New Message From God Heaven #3683 Bells Are Ringing

  • 12/25/1010

    Bells are ringing. Peals of love are ringing. At this celebration of love, bells are ringing in hearts. Christmas Day is a celebration of love. It is a Christ day. It is a Buddha day. It is a Moses day. It is a Mohammed day. It is all the days of celebration by whatever name they are given. One holiday is for all. Whatever the holiday’s name, it is for all.

    What did all the Great Ones teach? They taught the peace of love as it stirs in every heart. Christmas Day is a deeper more brilliant Valentine’s Day. Call it what you will.

    by: Gloria Wendroff

    Let every day in every country round the world be a celebration of love. Love is true victory. The heralding of love is true victory. Hail to the King of Love whoever and wherever he may be. Love is the kingdom for all. Love has no borders, beloveds. Nor should you. Release all those borders braced in your mind. They do not honor you. Borders do not. Boundaries do not. Limitation does not.

    The Great Ones lifted shackles from the world. In a nutshell, this is what they did. They unbounded the bound. They released the world from its heretofore bonds. Man was to be free to love, as you are free to love. No more are in the name of protection are borders that limit and delimit citizens of the world to be instituted. This is My world, and it is your world. No one is to fence it in. The world is not property to be corralled. The world is to be an open state of love. No one is to be tethered. No one is to be told: “Here, but not there.”

    This is My land, and I proclaimed it for all. Be a citizen of love, and open the doors of your heart and of the world.

    You are here in the world to love. You are not to imprison anyone, certainly not your own heart. Do not be trained to be callous of human rights, not your own, not others’. You were born the same as any man, and you have the same rights as any man.

    Today, proclaim your right to love. Regardless of what others do, you have the inalienable right to love. Even if you are in a dungeon, you have the right to love. You have the right to be who you are, and that means the right to love. No one can take that right away from you. You are the only one who can take that right away from you. It is natural for you to love, and, under all circumstances, your call is to love.

    The Holy Christ did that his lifelong. Where he saw children, he loved. Where he saw animals, he loved. Where he saw unkindness, he loved. When he saw the lack of mercy, he loved. Wherever he walked, he loved. He was a man of love, and so shall you be.

    Christ and all the other Great Ones were not fools to love. Not to love would have been foolish. Not to love would have been to deny their Godhood. They upheld their Godhood. They were men who loved as I do love. They did not disdain those whose vision was less than theirs. Nor must you disdain those less fortunate in love than you. Keep your heart free to love. Because another imprisons his heart does not mean that you are to do the same. Free your heart, and other hearts will be so freed.

    The Great Ones’ love continues. It never stopped. Their love is entering your heart now. Let it in. Let it stay. Be ever grateful that you are one who can love, for that is what you are called on to do. Every man is called on to love. I call on you to love whatever day it is. Be love.

  • Unconditional Love...a beautiful thing.


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