Is this true?

  • my Saturn is in the 8th house, does that mean am not gonna be financially well off?

  • It's your attitude to life and money etc,. that determines your success or failure. Astrology only shows where you may have certain tendencies bu they can certainly be overcome through willpower and self-belief. Saturn in the 8th house is the house of secrets. It rules sex, other people’s money, taxes, debts, loss, and death. in the 8th house we suffer (or profit from) relationships based on inequality. When others enter the intimate waters of this house, they get some power over us. Whether it’s the bank, our parents, the IRS, our sexual partners, even a stranger who happens to push our buttons, and of course Death—through the 8th, we become painfully aware of forces beyond our manipulation and control. Unflinching, courageous awareness and surrender are the most useful 8th house words. We can resist the 8th—but we can get mired there too. If we’ve been evading our responsibilities—material or metaphysical, the 8th will bust us. Saturn in the 8th house is the bill collector. What is hidden will be flushed to the surface—even if that is your own lost self. The energy is focused on learning and self-discipline.

    Saturn in the eighth house indicates fear of dependency, emotional intimacy, debt, death or any drastic change. Since sexual union can be similar to the ego release of death, it may also be either avoided or approached with coldness and precision. The fear and obstruction that come up in this area of life will be alleviated when Saturn's lesson is learned, which in this case involves learning to embrace change with faith in the flow of life. In nature no energy is ever lost, it just changes form. In the same way, whenever we encounter loss it reflects a transformation to something new. The individual can learn to build structures in life that help them cope with crises, such as a support network or a helpful routine. They can also build emotional strength and maturity, which allows them to release their inhibitions and experience joy through intense emotional response.

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