Hans Interpretation Please

  • The I-Ching has been useful for me. I asked it about some changes I'm experiencing and it pointed to the Hexagram--Gathering Together.

  • Daliolite,

    the I-Ching is very useful. But it can only interpreted if you are correct about the result. That means, you have to report, whether you heve got the Hexagram 45 without any changing lines, or if you have got another hexagram which changed to 45 because of any changing lines.

    Be neither good

    nor evil, be simply aware. Good passes in front of

    you and evil passes in front of you , and you remain

    unaffected. Whatever you do, do not follow any

    ethical code or any morality; simply follow your own

    awareness. So the good is not a goal for you, it is

    simply a by-product of your awareness. You are not doing

    virtuous things and you are not waiting for any reward.

    Be simply conscious; you have eyes.

  • Thanks friend.

  • Daliolite,

    an Irishman, on the night that his wife was confined

    in childbirth, went out a bit prematurely to celebrate

    the addition to his family, with a few chosen cronies.

    He did not return home to his family until three

    o'clock in the morning.

    He was barely in the house when the nurse rushed up

    and uncovered a bundle of blankets, showing the

    bewildered Irishman triplets. At this very moment the

    clock struck once, twice, three times.

    "One, two, three... sure, an' I could count 'em myself,

    small thanks to ye," Pat addressed the clock solemnly.

    "An' one thing more -- I'll be thanking the good God I

    didn't come home at twelve!"

  • So true. He might've served as a punching bag. That's what I was doing at childbirth. Punching. No, I'm not violent. Was in a lot of pain.

    Few weeks ago I went to the I-Ching here. My friend, Michael, his house has been broken into alot. I always told him that God answers our pleas for help. Michael is not religious. Anyway, the I-Ching gave me the Hexagram of Easy Progress when I asked about his house. I told him about it. Anyway, yesterday he and a friend went to his house at noon and the thieves were there with a trailer loading up his BBQ pit and some other stuff. I'm glad he had a witness.

    Your right about being aware, that post helped me in some of my inner struggles. God is present in everything. I don't live by the I-Ching but none the less aware. I continue to struggle in my relationship. My friend talks a lot (too much really.) Asked the I-Ching about his mouth. It said Dangerous. LOL. True.

    It's not really a quest for perfection, it's really about doing the right thing at the right time.

    Enjoy your posts.

  • Daliolite,

    this is why the witnessing bird waits – and probably laughs – watching you suffering below and declaring to the world your great tragedies. And you know very well that that bird sitting within you is laughing. Sometimes you catch a glimpse – inevitably, because he is your very nature. How can you be entirely oblivious of him? Sometime or other his image must arise in you. Some moment or other you must feel his peace and hear his harmony. In some unsuspecting moment of relaxation he will fill you. But you are avoiding him. You are so involved in being a doer that you are avoiding being a witness. Your enjoyment is in carrying the load of your misery – and in advertising that you are doing so. Your unhappiness has not yet reached boiling point. But when it does so you will finally raise your head and look upward, and once you do, it will be with amazement that you discover that all the unhappiness you have been suffering, life after life, through countless births and deaths, amounts to no more than a nightmare. Your true nature has always been separate from that misery.

  • Wow. Change has been a constant for me. Your right. Thanks for the posts.

  • Contemplated your post. Have thought seriously about previous lives. I think some of our feelings are driven by genetics. I think situations arise and it is our response that determines our destiny, karma, goodness etc. When we learn to separate and observe we can become less involved. Whether or not that changes the outcome, I don't know. A friend of mine, an attorney, wrote and said man creates his problems therefore man must solve his problems. I agree with that statement. It's how we choose to solve it that determines our destiny, so to speak. Then, we have those who make decisions for the masses and it's totally out of our control. So, their problems inevitably become our problems. So, you can't put your hope in man, just hope that man can solve his problems. I know that God is here and wants to communicate with us. There are different ways that He communicates w/us. I have been told that He communicates w/me in what I see. Not everyone understands this. He might communicate in what you know etc. I can't try to explain God to anyone just that He is. Then there's a conflict with the word He etc. That's a good time to withdraw. LOL. Recently, I have been shown the image of Him looking up towards the sky. The Most High. He feels what we feel.

    Thank you for your posts.

  • Daliolite,

    obviously this state of affairs, that all our senses open outwards, has been exploited. We have been given every kind of theology, religion, truth, from the outside, because that is what we are demanding. We want a God to be there above in the sky. We want anything and immediately there will be a supplier. You just have to ask and somebody will create a system of beliefs to satisfy you.

  • That's true.

    Sometimes things come upon us for no real explained reason and we have to make sense of it. Sometimes we believe thru faith only. These are the strongest, I believe. I don't want to be a by-product of what someone thinks faith is but what I have experienced, also want to be a product of the right actions thru difficulties. Sometimes doing what's right doesn't follow the established path(s) and I know that. The God I know is everywhere, like here.

  • Daliolite,

    the same game can be played with numbers. You can make connections. You can figure out why there are seven days in the week, seven musical notes, seven spheres, seven bodies. Why is there always seven? Then you can create a philosophy around it, but this philosophy will just be a product of your imagination.

  • Yes, certain numbers can be significant. I'm trying my hand at tarot. I find it interesting. What will be even more interesting is if it's somewhat accurate. LOL. You know, the other day, you were talking about the singing and laughing bird. As I was doing these tarot readings this evening, I opened the door and a baby bird flew in the house. I can't seem to get it out. It's afraid. I thought, maybe it'll become tame thru all this. Hopefully, it will find it's way out to what it's familiar with. It flew in because it could see where to fly (light) as it's dark outside. I have a lot of encounters with these baby birds. On their journey, some lose their ability to fly. They fall out of the nest, they hop around and don't realize the other animals. They fall in trash cans and can't get out. I have seen some hopping around the neighborhood because they've lost their ability to fly. You know, what a job a mother bird has. I've seen a baby bird fall from a nest and different types of birds keeping animals away from it.

    Well, this baby has found a shelf right over me to look down upon me and feel safe (from me.)

  • Daliolite,

    those baby birds are so cute, i know, but...

    ... don't even think about them. That's their problem. That has nothing to do with you.

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