learning the hard way

  • I am Cancer/Libra/Aries... but Im inlove with a Sag..his bday is Dec 13...We met each other online 4 mos ago.but have not met in person yet cuz I live in Ca & he lives in NV the beganning of our friendship we txted talked on the phone everyday for a mo in a half then all of a sudden it slowed down to a txt here and there..We have becoming real close to one another like we have known ea other 4ever.. I can call him any time to whine on his shoulder over any thing mainly a breakup and he tells me his opinion about wat to do..But the only time now that he txts or calls me is when Im in a relationship or on a date..which I dont know how he knows that Im on a date or in a relationship..its like he has ESP...whys that.. Is he jealous that he might losse me even tho we arent a couple cuz hes told me hes not ready for a relationship not untell he gets his life in order//(jst recently got out of a divorce a month b4 we met) He has alot of stuff to get done b4 he wants to get in to another relationship...So I except & respect his request..He knows that I have deep feeln for him and that I wud love to be with him too...But I dont know how he feels about me cuz he wont say any thing...We have a really special bond that is grown stronger every day..Well talk to ea other on Facebook when hes on it...we now talk once in awhile on yahoo messanger, when he leaves me a message...He even sticks up for me like hes a boyfriend.about two days ago.Cuz I was accused of seeing a married guy.which I have never met or even saw him in person cuz he lives in another state, which I dont go 4 married me in the first that felt real good that he had my bk but I gave the BYTCH a few words or two and she didnt like it and her so call husband didnt either .. so wat is the deal with us,are we ment to b as a couple or soul mate later on in life or we are just ment to be real close friends..I really do love this man and I know that he can get any women he wants cuz he has the looks and personality to get one...That wats scares me alot of loosing him over that...but if he does find someone I wud except that out of friendship love...So can any of you Sag guys tell me whats his attention is about us...Is he interested in me more then just friends or what .. should I give up on tryn to b with him or just stay as close friends I need help...

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