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  • Im a Virgo woman and is madly in love with a sag...he knows and makes no move to show he's i doing something wrong?

  • hahahaha i love being a virgo and attention to details mean everything to me :]

  • I'm a male sag born Dec. 6 with my moon in cancer and have never been married. The longest committed relationship I've had was five years long. (2 years dating and 3 living together). the thing that kept us together for that amount of time was we had a child together but our relationship was very strained. She was a Virgo and very jealous and that didn't work for me one bit. When I was younger a committed relationship was out of the question but I've been ready for the last 5 or so years and haven't met the one yet. I will not settle until the right woman comes along.

    You know it's kind of funny that I've never dated a so called compatible sign, (aries,leo,aquarius, or a sag) and maybe that's the problem. I've dated a couple of scorpios,pisces, a virgo and a gemini, and have not found the one yet. Still hoping!!!!

  • This may seem like a silly question, but when someone says they are a sag/sag/cancer what order are they put in. I assume sun sign is first but what comes next....moon than rising, or vice-versa?

  • Rockerchic, you are spot on! Agree 150%!

    Have never met a Sag who can commit. In fact, I once dated a Sag who had been hot to date me. He... are you sitting down... bought a drink for another woman, right in front of me, during dinner!! I don't know if he was proving he was aild and crazy and experimental and kinky, but I quietly and politely told him that that was extremely rude to do to a vanilla woman. To do to a Dominatrix, when you are desirous of being Her submissive is completely unacceptable. I calmly walked out, and have NEVER dated a Sag since, LOL! Some of them in, in my past, were fun and made me laugh, but I found them immature and unable to commit. The sex was miserable. I stick to Water signs. Age and experience helps you get to the point of knowing what you want and that you deserve it!

    Do subs think Dommes don't talk? He is shunned in the community,lol, other Women have found him a complete oaf... and will never find what he wants, as no woman, or Woman, wants that!

  • seanymph....If I was on a date with you I'd buy someone else a drink also! lol!

  • faeryof thewilds: Have your complete chart done and read/interpreted to you in depth but a really good astrologer. You are not alone or unusal, just a Sag. We love our independence and freedom, and cannot stand to be smothered. Yes, we would need someone who not only understands our nature, but accepts it and embraces it and finds it attractive. There is much more to us than our sun sign, and there are many aspects of our charts that make us individual and unique. There could be issues from upbringing, or the people you've hooked up with that make you not feel the need to invest that way in those people. It's not a fault to be independent. Is your Venus in Aquarius, for example? Mine is, and it makes me aloof in a relationship, and sometimes, I simply cannot stand all of the attention someone wants to give me. I have finally found someone who fits my bill, though he can be a little too tactile for me sometimes, but he's and Aries with a Taurus Moon and a Pisces Ascendent (Rising Sign), and no one is perfect. I accept this in him, and he accepts the same in me, and this took me 40 years to learn. So, don't be so hard on yourself, and continue to explore without holding your current situation against yourself. I wish you the best of luck, and definitely get your chart read! With a truly gifted astrologer, it is a very enlightening experience.

  • what are your thoughts or considerations on a sag with a moon in taurus, mercury in capricorn, and a venus in sagittarius? lol clearly a clusterfcuk.

  • I'm so sorry seanymph, for your disappointing experience with A Sag, but I am a Sag sun woman, with a Sag rising sign, and a Libra moon, and I am no cheater. I am the one who's always been cheated on, and have to say, the worst cheaters in MY experience have been Cancers. We place too much emphasis on Sun signs, and not one someone's complete astrological chart and make up, and upbringing that went along with it. Everyone's personal experiences make them who they are, not just their birthday. I have always been monogomous, and never had an issue with it. Every sun sign has it's reputation for something bad, and I can live with that. But, everyone's an indiviual, and in the end, monogomy is a choice, not an assumed right. Especially in the beginning... No one owes anyone anything until they promise it. I am sorry for your bad experience.

  • He simply may not be interested.

  • Hi There - It would be my opinion from my study of astrology that it will take a special person for you to commit to. Obviously, without your full chart or knowing the houses the sun and the moon fall into my opinion is very general.

    However, the sign Aries rules the first house which in my studies is about independence and the freedom to experience, whatever "experience" means to you, for example the ability to experience travel, experience education, etc. The sign Aries many times is thinking about experiencing so much, they tend to forget others around them.

    The sign Leo rules the fifth house, which again in my studies is about creating yourself. With this being your moon sign, I would think (in very general terms) that you may desire a partner who is about helping you become who you are. It's possible that your picture of a suitable mate, maybe someone who is also fun, easy going, active, maybe the ability to get along wherever, whenever and literally up for anything.

    With the Sun being in Sagittarius (which I am one myself with a rising of a Leo and a Gemini moon), there is no sugar coating things, I would imagine you call things as you see them. It is my opinion that it would take a very energetic, strong willed, possibly a very driven, relentless spirited person to make you look twice, let alone commit to for the rest of your life. Most likely the person that will grab your heart will be the one that you just commit yourself to without feeling like you are committed at all!

    Trust me these partners do exist I have got one myself and let me tell you, he is more work than you can ever imagine. But he has helped me to grow to see a different part of life, and learn to appreciate things I never took the time to look at because they were not important to me. He has helped me to see life in a different light and for that I am so grateful and thankful. 🙂

    The Healthy Chick

  • We all have an easier time cultivating relationships after we look at our entire charts, and the charts of the other person. It's easier to have a relationship that's both satisfying and contributes to growth when your planets,e sp. Mars, Venus and Jupiter align more easily. Venus in Water combines more easily with Water, or its complementary element, Earth. Mars has a tough time, say, in Fire, being with Water or Earth.

    Thanks DoubleSag. It was just a date, no big whoop. He is an enormous jerk, and literally hasn't found a Woman in 7 years. God-looking, but nothing to offer whatsoever. He has a stellium in Sag, but he is just extremely rude. Not all Sag's are, just saying that it was interesting that he goes with the lowest expression of Sag, rather than the highest expression.

    Interesting, I have never met a Cancer who cheated! Ever... that security thang. Oh well, you meet different types everyday. Unlike most of the people on this board (if you read through a lot of the posts), I'm very happy with my fiance. Both of us with Water Suns, with stellia in Scorpio, both artists. So, yes,looking at the whole chart makes a difference. If you are dating online (something I have never done), you can do the chart of the person from the info they give you. If you meet someone in real time and real life, you don't really have the option of doing a chart right there at the tube stop or the museum.

    nejake, your comments were immature and unnecessary.

  • well im a SAG and i think im very able to commit and want to very much. i think it just depends on how you were raised and what you went through as a kid. i had a rough life so far and only 21. which has had made me shy,caring,talkative,willing to listen, ask you how your day was. kind of person i take quizzes and always get "the perfect guy result" lol but noone is perfect and have my fair share of issues. im really nice and calm but when i get mad u better run for your life. so im proof that sags can/will commit as long as they find the perfect person. which i think i have found recently(i hope) but anyway just my 2 cents

  • I'm a sag. I can only speak for myself really. I can committ. i've had 2 long term relationships. yeah I'm free and fun loving sometimes wanting my own space but I love to involve my other in what's going on. Like I said sometimes I was just wanna be by myself or with the girls or sometimes just with the guy Iam seeing. As mentioned above, your upbringing will contribute to your relationships in life and determine how you treat people.Just be yourself is all I can-hope that's not boring though. I tend to leave boring people as they are!

  • you think leos and sags are compatiable im into astrology also and i do alot of reading on it i have read that they are very compatiable i have been in a relationship with my sag for 6 years hes confusing hes just now really coming around he saids he is committed to me this has been recent . i am older than him and it bothers me some im scare i will lose him one day to someone younger but i think age is just a number and if you love that someone very deeply and you have strong connection with them then thats all that matters right?

  • Hi there All,

    my Sag son, my "son-shine", left for college 2 weeks ago. I have 3 kids, yet he and I were SOOOO close. It was the hardest thing to see him go off, joyfully! Into his new life. I'm thrilled for him, he's of course doing great! " so many new friends, can't keep track", courses are easy, he's super bright. Also an accomplished musician, so he's just "lovin' it"!!!

    Of course I'm happy. BUT...OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

    He and I always texted a lot, he'd initiate contact...I knew to let him go.

    Now, the tiniest bit of a text from me ~ he's so annoyed!

    My big ole Scorpio Momma's heart actually hurts!

    No need to answer, I know what's going on...just needed to let it out with some understanding folks!!!

    Thank you,

    Lisa 🙂 ( I'm trying while I'm crying! Lol!)

  • Dreamcatcher, OMG so right. I am trying to figure out if my sag is a blessing or a curse...He doesn't want me, then he does...But if I give a hint that I might be with someone else, he gets all jealous and wants to know all about him. I don't get him at all. They don't really think about other people's feelings. They just say whatever is on their minds, hurtful or not. Tact is really something they need to learn!

  • We know the rule: Water sign should never go out with Fire signs and from all my experience with it, they might be right. I am a Scorpio and I don't think I will ever understand or agree with the way fire signs, esp. Leo and Sag, think. It's like they are from another universe. They fight for no reason, they say hurtful things and they don't care how it makes us feel, they don't take anything seriously, esp relationships. It takes a very special person to put up with them. They are fun, but if you get involved with them (esp if you are a water sign), don't expect too much from them. With them, it is all take and no give.

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