Everything going good, but cards look bad - reading help?

  • Hi! I've always had the yes/no tarot reading be right on; but I've started a new job and it's going really well. I'm working with the owner's rep (boss above my boss) well, all the corporate people well, and the guy who hired me just gave notice and quit - so new (female) direct supervisor next week. The only issue I've had is with my employee and non performance and insubordination.

    Anyway, from the beginning the cards have been no no no on it - no don't take the job, no no one's your ally, no it won't be permanent.

    Kind of freaking me out considering how hard I'm working and how many things it seems like I'm achieving.

    Any advice or readers help would be a great Christmas/Birthday - Jan. 13th! - present.

    Thanks and love and blessings to you in the Season of Light,


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  • Dear jlinaangel

    Yeah not much help above as u saw urself. So ill try to help. The spread one do is a picture of the MOMENT they are laid. So if you now relaid it, the outcome may differ.

    At the moment u laid this spread it spoke of ur worst nightmare scenario. It spoke of your subconscious fears.

    I feel notmuch will rock your position within the company. If you havent done all you say you do, well you´d be hunting for a new job come new year. I sense this is not the case.

    I sense you oughta give the new supervisor time to get settled into her job, await time and juss keep on working as you have. I keep hearing await the time, watch it unfold, its not as bad as your mind has it painted out for you. If the time as it soans out shows u have come from charcoals to a blazing fire then you can make a chose wether to tough it out or change it. For now its a let time show what will come as much has not shown yet. Who knows the new supervisor may not hack it, or before she arrives they could have hired someone else. All in all let time show and allow whoever is supervisor get settle into her position before you make any changes. I say this bc often in fear we create what we dont want, n whammo its too late to rechange it. So breathe, take it easy, welcome the supervisor and do ya job as uou have so far.

    Best of luck sweetie and i hope this is something you can use.


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  • Ask ur self this sweetie, would u have taken then job had u known the issues???

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  • Well it beats the unemployment agency. I think for now u must look at it as a stepping stone for something better. So until ure past the 1st 3 months stay the course n once 3 months up ure as secure as can be. I reckon the 1st 3 months are a "probation" period, trial time, like here where i live, if not if its less or longer id advice u to stick until ure secure to apply 4 something else. a plus is, it pays the bills.

    I myself chose tro go back to school when unemployment agency vetoed each n every idea i had, n all they wanted was me to send application after application, attend this or that meeting, dead end jobapplicationcourses on how to write application traineejobs etc.

    To my family it seems my choise is a plan A but to me its a plan B. Like u i have this feeling of being stuck. Further we feel its a dead end n its for life, like a life sentence.

    Someonben just read me and said this situation this limbo this wont last. I know n feel all will change if we just hang in there n do our best. like i said it beats being unemployed n alone that for me is a plus. wouldnt you also say so?

    if u need to vent im here or u can find me on facebook under bente millek


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  • Sounds like desperation got in the way. You wanted a job and were trying to think positive--despite your gut feeling and the messages you got. A lot was not revealed to you and there was more going on that was a bit underhanded. I am being shown a woman with two faces and someone trying to make themself look good at your expense. This company did not want to pay their share of unemployment and wanted you to fail and quit. It really happens all the time. Usually a company will just make a person miserable enough to quit so they don't have to pay. That's what happened to the other supervisor---these are rough times and companys are struggling--often they just keep trying new people and to cut corners hire new employees for less pay. Also, insecure people are afraid for their jobs so sometimes make themselves look good by sabotaging other employees--I hear the words backstabbing. As for your reader passing away--I too had a trusted reader for ten years and when she passed I was feeling lost but in reality I learned to be self reliant.---AND your advisor she really does watch over you. Say a prayer and talk to her just as you would if she were here and ask her to help you and to protect you. Ask her to help you find the lesson in this. I think your timing was just off---you were feeling pressure to make something happen. I get a picture of a bookstore---I feel it is significant. January is always a slow month for employment but I do see you working soon and happy. The name Marie or maria is being shown me. And take some time to rewrite your resume---pray for guidance and write a page selling yourself--what you have to offer. Despite these desperate times believe you can find something that fits--not just a job. Take a quiet moment to make a wish list--what enviroment do you thrive in--and what are you truelly good at. Imagine the perfect hours--the perfect boss. Mostly, avoid desperation as it atracts the wrong energy and opens you up to being treated unfairly or taken advantage of. This is not easy when you have bills to pay but you have to keep the energy positive---to attract what you want. I feel positive you can do this--that you've been told before "keep your energy up dear" and you DO understand the laws of attraction You are going to do ok financily this year and will see a slow increase as the year plays out. November will be your best month and you will take a new direction and your next Cristmas will be one of the best you've had in a long time---Some kind of surprise windfall comes your way--unexpected. BLESSINGS!

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