A reading please? anyone?

  • i have suffered severe depression since i can remember, i recently started taking effexor and am starting to feel better but my life is a mess, financial, marriage, kids,etc, i just started to try read my own cards a month or 2 ago but am having trouble coming up with a cohesive story, the last and 2nd celtic cross i have done for myself was as follows and this was about a week or so ago

    1.emperor reversed

    2. tower

    3.hanged man

    4. chariot

    5. 6 of cups

    6. ace of swords reversed

    7. king of coins

    8. 8 of coins

    9. death reversed

    10. strength

    because it seems fairly accurate from the keywords i have read, i hope there may be something more positive coming this new year

    any help would be appreciated

    what do i need to know to make 2011 more sucessful for my family and i?

    09-15-1973 2:22 p.m.

  • Keekeemama, I don't read the Tarot, but your post made me want to try and help you. I feel a lot of your depression comes from the fact that you are highly empathic and psychic, easily able to pick up other people's feelings and think they are yours or feel sad or upset if they are sad or upset. You need to trust your intuition more as it is highly developed and you have a fine talent for discerning the truth. Your expressive talents are also quite pronounced and you tend to 'call things as you see them', but you must learn not to take things so literally. The key to your growth and fulfillment will be to explore the worlds of spirit and the unseen and relax your objectivity when it comes to the mystical.

    Your powerful mind borders on genius and you can create wealth through service - you must step up and take on positions of benign leadership and authority in your family, community, or even the areas of industry or politics. You are not the one who needs to be taken care of - you have the capability and inner strength to take care of others. You are an inventor, an innovator, a manager, an entrepreneur, or writer - any field where a brilliant and curious mind has free reign. When you make your fortune, you will probably become a philanthropist, sharing your prosperity with the less fortunate. Money is one of the central themes of your lifepath - many like you are self-made millionaires who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. The only thing holding you back from being successful is your emotional sensitivity and self-doubt. But you can turn your sensitivity into a strength which helps you to read the hearts and thoughts of others.

    You may have problems sustaining long term relationships until you are in your thirties or forties - before that time, you tend to fall into power struggles or over-dependence issues. What you want is to find somewhere you feel safe and protected and loved - a place where you feel you truly belong - and your family is a big part of that.

    Next year is a personal 1 year for you. It is the beginning of a brand new cycle, a time for fresh starts and amazing opportunities. It holds the promise of being an exciting adventure, with life taking on new challenges that pave the way for the next cycle of nine years in your life. This is a time to clarify your goals and a time to act on them. Hard work may be necessary to get a new venture, idea or goal moving. Your physical strength will be up during this year, perhaps higher than it has been for some time, as you have some special needs for this extra energy. You will feel like an adventure, a major change in your life, something new. Embrace courage and be open to initiating new ideas. New goals should be clearly set and worked toward, as it is best not to dwell on the past at this time but to look forward. This will be fairly easy for you to do because most of the problems and disappointments of the past will tend to disappear, leaving the way open for these new challenges. This is a great time; use it to its full advantage.

    It is OK to be a little selfish in a 1 year. Take time for introspection, as it will add to clarity and a sense of direction. You may at times feel called to stand on your own in 2011, and your creativity and inventiveness will be at their peak. This is definitely a time to be brave, make plans, and avoid indecision. It is a time of work, as you are laying new foundations and opening up to new opportunities. Avoid being impulsive or headstrong, yet be willing to change for the sake of your own personal progress and happiness and that of your loved ones. This is an auspicious time to begin new relationships and make new connections for personal or business reasons.

    I wish you good times and much happiness. You have all you need to succeed.

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  • thank you very much for your insight, i have a hard time accepting positive things which are said about myself but everything you said about me is SO right on, that i have to accept the positives as well, i never felt i was particularly psychic until i found information on being empathetically psychic and then it hit me, thats me! i am the type of person who wont go fishing because i cant stand to see worms suffer, i am the type of person who found a weak, bat nursed it back to health and let it go, alot of people call me crazy, not psychic?! i agree that alot of my depression is because i see so much pain in the world and feel helpless to stop it, i have always had a hard time being positive and it is my number one goal, to work on being positive, if you dont mind my asking, if not the cards, where do you get your insight from, i really appreciate you taking the time to give such useful help and advice,

  • You are not crazy - it's just that many people are very insensitive, especially to other life forms. You are just right.

    My insight comes from my own awareness and that of my spirit guides.

  • Also it's not up to you to stop the pain in the world. Each of us can only be responsible for ourselves and our own actions and growth. Concentrate on your own life and being a good example of an evolved person.

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