Need a reading please;

  • About love and the person I am in love with..

  • Hi Piscesgirl4life.

    I doubt many readers are able to be of help to you when you leave no information whatsoever. Some readers need date of birth along time and place of birth on you and the person you love. Others need your sunsigns astrological seen Some other need photos to get any inkling. Further some readers need all or some of the above mentioned. Sorry but as you post now, non can help bc nickname gets no contact nor your request.

    All i get off the bat is youre a loving person and the one you love oughta be very fortunate. But in all honesty, what does it truely and really say? get the meaning sweetie? we do wanna help but ..................we just need more information.



  • CharmedWitchBente, you're right many readers wont be able to help me when I leave no information whatsoever.

    May I have a reading from you? My birthday is February 19th, 1994 born in Memphis, Tennessee at 11:14 AM

    His birthday is March 4th, 1969 born in Kansas city Missouri

    We both currently live in Pensacola Florida.

    I would appreciate a reading and any insight you have, I would also appreciate it if you didn't make any comments about the age difference between me and the person I am in love with.

    Age is just a number. When two people truly love each other nothing else should matter.

    Love, Honor, Respect, Truth, Wisdom, and Courage... words that mean a lot to me and him.

  • Yes id b honored to help you but may i ask for photo of u 2? as on age, honey i love an older than me man as well. n yes age is but a number n numbers only apply in wages, bills n taxes

    ill look often to if u can provide photos.

  • I'm glad you'd be honored to help me 🙂

    I am also glad you love an older man. You can relate. Though I'm sure it's not as big of an age gap than mine.

    Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the both of us together.

    But I can give you separate pictures of the both of us if that would help any.

    His pictures are recent, mine are not.

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  • Hey gurl

    I see a future for u too. As me u need to b patient n curb ur need for speed. Men dont do well with speed. As modern as we have become men still kinda like the idea of being the hunter n not the hunted, Yes secretly they adore they are wanted. Some even like to b hunted. BUT subtley. Not many woman get this, they think well i adore love to be hunted n so must men also, so if i was me ill do it this way n so there! WRONG!

    If you possibly can curb ur speed to settle onto his ull come further than if u raced. All u wish i see can n will come true if u curb urself. U can also b blunt n ask, where do u see us in 5 years. That is if he is talkactive.

    His love for u is in his eyes. I feel u asked him to take those photos for u, n knowing it his love shines. he may not b ready to say it, but its okay to ask a guy whwre do u see urself in a year 4 years am i init, what position do i hold.

    Then id suggest u do as i do, it works though slow hahahahaah, n what i do is i make my giuy know im here n in his corner, n if i sense something is off i let him know, i also let him know when i sense he+s had success as small as it may be. at times i send jokes, fun stuff that i know he´d like. tokens they called it ones. in olden days wooing LOL

    so what ever u have done so far it works. he loves u.

    Ill try again tomorrow as i feel a tad off vibe now. i know i can do better. seems i was on a roll yesterday lol ill try later n see if ive changed vibes lolol until then

    know he is urs n he does love u

  • That makes me very happy for you to see we have a future together.

    I do need to be patient. I like the way you put that "If you possibly can curb ur speed to settle onto his ull come further than if u raced."

    He's actually asked me that before, where I see us in five years. I know he wants a future with me.

    His love for me is in his eyes huh? 🙂

    I didn't ask him to take those photos for me, but when I first came upon them and when I do look at them I do feel like he took them while thinking of me, having love in his eyes. That picture with the dragonfly I know he had me in his mind because dragonflies are significant to us,

    Thank you for being willing to try again tomorrow. I'd love to know anything more.

    Glad to know he is mine and he does love me. That gives me strength to not give up on him or us.

    He's currently in jail and I'm not sure how long he will be there. My parents put a restraining order against him but we've still been seeing each other.

    I realize now I need to be patient, and wait until I'm legal so we can be together without the law getting involved or him getting into more trouble. What's a year to the rest of our lives? and if this love is true then the love will still be there in a year. I just hate being away from him..

  • HI sweetie

    Well imust say thank u bc as i read his photo i had feeling of confinement, BUT i was unable to see wether it was inside his soul or an outside influence.

    Once out i see him doing speeches, lectures on what not to do. A precautionary effort before school kids. I also feel he may write a book on his ife. He may have started it already either in his head or to preoccupy his time.

    If he yet has not thought of this suggest it. I see him being free his own man n by it not submitted to discrimination for fouling up.

    As for you do ur education thing, stick to ur man, do as before so u wont get caught, n if well ur folks has to release u sooner or later. Once he is out or something changes lemmi know, i´d then if i can take another look in a updated version.

    blessed be

  • Thank you CharmedWitchBente.

    Oh and I will definitely suggest to him to write a book and/or do speeches and lectures on what not to do. I think that would be really good for him.

    Blessed be!

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