Confused and depressed for the holiday

  • Hi, all! I am try to be jovial for this holiday season but all I've been is depressed and confused about a relationship. I will make it brief but I need some insight and advice:=) I met this guy online September 2010, we have communicated by text mostly and a few phone calls. We haven't offically met but I have a feeling he may be married , living with someone or seeing someone although I have asked him if he was married or seeing someone and he stated he "wasn't married or seeing someone.>" He travels alot but this date he won't show me a picture of himself although he knows what I look like. Can figure out if he's hiding something? Claims he ready for a long term relationship but I have some doubts ( like I don't know what he looks like, always texts me and seldoms calls). Lately when he texts, I barely respond back. Should I just move on or do you think there is some hope? Thanks for your comments:=)

  • If a person is shifty and secretive online, then they probably will be just the same in a face-to-face relationship (that's if he ever wants to meet - it sounds like he prefers to remain online and anonymous for various reaons which probably include another relationship - or two). You can do better.

  • Hey Captain.

    Can you do a love reading for me, pretty please? I've been single for almost three years or more, sadly lol. I want to know if there is a possible chance of ever meeting someone new. My birthdate is March 16, 1989. If you need more information just ask me. =]

  • Questions; have you met him? How often is it that you meet one online and how long does it usaully take to meet 3d? Trust your gut. What do you really want? Are you aware that there are so many more opportunities? Are you aware that pondering this guy may be blocking you from opening up to others? Is it normal and fair that he knows your facew and you dont his? If ist been a few months why wont he let ypou see his face? Can you really believe anything he says? What there to loose? Is it easier to bend truth and lie by tect or in face or in voice? Why would soemone only text? Do you deserve better? What seeds have been planted, that will effect what your results were grown into? Do you feel its over the time that it should have progressed to the next leval of exposure?

    Hope this helps:)

  • Lovecarriesme; your birthdate has been the same for your entire life right? Your birthdate will not tell you when. You and the energy you carry along with your chices tells you when and affects what you attract in life. Self security and inner peace help you to resonate that in your life. Being on a ggod path, love comes to you. There are chances to meet new people every day. I joined the Airforce and really spent since January in inner light healings and realized my inner guide is the best source. I meet new people everyday. Its choice but also the amoun t you worth yourself will effect who and what will worth you to what level. Never settle and compromise, be the best you can be. Knowing you is the best answer to knowing what you want. Inner guide is within you:) Its the power of your intention. Evolve a deeper understanding of your own life, awaken your intuitive gifts then reate a future for yourself 🙂

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