Can someone help me with this tarot spread?

  • I asked for a reflection of my relationship with a man that I had been dating. He and I have not spoken for a month and a half. Two weeks ago I did a relationship celtic spread to see what was going on with us (as a whole) if we even were one. I have stated on here before that I rarely do my own spreads, but I caved.

    I have my own interpretation of this reading but I need someone to help me with it.

    Here's the spread.

    1. Love and Me: 3 of swords

    2. Love Situation: Knight of Wands

    3. Love Challenges: The Hermit

    4. Foundation: The Lovers

    5. Recent Past: The Tower

    6. Higher Power: 4 of Swords

    7. Near Future: 9 of Cups

    8. Blocks/Inihibitions Queen of cups

    9. significant Other: 3 of Wands

    10. Advice: 10 of Wands

    11. Potential Outcome: The Empress

    I would LOVE to hear interpretations on this. I can't read it, in all truth, it looks both positive and negative, but it's for me and I haven't been ready to ask anyone for an interpretation. But now is the time.


  • It seems you have been through some heartbreak in the past.

    I think this guy will not put his all in this relationship.

    The Empress cuold indicate you will examine this relationship and probably feel something is missing.

  • I love how I'm gonna giver a go at this, considering how new I am...but anyway!

    So, from what I can see from 'love and me' you're clearly currently in pain from heart ache or disappointment. You're dealing with a guy who is charming and adventurous but not willing to commit (Knight of Wands). There's some kind of decision that needs to be made, probably about whether or not you want to continue to wait for him, or maybe the decision is on his part. Something happened recently that made you see the whole situation differently, or maybe something that changed your relationship. It looks like you need to take some time off and really think about whats going on and what you really want.

    Near future is 9 of cups....that means your going to be happy with your situation and all that you have. Hopefully that will include your boy. I think the queen of cups as a block is telling you that you need to be more in touch with how you really feel. Or maybe you aren't expressing your emotions well enough?

    I don't know too much about your Cancer, but the 3 of wands is about looking at the bigger picture, or taking on an adventure or goal. So maybe its saying he needs to stop holding back and go for what he wants, because everything is in front of him.

    You are taking on too much in this situation, its probably wearing you down, and you can't past your burdens or issues to the future.

    Empress as outcome...I guess whatever happens, you'll be stronger and wiser for it.

    I hope I wasn't totally off and that that helped a little...

  • See Maria - thank you for your novice point of view. Here's what I took from it. My boy broke my heart - plain and simple, but in this spread it shows that it was all due to miscommunication. What i read from it was that I misread things and he misread things. The Queen of Cups in the blocks position tells me that I need to tell him how I feel about him. The Hermit signifies that I need to look within and reflect on what it is that I felt I did, or my participation in causing the miscommunication, and learn from it. I also took the tower (yay that it's in the past) as a communication thing as well. One of the major positives that I saw - is that the foundation is still the Lovers. This card (to me) shows that even though bad at that time, there is still a positive for the future - and combined with the wish card - 9 of cups - it means that there is the potential for a reconnection.

    the empress - I don't know about - it can mean smothering and that's where I was at a loss. The Empress has always been a card that has been associated with me in his readings and he has always been my knight of the last card was confusing. I couldn't tell if the queen was his mother - or it was me not being true with him on my feelings.

    So looking at everything in front of me - I read it (inwhole) as this - he broke my heart because of miscommunication on both our parts, I need to reflect on my part of that and tell him how I feel about him. once that happens, I will be the person that I once was, happy being with him and back to being his "empress".

    HOWEVER - I am reading my own cards - and I can't be objective with that..........

  • Gave in and did your own 'relationship spread', eh? I find that as long as you do open your mind, and allow yourself to seek the truth (rather than focus on what you want to hear) that you can do relationship spreads on yourself. It's just not always as accurate due to the fact that it's hard to not have expectations or be emotionally involved with the outcome.

    Here's what I see:

    The question is "If we ever were one". It's a past tense reading based on how you posed the question. So may not give much insight on the future. But you can always elaborate further with additional questions. Pay close attention to how you pose the question though. Have that clear in your mind before shuffling your deck.

    You are feeling a broken heart over this. Based on the question posed, the spread suggests you have doubts that it ever was true or real. Perhaps he was betraying you with false words or emotions? Perhaps some of your inner insecurities based on old fear arising...

    But the actual situation was not so 'sinister'. There was a lot of work on both sides, but being a knight it suggests that he was working hard (inside) to face his own feelings and desires. There was blockage though. It was difficult for him. Old pain held him back but he was working to overcome it.

    Of course he was challenged to overcome the old fear, and to not associate it with the current situation. Not always an easy task though. It also suggested that he wasn't quite ready to overcome it yet. That he needed more 'personal time' to do inner work that could allow him to banish the old pain and fear.

    He wants love in his life. He wants to overcome the old pain and fear so he can feel love again. He was still afraid though. The concept of love is one he holds dear though. He does not take it lightly.

    It came to a 'time of reckoning' though. There came a point where the time for choice was upon him. There came a point where fear had to square off against desire in his mind. Was he ready? The wave of energy was on him, and he had to either overcome the fear and use the energy to move closer to his desires, or else to be swept away by the fear and allow the energy to carry him off. (Metaphorically speaking.)

    In his mind, or spirit actually he wasn't ready. His spirit still did not have enough strength. It had not yet had time enough to heal. He still needed more rest and recovery before he can trust enough to and be vulnerable enough to love again. The fear was still stronger than the desire.

    Back to the Hermit card, it is significant with the near future card right now. They state that with a little more time to himself, time to reflect and to do more of that inner work and healing, then he would in his near future be ready to trust enough again. The fear was not much stronger than the desire. A little more time and work was required first though.

    What he needed to do was nuture the love and caring he had for the woman of his heart (meaning you), but he was blocking that. He wasn't ready to face up to the fear.

    There was still much support for a partnership or union. The love was around him, and it was supported. What you had was real. It was real enough that he almost made it past his fears.

    The advice was to continue working towards what it is that you desire. To understand how you feel and what you want and to understand how the fear and overcoming it is a part of the process. The advice is to understand the desires and fears more so that a conclusion can be reached. An enlightenment so-to-speak.

    The potential outcome is one of great love and nurturing. Nurturing is the key word here. The pain has to be nurtured and properly healed before the trust of the 'realness' of the love can fully be present. There is much nurturing required in the 'relationship' itself as well. That means less pain and more trust on both ends. It suggests that your strength is required to help in this nurturing process. But it does suggest that there was still hope for this union.

    Once again, the question posed was whether it 'was' real. Yes, according to the cards it was. You would have to do a more 'present tense' reading to see if the energy available then, is still available now.

  • By the way, the Empress doesn't mean 'smothering', it means 'nurturing'. In a wider sense it represent that of 'Mother Earth'. It has a much stronger connection to earth energy than to spirit energy. Which signifies physical (of the earth or of this plain) nurturing is required. Natural laws apply more here than cosmic laws. In other words, nurturing in a physical sense, or more like actually talking and saying things and showing how you feel. The nuturing love that a mother may 'show' to a loved one (not just feel - feel would be more cosmic law). That type of things. Does that make sense to you?

  • I think your own interpretation was fairly accurate. I just added some extra details. But the overall interpretations are pretty close to the same conclusion.

  • also by the way, when I was talking about the Tower card - recent past, I has said, "There came a point where fear had to square off against desire in his mind.". That's not EXACTLY what I should have said. To be more accurate I should have said, "There came a point where fear had to square off against desire in his heart." "heart", not "mind". There is a difference between the two.

  • Dreamernorth!!!! YES - I caved............I did a reading for someone else and I figured, well - I just cleansed my cards, I haven't asked anything about this for awhile and I will just write it down and look at it at a later!!!!

    I just read your interpretation. Thank you so much!!!! - but I do need to correct you on what my actual question was. I asked for a reflection on our relationship - the "if we ever were one" was a comment I added in my post. So I did ask a very - in the now - question and your interpretation hit the nail head on. I related the Tower card to both he and i - that we let our fears overcome the relationship and the sudden realization of that was immediate and devastating to both ofus - but we didn't communicate it to each other.

    I am glad that I was at least objective enough in order to see it for what it really is. I did this spread in between two dreams I had about him - the last one being his sister telling me that it wasnt' time yet, we would have to try again at another time. But, I agree, I do need to tell him how I feel so that he knows - and for myself too - because I do feel that we are to remain in each other's lives.

    Thanks again!!!!

  • Hi there....

    This spread is mostly about not getting along, thoughts of arguing, etc.

    It is time to rebuild your own "foundation in your life....then your "wishes will be granted in a happy way"....that means the 9 of cups...Sometimes things need to be torn down in order to rebuild....

    Please move on, ahead in your life....otherwise you will be "stuck" in an unhappy situation.

  • I I know everyone knows what the cards mean, but I like to include which aspects of the cards I think are relevant, so it’s clear why I think what I think about the reading.

    1. Absence. Sorrow. Disappointment. Strife. Removal. Dispersion. Diversion. Opposition. Separation. Delay. Betrayal. Abandonment. Rejection. A reversal of fortune.

    2. The Knight is a growth card. Movement. The knight is willing to take risks to accomplish his mission of spiritual growth. When the Knight of Wands shows up in your reading, it's time to ask yourself these questions: How am I growing? How much energy am I putting into my own self-growth? Who is radiating creative or sexual energy in my life? How am I changing? What opportunities are entering my life right now that I feel passionate about?

    3. When you see the Lovers card come up in a reading, it is important to think about where in your life you are facing a choice. The choices presented, if you examine the symbolism, are never two equal but different choices, but rather two completely separate options. Like choosing the easy path or the harder but more rewarding one, these two choices present themselves somewhere in your life as options you must weigh carefully before making your decision, for whatever you select, the rest of your life will follow down that path and you will be forever a new person, for better or worse.

    4. Seclusion. You need seclusion to deal properly with your situation. Retreat from pain, conflict and distractions, and rid yourself of stress and anxiety. Ground and re-charge yourself. Look inward for a real change. Meditate daily. You can!

    7. At the personal level, the nine of Cups indicates contentment with the way things are. Want personal fulfillment or gratification and to 'keep the faith' in the ultimate workings of good, despite appearances to the contrary. The past is not a barometer, so don't resign yourself to 'that's the way it is, and it will never change'.

    8. The Queen of Cups indicates a welling up of feelings that may have been hidden or unacknowledged for some time. On the other hand, this card may indicate an overflow of emotion and sentimentality that could be the source of trouble.

    9. This is a card of vision and foresight. When we want to see farther, we climb higher. By going up, we not only increase our range and remove ourselves from the immediate situation. We detach and gain perspective.

    In readings, the three of Wands can tell you to take the long view. Don't react to the heat of the moment, but step back and reconsider. See how the present fits into the greater picture.

    10. Accomplishment, stress, excess activity, oppression. A person who "bends over backwards", often in a relationship, in order to try and make it work, and the other person is no even aware how much the other person is trying to carry the relationship.

    I am not completely convinced the cards are telling you to move on, as in away from this person. Love and me, of course it speaks of love and loss, because this is what you are feeling right now. Love situation reflects to me not just him but you as well. You both want to grow emotionally and spiritually, you want to feel passionate, and make sure you are really passionate about this relationship. Love challenge is the hermit, which is also speaking of the current situation and why it’s necessary. I believe this situation/separation has occurred out of a need to make a decision. He may be trying to make a decision about your relationship, and weighing it against something else you are not aware of. The big bad tower, says you feel like everything has fallen apart, it’s been a month and a half, and no word. While the four of swords is advising you to rest, look inward and deal with yourself. The nine of cups says if you do this and keep the faith and you can find personal happiness, and things may not be as bad as they look, and to not worry so much about weighing what you want in future against what has already occurred in the past. I think it’s saying even though this has happened it doesn’t have to be the defining factor of what is to come. Queen of cups tells me you are dealing with emotions you may not have dealt with before of been aware of. You spoke of communication issues, and I just get the feeling, that over the course of this relationship maybe you weren’t as open with your feelings as you could have been. That even though you are the Queen of Cups to him and in your relationship it’s the blocking of those same positive energies of this card that may have caused an emotional rift. Be the Queen, embrace her qualities fully and show them without fear. I think this card is telling you he has separated in order to gain some perspective, whether it is about you or something else is not clear. You need to go to him/talk to him with all the energy of the Queen and find out why he has pulled back. Because the 10 of wands indicates you are taking too much responsibility on yourself in regards to this relationship. In essence you either need closure or a place to move on from, so that you can make a decision about how much you can or do want to keep carrying. The outcome is the empress it tells me that if you do what has been told to you here, work on yourself, find out what’s going on with the both of you, reevaluate your situation, and make the appropriate adjustments that things will work out exactly how they are supposed to and you will find peace and happiness. Does any of this mean you will for sure get back together or not, no. What it does say is move forward, find some solid ground to stand on, be beautiful and wise, look within, find your answers, and no matter what happens with this relationship you will find fulfillment. But somewhere inside my heart I feel like if you can approach him in a positive way, and find out what’s going on with him, without coming across to him as “why are you doing this to me” and be honest about your own true feelings (which you need to really look at according to the cards) you will get some kind of closure to this situation, whether that means you get back together or stay separated is not clear but what it does say is as long as you do what you need to do for yourself and your own personal growth it will all work out for the very best, and you will be happy.

    I think you know the answers, and I agree with most all of what is written here, especially what DreamerNorth had to say, I'm not sure anything I had to say is much different, but I wanted to offer my insights. I feel like this is an optimistic reading giving you some pretty clear advice and hope for what beautiful things may come...

    When you feel low, meditate on the queen and the empress, bring their energy into yourself.

    I hope this wasn't completely redundant...LOL best wishes on this one...

  • thanks Bleudawn - I withheld my feelings during oiur relationship and I feel so strongly that I need to tell him - in a positive way. Things were so negative for both of us before we stopped talking and now I feel like enough time has gone by in order for me to talk to him and everything will be ok. I do feel there's hope for he and i, in what capacity - I don't know, but I you are right in your assessment of the cards as they relate to me.

    no - it wasn't redundant.............Thanks!!!

  • Here's my interpretation:

    1. Love and Me: 3 of swords

    a broken heart, upsetting relationships you need to move past before you get involved with anyone else.

    2. Love Situation: Knight of Wands

    Someone who will come into your life like a storm and leave it just as quickly.

    3. Love Challenges: The Hermit

    This is not the time to be in a relationship, it is a time for self reflection.

    4. Foundation: The Lovers

    Rather than the love between two people, you need to learn to love yourself before you reach this love potential.

    5. Recent Past: The Tower

    Explosive change, broken ties, breakups and divorce.

    6. Higher Power: 4 of Swords

    TRUCE, you need to rest and recover before you embark on any love relationships.

    7. Near Future: 9 of Cups

    You will find happiness if you release your emotions and let go of the past

    8. Blocks/Inihibitions Queen of cups

    You are afraid of your own feelings and need to embrace your inner self

    9. significant Other: 3 of Wands

    You have an unmet obligation to someone in your past. You may find love with someone you consider an old friend.

    10. Advice: 10 of Wands

    There are things in your life that require your time and attention. You should set clear goals and prioritize what needs to be done next.

    11. Potential Outcome: The Empress

    This is the powerful woman you can become if you stop blocking her influence. Pay attention to material matters such as getting a better job or a new place to live. She influences the material world, take better care of your physical needs. Buy some nice new clothes and dress your best. Be careful of getting pregnant unless that's what you want.

  • 🐵 my pleasure..

  • I see t his is a rather aged post, but I can't resist on this one 🙂 I just wanna zero in on the cards that are really jumping out at me...

    2. Love Situation: Knight of Wands

    Someone who will come into your life like a storm and leave it just as quickly. <-- I agree, not a commitment kinda guy. But he's gotta "wand" & he's ready to use it, ha 😉

    3. Love Challenges: The Hermit

    This is not the time to be in a relationship, it is a time for self reflection. <---- agree. Being alone for many of us is a challenge indeed, but that's where the healing is (4/swords)

    4. Foundation: The Lovers

    The "foundation" of this connection in bed.

    5. Recent Past: The Tower

    Explosive change, broken ties, breakups and divorce. <---- agree, and the Tower can also represent strong sexual energy. A phallic symbol.

    7. Near Future: 9 of Cups

    You-get-your-wish card. A reconnection. This card often represents sexual satisfaction.

    8. Blocks/Inihibitions Queen of cups

    A block to your emotions, a block to finding real love.

    9. significant Other: 3 of Wands

    Here's another you don't wanna see in a relationship spread. This represents him. It represents someone who is holding onto one thing, until something better comes along; i.e., a player.

    10. Advice: 10 of Wands

    Direct all that creative/sexual energy toward something more productive, more worthy of your goodness 🙂 Get to work on yourself.

    11. Potential Outcome: The Empress

    Reminds me when this card came up in future position on a relationship I had in the past. I thought it meant real love. Nope, just sex, unfortunately.

  • Those stars make it look like I used profanity. I didn't. They bleeped the 3-letter "s" word. Geez.

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