Merry Christmas to all our readers!

  • You give out so much to help us at these times of change.

    Thank You for your time and care as what you give helps us!

    May this new year give us the hope that we will go on.

    As long as we are willing to see.

    There is so much out there and our readers what to give us .

    See the love of truth they only want to share,

    No judgments on us truth of what they see.

    Ask why you feel this way..and express...good for you to try as it will help on your road

    We are the ones to react and that is good to see what is in us.

    I see they all try to do it in a loving way and we need too see life is hard in its truth for us to wake up.

    I llok forward to all our new growth


  • I se love in a truth that is hard dont live in a dream live to where we all are.

    In loving thoughts and hard ship as this is life to grow.

  • oops night...I SEE

  • Merry christmas Zep 🙂

    Love Bee Xx

  • Zep, leave it to you to remember the obvious, to all our beloved readers and advisers, THANK YOU, Merry Christmas. May your 2011 New Year bring all you are hoping for and then some. We are all so very grateful for you generosity, understanding and kindness. Blessings.

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