Beginner reader with questions...

  • Hi all

    I am a beginner tarot card reader. I started reading them about 2 years ago but over the past year or so I haven't really been paying them much attention. I took them out again recently due to a relationship break down. I did a four card reading on myself and the cards that came out were the devil, 9 of cups, king of cups and the four of wands. I took this to mean I will get what I want, he will be back and things will be ok.

    I have since done a reading on myself that was encouraging me to let go of a situation. I am confused now. I know you aren't supposed to ask the same question to the cards so the first time I asked would he be back. The second time I asked for a general message.

    I'm wondering if the first reading wasn't in tune with me as I hadn't used the cards in some time, although they have been in the same place beside my bed the whole time, so have been near me daily.

    Anyone any advice for me?

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  • Maybe the cards were telling you its going to be okay, your going to get what you want...with SOMEONE. It may not be HIM, but someone will come for you and give you what you need. Or, the cards may have been describing a different situation that has nothing to do with your relationship. Try asking specific questions, to know who or what they're talking about.

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