Im in crushing pain someone please help me!

  • Im on the verge of suicide so many things happend to me this christmas eve. alot. all i need to know is if my boy friend will come back? he dumped me the 23rd because he thought i was to good for him... he hasnt spoken to me. and his family keeps telling me hes always saying he still loves me. Whats guna happen now?

    My birthday: 4-10-94 name Eva Rivera

    His birthday: 3-5-94 name. Seung Kwan Jung

  • First of all, I want you to know how sorry I am that you're going through all of this at such a vulnerable time of year. Please don't take your life. Your life does matter and it does count to so many of your loved ones, friends and family - and to many you haven't even met yet.

    What is going to happen now is that you're going to find a way to heal yourself and survive this experience, and when the time is right, there will be someone you can help to find their way through with the knowledge of your experience and how you've dealt with this. This creates powerful healing by helping someone else.

    Right now, there is so much love available to you to help you through this experience. Concentrate on those who support you and those you can give love to freely. That includes loving yourself enough to let go of painful and fulfilling relationships. Live life going forward, not looking behind you at your wounds and painful moments. This will give you a perspective that you can use all of your life. It is not easy and it's very tempting to slide back into the 'why doesn't he love me enough to be with me' state of mind. No answer to this question is satisfying or healing. But you can replace that with something more positive and life affirming. There's no doubt that this works. It's part of the balance within life that we find when we're done with doing the same thing over and over and yet still expect a different outcome. Be your own voice of wisdom and reach deep. You are very capable and very strong. Things really will get better!

    I wish you well, Eva!

    Blessings and peace!

    & Merry Christmas!

  • Woops! 3rd paragraph, 3rd line should be unfulfilling relationships....sorry for typo!

  • Eva, you have enough charm and passion to attract many lovers. You are a star! Other people will always seek you out for your energy, enthusiasm, and good creative and business sense. You will find that your lovers change as you grow and change. This is only the first partner of many. You have already outgrown him. It's important you don't let other people get too clingy or needy or dependent on you because you have an independent spirit and need to be free to move on and have adventures in many places and with many people. You do value your friendships highly but you can't let them hold you back. In the end, affection and empathy are better for you in a relationship than turbulent romance, even though you love the drama and passion of it all. Drama and excitement does not equal real love - real love is steady, calm and enduring.

    I see you becoming a very wealthy and successful person if you learn to value yourself more highly than you do now. You will then have the funds to live however you want.

  • is that mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy ?

    I don't know where you come from, but some people use different format with dob

  • leoscorpion, its month/day/year 🙂

  • xxmiinahxx,

    hope things are looking up for you.

  • Hi, One thing I can tell you for sure--you will meet other people. That's a given ok. Look around at everyone you have in your life and don't concentrate on this 1 person. Get out and move around. Be around others. Share your talents--and you do have a lot. You build up because that's your style--remember that and carry that with you. Your friend here, T.

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