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  • am Sag, actually born on cusp witrh capricon, sun sign:Sag, moon sign:Leo, rising sign:Aries. I have been not able to commit to anyone or have a serious relationship with anyone. has it anything to do with my sun sign? are all sags like me??? can som1 give me some advice???

  • Well I am a Taurean madly in live with a Sag who I am finding hard to get to know so I was hoping you could tell me!! I have asked for Sag males with specific birthday of 10th Dec date to contact me as I need some info for a book I am wrting but I havent had any replies yet.

    I am trying to find out more about Sag myself...

    Be interesting to see what your fellow Sag people say... but apparently some Sags CAN commit and do have lasting relationships???.

    I actually do find them very fascinating people...

  • oops re previous meant madly in love of course (not live) sorry slight typo!!!

  • We hate to feel tied down. We want to run away or cheat if we feel trapped in a relationship. Not saying we can't commit, we just need someone who is understanding of our nature. We need someone who is not too possesive & or jealous.

  • Thankyou that is really helpful it does really help a lot... I have given a potential new Sag interest just about as much space as I can so now I just need to see if he will come back or not but I have disciplined myself with no contact for a month its been hard we are very close and he did make the first move re potential relationship which he seemed keen on at the time up til then I was just friendly I dont want him to feel trapped so I am doing all I can to give him space its hard tho!. Guess if he doesnt come back to me he doesnt want it as much as me...

  • I'm a sag born on the cusp of scorpio with a sag moon and aries rising and married to a taurus man...give them lots of rope, but not too much as they will hang themselves if not reigned in occasionally...just don't let them know. If you are too controlling and they jealous type they will run and run fast or above is correct will cheat...not to be mean to their taurus, but to keep their independence established. Yes, we can have healthy long relationships...just be open to their wanderlust of the world, as they are usually not the homebody types like a taurus.

  • I have been in a relationship with a sag for 5 years he hasnt committed to me completely we are friends and lovers i give him space also i have told him how i feel about him that i want acommitted relationship with him....he saids he doesnt feel the same way i feel but when i date other guys he gets upset....what should i do give up am i wasting my time ?

  • I feel the same way will he come back i get scarred i wont see him again but its been 5 years for me and he still comes back we are alot closer now and we are getting closer everyday.

  • I think if it has been 5 years that is a long time and you must have a connection and he must care if he gets jealous.

    You have him in your midst so it is easier for you. My problem is that we were very close he said he wanted relationship and now he has not contacted me so I cannot follow any advice at all which anyone gives me I literally have to hope he will contact me. I will def not make the first move as I do not want to or seem to be needy or clingy and my Tarot lady said he misses me and will come back to me in the summer and we will have a relationship so I am waiting.

    Again big problem is I am fiercely independant have good career lots of friends and interests but it doesnt seem to me as if I will ever have the chance to show him we could have a good relationship and that it what is so frustrating for me.

    I once asked the question of this forum does absence make the heart grow fonder or is out of sight out of mind.Well I dont know.

    What you have in your favour is he is in your sights.. and in contact.... when they disappear or go quiet there is absolutely nothing to be done unless the person is contacted and I do not think I shld do that. In your case if he is jealous that is a good thing but I think u need to keep him on his toes!! It never hurts i hope you will be happy with this man!

  • My brother is a Sag, actually born on the Capricorn cusp as well (Dec. 21st).

    He doesn't seem to have a problem in his currently relationship with commitment.

    Although it took him some time. Since he's been hurt before in past relationships.

    What him and his Girlfriend have learned is that they have their own lives, but always a center point or common ground where they can come together. I've also noticed that from time to time My Brother does need his own time to be by himself. Luckly his girl understands that.

    Understanding is really a thing everyone needs.

  • hi everyone

    thank you very much for your posts. n FelineGemine me and our brother seems to have the same birthday 🙂

    and from all the posts I guess its all about finiding the right person and then everything just falls into place...

  • I am a Sag and been married 23 years!

  • I am a Sag/Libra/Sag, and I have been in 2 long term committed relationships in my life. What it takes is knowing that your partner understands, accepts, and does not resent your need for alone time and LOTS of friendly contacts. I am a total believer in fidelity - that is not to say I have never been tempted - I believe I cannot hold my partner to a standard I cannot/will not uphold. So I say friendly in the truest sense of the word. Let me know that you care; that you will be there for me when I want/need you; and trust me to be honest and honor-bound in the meantime. Skip the jealousy - I will run faster than you can blink if I sense that. But do not hesitate to ask me to be there for you when you need me - I need to know I am needed. And be willing to discuss lots and lots of topics, whether you know anything about them or not. Be willing to explore all kinds of things both physically and intellectually. And for goodness sakes, be open, willing and honest in the bedroom. And please stress the willing - lots and lots of that! ROFLOL!

  • And don't put up with my BS - call me on it, but lovingly. Because I will BS you if you are stupid.

  • faeryofthewilds, I think it probably has a lot more to do with the fact that you are ALL fire. You need someone who can match you line for line; blow by blow. An intellectual, spiritual, and physical challenger. You will not be too happy with someone too earthy, who will smother your fire; air might feed it; but fire will battle back and make a worthy opponent/sparring partner.

  • Well i think if u have any feelings for this man at all u should contact him this is a new centurty and women do make the first move u could just say hi...and as for me and my sag i dont know what the future holds for us....i do know that we do have a strong connection and that 3 different physics have told me that we are soulmates i wish i how should i keep him on his toes?

  • Wow we are almost the same except my rising is in Aquarious!! I have so many planets in fire signs, though. The truth is we are a little unbalanced with all that fire!! We are not quick to commit, and don't fool ourselves and TRY to fall in love. Also, we know that if this relationship doesn't work out, there will be another one, am I right?? Fact is we are TOO strong... but trust me, once the right one comes along, you will be as tender-hearted and vulnerable as any water sign... you will embarrass yourself with your feelings that beforehand seemed "weak" when viewed by you in others... it will happen, it is possible for you to have a lasting relationship!!!

  • Nefratiti, no contact for a month is way too long!! Your sag has probably asumed you were gone for good by now, and is feeling that he deserved it.. Run to the phone and call... just be casual, say you were just wondering how things were going. We Sags need our space, but not THAT much space!! We will run away if you are clingy, and run if you are not HOT for us too!! Balance here...

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm in a similar boat along with Nefratiti although mine is different because I haven't even met the girl face to face yet. I know some about her from her mom and some from Facebook. I'm just wondering how best to pursue her because I have an extreme crush on her! I can be a little jealous and possessive sometimes and I know I need to work on it. I could use some advice as to how I can reign in my Aries enough to do so because I do not want to push her away. She seems like a nice person from what her mom says and she gorgeous beyond belief so I don't want to lose her.

    Summer starts for me and her in about 2 weeks (depends upon exams) so I'll be meeting her soon.

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