The Akashic Records On: Sleep and Enlightenment

  • How does the process of Enlightenment affect our sleeping patterns?

    As always with the process of Enlightenment, it depends on you. It depends on who you are and what you need to go through at this point in your process. Given that, sleep is very strongly affected by the Enlightenment process -- particularly because sleep has always been a way for human beings to shift into a fifth-dimensional consciousness. If you think of the process of Enlightenment as being the growing of your ability to have a fifth dimensional consciousness as you are awake so that it's combined with your third dimensional consciousness, then the boundary between sleep and waking becomes a very instructive place.

    That boundary between sleep and waking -- that subliminal state -- is your best example of how to live with an enlightened perspective. It shows you how to hold both a third dimensional awareness (a conscious awareness of your physical reality),and also maintain a sense that there is something bigger -- a sense of deeper and broader meanings. A fifth dimensional awareness includes a sense of connection with your ancestors, angels, spirit guides and your soul’s purpose. Having both those consciousnesses intact at the same time is exactly what Enlightenment is. For most of you, and traditionally throughout human history, the one place where you achieve that is in that moment between sleeping and waking.

    Many people are finding that their sleep patterns are disrupted as they move through Enlightenment. Sometimes there are times when you need more sleep in order to integrate all the ways that you are changing and there are times when you need less sleep because you have so much stimulation or so much more energy. But, all of you will benefit by noticing that as your sleep patterns are disrupted, it opens up more time in which you might reside in that subliminal state. You might reside in the space between sleep and waking. On the nights when it is difficult to sleep, rather than fighting yourself and trying to make yourself sleep, assume that what you are doing in between is actually useful. That lying there half conscious is actually very useful. It is a space in which your brain can start to rework itself and get used to what it feels like to hold the sense of linear time and waking consciousness alongside a sense of nonlinear time of the dream state. Have some patience with yourself on those sleepless nights. There is actually something useful happening.

    I've heard from many people that they are sleeping less these days and during the day they feel tired and they feel as if there is something heavy in their head and shoulders. How can we deal with these symptoms?

    In part, you are going to find yourself feeling less tired during the day if you are more patient and accepting of what happens during the night. Whether what is happening at night is that you are not sleeping or that you are sleeping or that you are doing something in between. Having patience and tenderness with yourselves will lead you to have the energy that you need during the day. So much of the exhaustion you are experiencing, you attribute to a lack of sleep. Actually what it is, it is the consequence of being hard on yourselves. Being hard on yourselves is what happens when you assume that whatever occurs at night is not okay or is somehow not in your best interest.

    There is work for you to do here. Trust that if it is difficult for you to sleep, then there must be something better you could be doing with that time. Trust your higher self to guide you. If you are meant to be sleeping, that sense of trust and gentleness and forgiveness will actually make it more possible to fall asleep. If you are not meant to be sleeping, that sense of trust and gentleness and forgiveness will open a space for something magical to happen.

    What happens as we are sleeping? Are we downloading information from higher dimensions or communicating with spirit guides?

    Yes, sometimes. Again, it depends on who you are and it depends on what kind of sleep you are having and what you need at this point in time. Sometimes during sleep, your mind completely shifts into a higher dimension and does not experience anything that you could interpret into a third dimensional thought. This is often what you would call a dreamless night. When you do not remember your dreams at all. When you really feel as if nothing happened. You were so deeply in it. That is when your consciousness needs to go somewhere else. Sometimes you will, in spirit, actually go someplace else to be a spirit guide for someone else during that time. During that time, it gives your conscious mind the ability to really replenish itself by not having to process any thoughts at all.

    Something else that happens sometimes during sleep is that you are doing something called astral travel. Often you will have very vivid dreams that are very nonlinear. Those dreams are what you remember of them or your brain's interpretation of what you saw and experienced during your astral travel. It is those times you are often communicating with spirit guides in order to gather information and process things that can be used here in your waking life. You will remember pieces of those as dreams and you can interpret those dreams in order to make sense of the nonlinear information that you experienced during those dreams. There are also periods of sleep when your brain is simply processing what you have done during the day or what is happening in your current life.

    Of course your spirit, the higher parts of yourself and your spirit guides are involved in helping with that process, but sometimes it really is just like a regurgitation of what has happened and what has been left unresolved. Your brain has a physical need to categorize things and put things in their place in order to think clearly later on about those things. You also have dreams that really are just a clutter of daily details. That is also useful. There are three different things that you do when you are sleeping. Some of you do some of those more than other and all of you do all of them at various times. It depends on who you are and what you need and what your brain needs in order to be healthy. Yes you do communicate with spirit guides all the time. When you are asleep, your conscious mind does not block it out the way it does when you are awake so you are more able to comprehend those spirit guides if you are remembering something from a dream. (Dec 2010)

    channeled by Jen Eramith MA

  • This is quite fascinating topic. I've usually thought those sleepless nights as inability to still my mind to sleep and not always remembered that it could actually be part of the growth process. It's as if the harder I try to push to go get just the right gifts for the holidays, the more my sicknes will relapse and require more rest. As I typically do not remember my dreams, that is a new perspectived as to what happens during that time. For some reason unknown to me, I felt drawn to the topic of Enlightenment and there seems a sense of familiarity about Akashic Records. I vaguely remember something of shining threads and something like weaving of threads in a pattern. Not sure if this was in dream or more of trancelike state. Does this mean anything to you by chance?


  • Thanks so much for posting this Poetic555!!! My sleep patterns have been CRAZY this year which has made one of my jobs tough (I sometimes have 4am wake ups to be at work for 5am). I've learned to go with the flow and sleep when my body tells me to, which sometimes may be 1pm! (ok not so easy when at a work site but I do what I can). I often sleep 90 minutes at a time. I've had periods like this before but never for so long.

    I've also taken to writing down my dreams. I find the ones that I have around 3-4am are harder to remember but the ones I will have closer to 6am I do remember pretty well, and if I write them down I can look at my notes months later and recall them.

    I have had some recurring dreams all my life and have continued to have them this year.

    Thank you again, a very fascinating article!

  • Thank you for posting this. My sleep is messed up right now too, and I have not been getting good sleep for several years. I am going to keep this one on file to reference and re-read. Thanks so much!

  • Hey guys, my sleep has not been sounds for awhile now either, I too keep a dream journal, I'm trying to Lucid Dream more but the Universe is giving me little bits at a time. Greystar that sounds promising about the shining threads like a dream catcher type thingie. I love to sleep because it's never boring thats for sure.

    So we know we are closer to the spirit world while we sleep because of our unconsious mind is more relaxed and not blocking us.

  • P.S. I think if you are awakened at 3:am that is a good time to pray, that is the time that the Spirit World (entities) are at there busiest, it's also the opposite time from when Jesus died on the Cross.

  • Thank you Poetic555. I typically don't remember my dreams but I may start jotting down these more restless nights to see if there is any correlation on times or if the occur with certain phases of the moon. Since the first week of December, my sleep patterns have been pretty restless, I end ed really sick with bronchitis, quit smoking...and its like started some form of major change or path I,ve yet to really understand totally. In regards to the dreamcatcher thing... I just remember something about flames, a great hall of some sort which lead me to a room with these silver shiny threads. I remember these threads where tied to something..peopl or future...I remember it was like weaving them intertwined very carefully as I felt they could affect other stuff. How strange the details that come back now. Any idea what thi might be?


  • Was the Flame white? White would be like the Light of God or Golden White, I read something once about threads which as like an Umbilical Cord to mother Earth as she was going thru birthing pains for the New World which is to start after 12/12/12 Accension. I'm also thinking about the Akashic Records for some reason, let me check it out! Blessed Be! 🙂

  • I found this Grey Star it references both Flames and threads: Hope this helps!

    Unified Twin Flame Activation of the New Earth

    Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

    I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of prosperity, unconditional love, trust and fluidity. Greetings beloved ones.

    And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

    Beloved ones today as we gather within the presence of the Christ light you are being exposed to the energy of the Divine Feminine Christ energy, this is a specific energy we have set in place connected to each of you which anchors the Twin Flame Planetary Grid in the southern hemisphere.

    This particular grid is a geometric formation combining twelve different geometric frequencies. Each of these vibrate in perfect unison with each of your twelve aspects of self. As each vibration is emitted on a cellular level the dynamic in your environment changes dramatically.

    Over the past twelve weeks we have been working intensively with planetary consciousness and more specifically with the Lightworkers of your planet preparing for what is to come. Every year that comes in is at least ten times more intensive and ten times more accelerated in its growth potential than the year prior to it. This means 2008 will be ten times more intensive than 2007 and your potential for growth will be accelerated tenfold so best you invest in a new set of bootstraps, yes?

    However 2008 is the year where each of you will step into the opportunity to embrace a whole new level of self-mastery. You might think to yourself what does that mean? Wait until next year, you will find out! I won't leave you hanging for all these months I will give you a little bit of information.

    So beloved ones 2008 is a time in your life where you experience the vibrations of the 10th universe, universal energies that have not ever been emitted into planetary consciousness. It is vital that all of you bear in mind and constantly remind yourself of the fact that what you are experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically has never ever been experienced by a human being of your level ever before. This is a completely unique experience. Even during the time of Atlantis this was not experienced, because you have passed their blow-up date if I can put it like this, there is no other way to say it you know what I mean! So basically what I am saying to all of you is that you have moved beyond the line they did. There have been enough of you to hold the light to ensure that you did not blow yourselves up all over again.

    The energy of Lord Thoth and the Atlantean Lords and Ladies and their Orders of Light have been working through ever single one of you regardless of your age for the last twenty-five years already. Therefore even when you did not know that this was happening and you did not know that there was a spiritual path that existed you were still being guided because you were guided to this point to be where you are today. This has enabled the Hierarchies of Light to present opportunities such as this, and as we bring into the consciousness of earth as a collective body these new energies all of you ascend the levels of the lower worlds, this means every step you take is the ascension process.

    I have said to you before you are ascended masters, you have already ascended, so remind yourself of this and again I repeat, what you are experiencing at this time in your life has never been experienced before therefore all the rules have changed, just in case you were wondering about that. Much of what you were told, and I have said this to many of you already but for the sake of those who have not heard it, it is important that I repeat it - information that was given five years ago, even two years ago has changed. You are not bound by that information when it comes to the presentation of how the dimensions influence you. The Seven Planetary Rays are history, a long time ago beloved ones. You are working with Cosmic Rays and all of this has changed the dynamic within your physiology as well as in your psychology, another very important thing for you to remember.

    Those few points is what will keep you motivated during this time because all of you are literally creating the new earth. Now before I get carried away here, as you all know I love speaking, there is so much to share with you, I need to make way for Goddess Jezebel. Remember don't mess with the Goddess and she has much to do with you today, however I will elaborate on this information when I do my annual presentation of the year to come, so I ask you to be patient until that point but just to remember the few points I have presented to you this morning. That I assure you is enough to keep you focused and to keep you on the path that represents your truth.

    So it is beloved ones at this time I leave you in the hands of Goddess Jezebel and I embrace you in the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and trust that all of you are at one with All That Is. Adonai.

    Please bear in mind that Goddess Jezebel is very frank in her message, try and imagine her as a strong, empowered woman who has no problem with speaking her mind. This will help you tune into the energy she emits and the way she talks. Her accent is strong and sounds Arabic - Michelle

    I am Jezebel, Liberator of Women. Welcome to all of you.

    I have agreed to come to each of you upon this particular day to assist you in the presence of the Divine Christ feminine to ensure that all of you understand what this is all about.

    Each of you have been exposed to a number of destructive dynamics, which has not permanently damaged your mind, there is hope for all of you, do not become saddened by my words, it is not permanent. However it is important that you clearly understand that the dynamic you have been exposed to has led to you forgetting what the Sacred Power of the feminine energy is all about. It is not a dynamic that defines you as a man or defines you as a woman it is a blueprint of information that is imprinted within you. It is this imprint that is very important at this current time in your spiritual evolution. By this time I hope that most of you have realised that what was said about the females of the ancient times was a load of rubbish.

    Yes, we were considered whores - that was quite a compliment in fact, in comparison to some of the other labels that were placed upon the goddesses of that time. It was necessary in order to maintain the control of that time. One of the reasons why the Jezebel Goddesses, the sacred Goddesses of Isis and Magdalene were kept quiet was because there were a group threatened by the feminine power and unfortunately these particular men did not have the understanding of what it meant to harness the feminine power and work in unison with it. They perceived it as something outside that could not be contained, that would consume them and completely emasculate them. The women of the ancient times were very powerful businesswomen, women who created mass wealth and new exactly what to do with it.

    There was a time where the Goddess and the God worked together in divine harmony and the activation of the Twin Flame Planetary Grid today that I shall help all of you to integrate into the grids of your chakras is the imprint of what I am about to tell you.

    The Goddess embodies a power that no person on planet earth can ever truly imagine, a power so grand that it is often considered fantasy, silly magic, it is quite the contrary I must have you know. This power is stored within the sacral chakra of the Divine Feminine. She would create spaces for her God-self to merge with her and transfer this power over to him so that he too could manifest that which needs to be put into action, so that she is in a safe space to continue conceiving the Cosmic Inspiration that is projected into the etheric field which is the imprint of the Divine Mother.

    People, try and imagine how empowering it is to live with a man or with a woman and you are completely at peace with the power each of you embody, you are able to recognise the purpose of your partner's power and that you have a specific role as a woman or as a man and that both are needed in the physical world to bring into manifestation what is required within the physical world.

    When you move into the higher worlds you become the Androgyny Being, you become One, you do not need to live as a human man or a human woman to manifest certain needs as met or to manifest anything material for that matter but the earth plane, the physical world, has a very specific need in order for it to be an environment in which everyone thrives and that is the Twin Flame energy.

    The Twin Flame energy initiates the Sacred Marriage of Self and has nothing to do with you having to have your physical partner in the form of a Twin Flame with you in fact many people have experienced some of their greatest challenges with their Twin Flame. The flame burns through veils of illusion which is why often being with your Twin Flame is a challenge because your relationship burns through the veils of illusion that keep you from becoming your authentic self.

    The Twin Flame energy I speak of is the Androgyny Flame, which burns within your solar plexus chakra. It is a place inside of you that embodies billions of cells of information. Each of them embody the Sacred Blueprint of the Divine Feminine Christ and the Masculine Christ.

    The Twin Flame grid is being anchored in Johannesburg, South Africa for a specific purpose. It is being brought through the base chakra energy so that we can ensure that men are not feeling threatened by this power of the Divine Goddess, for we will not tolerate any female energy in any way or form emasculating the masculine. We, the

    Gods and Goddesses of the higher worlds of light, have agreed that these energies will be presented to humanity and that it will not be abused again.

    So you are now presented with this opportunity and that is to pull yourself together and to be all that you are. There is an external physical person who is your Divine Complement, who reflects your Light, but that person does not have to be with you right now in order for you to harness the energy that we are bringing to you. Those of you who are seeking love, in fact today's process is very good for you because you will be able to burn through additional veils of illusion regarding your own power that you will not have to work through with your partner in the future. You will cut through some rubbish before he or she comes along! I have been told to watch my words very carefully, they all know me very well I will entertain them just for a little while longer with that.

    The Twin Flame vibration comes with responsibility and this responsibility is toward yourself, this is your ability to respond to the opportunity of reconnecting with your passion for life. So many of you have called for passion to re-enter your life, you pine for the partner that you can share your life with but you have gone about it a little backwards, arse about face I believe it is called. You need to ignite those flames of passion so that you can magnetically bring that equal to you. If you are passionless do you honestly think you will bring to you a person of great passion? In the level of your consciousness as it is now you will attract to you what reflects your inner self and this you all know. Kuthumi has told you many times - become the miracle you are asking for, become everything to yourself that you desire to have in a life partner.

    If you are already with a partner and the spice has left your life and it tastes rather bland then it is time to work as individuals on this particular subject, reconnect with your inner passion and as a couple the passion will be re-ignited.

    The Flame of Passion must be in embodiment to a degree to ensure that the full potential of the new earth is anchored before 2010. There is only thirty-six months left to ensure that the Twin Flame Planetary Grids are fully active. You have forty-eight months left during which time you must be fully prepared to help others cross into the new paradigm, this means that you will be at a level of self-mastery that enables you to serve as guides in physical human form and guide people over into the new world. We work with you all from the other dimensions, you do not see us physically all the time but we are there, you will be seen, you will physically be there but you need to do it for yourself first.

    I, Jezebel, have agreed to assist humanity for the next forty-eight months only at this level to ensure that you have got your behinds into the proper gear and you are ready. One of the reasons why I have been asked to do this is because I do not tolerate nonsense or excuses so do not bore me with your sad stories of your past, I am not interested. I am here to ensure that your visions become reality not your sordid past, but if that is your vision then by all means knock yourself out. Now I know you are not a bunch of idiots so let us move onto the next level, you know what I am speaking of and there is no use I waste time trying to convince you of what you are or what you are not, that you should have figured out for yourself already.

    The Twin Flame Grid is already within the etheric plane of the collective consciousness so if you can settle your mind, relax your body and while you are relaxing your body there are a few questions I would like to present to you, you do not have to answer them now, they are just ones that you can ponder upon, perhaps it is ones you can contemplate when you are meditating, if you meditate.

    • What is the source of your life?

    • What motivates you everyday when you open your eyes?

    • Is it fear?

    • Do you drag yourself out of your bed because you have to get up and face your life?

    • Or do you greet the morning with a heart filled with joy and of course passion?

    • Do you love what you do?

    • Do you love your life?

    All of these questions need only one-word answers, if you are giving more than one word answers then you are coming up with an excuse and I am not interested! Your answers reveal to you where your level of passion lies and you now know whether your life is one motivated by passion, by love or one motivated by fear in other words merely surviving.

    Close your eyes now and just listen to my words because they are important and I suggest you replay what I am about to say in your mind over and over for the rest of your life, if need be. If your life is not one filled with passion, with love and with joy then you need to make major adjustments in your life. If you are compromising at ever turn, sacrificing your truth, your joy or your happiness then there are major changes necessary in your life. If your heart is heavy 90% of the time, even 50% of your time, your life is ready for a major overhaul. You were designed to live your life motivated primarily by love. Even the challenges and lessons that come your way were never ever designed to paralyse you.

    We suggest you aim for a ratio of at least 70% of joy, inspiration and passion and you can indulge your drama side 30% of the time. That will keep you happy but nothing less than 70%. This is very important and I present this to you will all seriousness because this is the blueprint for the New World this is what is contained within the Twin Flame Planetary Grid. Your primary motivation is to be passionately creative so that you fully understand and know how to consciously and intelligently co-create, co-inhabit and sustain life in ways you are yet to discover. This is the basis of the New Earth and everything I have just asked you is what you are going to shift out of the way over the next ninety days. It is a serious reality check and when you do this seriously check which reality you have been focussing upon.

    Sometimes your complete life overhaul only requires a shift in your perception, the dropping of an outdated belief system, a simple change of mind, change of heart and change of attitude. So do not complicate your life by now being afraid of what is going to change in your life, the minute you do that you are pushing your experience into the external world, you are waiting to see what is going to change around you instead of changing what is inside of you, your beliefs, your attitudes, your perceptions because every fibre of that energy is what creates the morphogenetic fields that constantly influence your life.

    As I am speaking with you the Twin Flame Planetary Grid is already being filtered into the atoms of your body, this is already initiating the physiological changes in your body. As the frequency moves from the atoms to the molecules and then into your DNA the life change is already taking place. I repeat the change will come from within you not specifically something that will happen to you from the outside to determine what must be changed. That is the nature of the Divine Feminine Christ.

    For you to maintain the twin flame energy inside of you, you will need to be centred inside of you to be aware of what you are consciously imprinting through your beliefs, through your attitudes, through the words that you speak and of course your perceptions. The Twin Flame Grid creates a ring of fire around you, visualise this now and every flame flickering around you will incinerate the illusions that have created a barrier denying you a passionate life. Those barriers may very well be people, places and situations in your life but you need to choose to change it for you.

    The flames around you are serving the sole purpose of burning through everything that does not serve your higher purpose, everything that separates you from becoming one with your Twin Light in other words everything that prevents the Sacred Marriage of Self taking place.

    I want you to imagine me, Jezebel standing in front of you and as I hold up my right palm you will see flames. These flames embody the twelve geometric forms I spoke of earlier on, their frequency the vibration within your solar plexus.

    I want you to take seven deep breaths in to the count of seven. I will tell you when to begin. You will hold it for the count of seven and exhale for the count of seven. With each in breath you are breathing in your Twin Flame Grid into each of your chakras and we will begin with you breathing into the base chakra.

    Take a deep breath in to the count of seven, hold it for seven and you will exhale for seven.

    The next in breath to seven, breathe into your crown chakra, hold for seven and exhale for seven. You know how to do it.

    We next breathe into the sacral chakra.

    Next you will breathe into your third eye chakra.

    Your solar plexus.

    Your throat chakra.

    And finally your heart chakra.

    For the next seventy-seven minutes the vibrations of the geometric energies in these chakras will emit the sacred frequency that aligns your Androgyny Consciousness with your physical life plan. Each tapestry within your chakras is in itself a blueprint of the expanded you. Each of your chakras embody every tool you need to manifest your life in the 70/30 ratio I spoke of earlier on and by the time 2010 comes you will ideally have shifted it to 90/10 and the 10% that is remaining will not be struggle as you know it, it will be a time of intensive initiation, higher learning and learning to master the world in a new way. This has already been introduced to all of you, this is one of the key projects of the New Earth that I oversee and it is for you to see that the old paradigm of learning your lessons, learning about

    life has become obsolete. You are now learning how to master life like a master.

    These Twin Flame grids are moving your energy along the frequency of the Golden Kundalini, which is a series of eighty-eight flames. These will be fully anchored upon the 8th of August 2008. When the Golden Kundalini rises to greet humanity as a collective body you will be in a position to fully consciously recognise how a master masters life's lessons. You will be in a position to understand the true meaning of teaching, leading and guiding, none of the nonsense of the past where ego's clash, where the wounded inner child fights for it's life.

    The Twin Flame grid comes to you to reveal to you the fight is over, the struggle is no more and this is what I mean by just a shift in perception. No fighting for anything, no struggling to achieve anything, the power of your Divine Feminine merged with the power of your divine masculine is the key. With these two energies separate there will always be pain, the fight will never be over, struggles will continue because when these two energies are estranged they are constantly seeking the power and light of one another but fail to recognise that they already exist with one another but ignorance has kept them blind.

    The Twin Flame Planetary Grid is bringing humanity the opportunity to begin consciously understanding unity consciousness and this is something I will be working with in a few weeks time but what now must be done is essential in terms of maintaining the Twin Flame Grid inside of you, for this is what will result in the Sacred Marriage. Instead of fighting for your life you will go inside of yourself and harness the power that exists inside of you and you will use that energy to magnetically change the dynamic in your energy field by working with the New Earth Morphogenetic Fields, and you will encode it through higher wisdom and utilise the energies of the magnetic world of the physical earth, and that is how you will learn to master your world like a master. No master uses the force of the ego to inflict pain or to instil fear. Never. A master works with what is, this is often referred to as manipulating energy. All the master is doing is pulling when being pushed or pushing when being pulled, observing what is taking place and recognising what is inside and how much passion is governing what is taking place.

    People this is one of the most important turning points in your life, now, today. The words that we are bringing you, the energies that are filtering through this group now and into every one of you are literally readjusting the way your brain interprets energy and information. I spoke of the damage earlier on, well now it is damage control and these new energies will show you what you did not see previously because you were blinded by your fear, you were paralysed by illusions that became the belief systems of your life. Every one of you is stepping into a new plane, a complete new way of co-creating.

    Try and imagine geometric shapes spinning in your seven chakras, if you cannot imagine it feel it. Each of these shapes is spinning in the same direction your chakra is, each of them emitting an invisible energy (only invisible to the human eye). This energy is extending through your body - they are fine threads of information. As these energies extend they are searching for a magnetic energy that matches it and the minute it finds it's equal the two threads connect and webs are woven, a grid is created, a field of information, whatever you choose to call it.

    Now imagine that all of these threads of information contain very powerful energy. That energy can contain an abundance of negativity or positivity and you determine that, you hold the power. Now that web, that field, vibrates, it's vibration sends out information into the field of earth, that field communicates with every aura of every human being on your planet whether you know them or not. It extends into the planetary consciousness, it extends into solar consciousness, galactic consciousness and so on and so forth, that is your voice travelling through dimensions, through space and through time. That is the voice that is heard by the universe, which then replies to what you have extended and your voice, what you have extended out, determines what comes back at you. You are getting the picture, yes?

    We are now in the process of setting up an entirely new morphogenetic like field with all of you. The reason why we say ‘like-field' is because morphogenetic fields contain information only but what we are creating with you now contains information and energy, which means you can extend the intensity of that energy, you cannot deplete it but you can always extend it, amplify it. So all these threads are already extended.

    Turn your attention into yourself into that part of you that you would imagine being the all passionate one - the Twin Flames merged as one, the complete and whole you. Using your imagination think about how your life would be, how different things can be when you are living motivated primarily by joy, by passion. Some of you may begin to feel butterflies in your heart chakra similar to that you get in your solar plexus. When you feel butterflies in your heart chakra you are getting there. You are tapping into the Twin Flame Grid that exists within your heart that has drawn its core essence from the solar plexus. And so it is the seat of your power, your will, your active self is merged with the heart, the chakra that is the bridge between heaven and earth and now extend that energy, those images, those thoughts through your threads, and imagine the threads connecting with their equal and that becoming your new weave, the new Divine Tapestry of your life.

    Reject all excuses, every single one, yes your ego will try and convince you otherwise but you have the power. Continue extending this until it is out into the core of the universe and while you are doing this we turn that energy into a crystalline formation, which is encoded into the cells of your body. It becomes a frequency emitted from inside of you which creates the new dynamic, which clears the way for you to experience life like a true master, a master of the material world, a master over pain, suffering and limitation.

    Now using your imagination again, imagine a magnificent golden flame igniting on the left side of your body and a brilliant silver white light flame on the right side of your body. If you are able to try and imagine your body becoming warm from these two flames and imagine the masculine you standing in the centre of the golden flame on the left side of your body, and the female you standing in the centre of the silver white flame on the right side of your body, and these aspects of yourself fully recognising and acknowledging one another's power, one another's divine role to serve one another, to co-create together, to co-inhabit the world from the God-mind as well as the Goddess-mind.

    Very gently oxygenate both flames and they will expand in their strength and as they expand they will begin merging with one another, and when the two flames completely overlap one another allow the male-you and the female-you to join hands and look into the eyes of your male-self if you are a female or your female-self if you are a male. While the energy flows between the both of you we activate the third flame, this is the flame of the new earth, the platinum flame, and it is this flame that melts the ice and burns through every illusion which has kept the both of you separate, and as all the elements within you and around you create a sacred dance of resonance the sacred marriage to the self begins.

    This ceremony will take place inside of you, it is a ceremony that is active, it will come to its completion upon the inner planes in three days time. For this sacred reunion with this other part of you requires three very important initiations to be completed and this will all be encoded into your chakras, you will feel it, you will recognise the opportunity to complete this in your own time.

    Breathe in deeply into your own body relaxing it and be at peace knowing that the Sacred Marriage is taking place, that the Twin Flame Grid for your planet is rooted within Mother Earth's systems of creation. We have anchored it at this particular point because it is the same site that anchored the energies of the triple seven grid (7:7:7/ 7 July 2007) which will enhance and amplify it's energy, in other words it's magic which will bring about perceived miracles in your life.

    So my departing message to you is perhaps more a question than anything else and that is are you ready for you, all, of you? Are you ready to embrace life fully, to live it passionately with every ounce of your being? I am not going to ask you if you are willing all I want to know is are you ready? I will be surfing beside you for it will not be a stroll in the park that is too slow! It will certainly be an enlightening time, one I look forward to and I suggest you look forward to.

    I am Jezebel and I am grateful that you have come to receive my message and the energies of this sacred day and I urge you to share this message with others to remind them of what is to come for there is a lot more. May you be fulfilled with the divine essence of your true self and may all that you are always be what motivates you. May the limited opinions of ignorant men and women bounce off of you and may the light you emit burn through their veils of illusion. You are in a free world take advantage of it. My love and blessings to all of you, farewell.

    Beloved ones it is I, Kuthumi, I return very briefly. We trust that you enjoyed Goddess Jezebel's energy?

    Beloved ones it is important that you bear in mind that what has been activated for you today is something that

    is to be honoured, something that is truly sacred, a time in your own growth that is catapulting you, to a degree, into the world of the true masters.

    You have worked for a long time at overcoming many of the areas of your life that have inhibited you, that have caused you pain and sorrow, grief and guilt. Remember that, listen to Jezebel's words over and over again. Yes she is a tough cookie but what she says is true there is no longer any time for excuses, no time left for complacency or procrastination. I repeat, there is no time left to do that, your days of wallowing in self-pity are serious history and that is one of the very important messages we are needing to get out to all of humanity at this time.

    We have asked this channel to put this information out, we have given it to her already in words that shall be shared with others but we ask you to remind yourself and others of the same. The time is now, what you are doing now is making the difference and you are the generation that is literally changing your world. The entire future of all generations to come now rest within the palms of your hands and I say that because it's true, get out of thinking that what you have asked for it still to come, that all the predictions of the past are still to come, you have passed through many of them, you are in a new paradigm, you are the ones building the bridges to the new world. No pressure! Just pleasure.

    So beloved ones before I leave I ask you to truly think about what has been said, digest it. There is no more "in the future the masters will present", or "in the future I will do or I will be", no you are on stage beloved ones, the spot-light is on you, it's do or die now, again no pressure! It is however a great honour for me to remind all of you of this because we have sat together on many occasions speaking of this time, the time that would come when you would remember why you came back this time. So beloved ones the stage is all yours, as Jezebel said, knock yourself out.

    Continue to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, they haven't failed you. They are ever present as are we for those arms are ours. We are with you in every moment always in all ways. May peace, joy, passion and laughter be the essence of your life.

    I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray and the Golden Flame of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

    this was son 10/08/07

  • Great information....thank you!

  • K. 🙂

  • Wow Poetic555,

    I would say this is definitely helpful I am still reading it when my phone quit, my computer reboot itself as some of the things were starting to ring a bell with me. I will defiintely send you a line once I finish reading this and see if more of what happened comes back in a detailed way I can explain that makes sense... its as if the details come back and I see if but it is hard to put it into words..


  • Hi Poetic555,

    That was definitely very useful information. It was if a blind that has been over my eyes trying to see what was happening and what is happening was just lifted. The best way I could express those threads were like threads of life that I had to carefully intertwine as they could affect many things. I think it was around 2007 or 2008 when I got seriously sick with Bronchitis that hospitalized me and nearly killed me. The kind of "flashing sign" to slow down if you may. The time while lets say I was knocked back with this illness for over a month, I spent a lot of time reflecting and reading. During that time, I think that is why I started something with the Akashic Records. I remember somehow traveling to that place, the large grand doors, somekind of protective barrier at the entrance, its like I knew something that allowed me to enter. Upon entering, I remember walking down a great hall until I met some kind of higher being which wanted to make sure I understood what I was asking for and the responsibilities that came with it and the depth of that commitment. I remember being taken to a room with these shiny threads and being shown how to begin the weave the threads together carefully. I remember having to be carefully as they had the power to affect many things present and future...kind of threads of life... It and the word weavering light comes to mind when I think about it closely.

    I rememeber when a few months later, my daughter was molested in a daycare where we had move to only the year before. I remember thinking that I must stay in that town as you should not run when the going gets tough and helping her with therapy rather than moving back to the state and town I have moved from. A year later, my grandmother's health went down...I was unable to transfer at the time with my job so I remember taking a leap of faith as I felt I was being called to come back to my hometown. I came back and my grandmother with Alzheimers and diabetes health has been progressively gotten worse, and my other grandmother had a stroke earlier this year.

    Over the past few months, my grandmother with the stroke has physically gotten stronger but will never be able to talk or write again. It's as if I am being called to learn to train my empath ablities to help her first then others...I found out the guy I have been dating since I first moved around 2006, and am still dating now is a soul mate of somesort. The relationship with him is causing major shifts and healing as well as growth over the years I've known him even though they have had really good ups and downs.. Most of the year I have spent overwhelmed, feeling sorry for myself to some degree while undergoing these major changes until I got really sick hence again with Bronchitis, ended up quitting smoking and in someway getting closer to the soul mate. Since the first of December, I have been having very restless sleep and its like the transformation is the forging of metal and has lead to a total attitude shift.

    I think I am beginning to see the cutting away I keep seeing in my cards is not necessarily someone from my past, or even just smoking.. it is cutting away of the negative thought patterns and doubt that held me back so far. Do you know where I can find more information like you posted above?

    I only wish my fear to share such things had not taken so long. I met someone while I was in college that was kind of a guide, but haven't really had a person other than my ex-husband with which I have discussed these things. Do you know of others that are tied to this Twin Flame and Akashic Records like this? I will definitely have to print and re-read this often over the next little bit. I think there is more understanding that will come from the reading you have found. I think I am just gleening just the surface on this now..

    Blessed Be!


  • Greystar I just found this and you have amazing abilities yourself, I use the "Spirit Library, lots of channelers post messages from Spirit and Angels. I found this late in the day and won't be able to respond properly until Monday. I think you just answered your own questions, believe and have Faith and no doubting, follow your intuition above all. I'm sorry to hear about your daugther and Grandmother. "Blessed Be." Goggle spirit library. 🙂

    happy hunting!

  • The Angels say it's our Divine right to go there, I can't wait to go, I've been told by two folks that they saw me in Africa and I was once killed by an Alligator oh vey, but who knows!

  • Poetic555,

    I hope you had a nice holiday. I took your advice of trusting the intuition and not doubting and went straight from intuition. I guess you would say it was the first step in using some of the gifts towards helping someone outside of the close friend and family. The weaving of light threads of life is the part that I am still trying to fully understand. I do somewhat feel drawn to find others that work with Askashic records and Lightworkers for some reason. I feel like sometimes I only grasp a portion of the picture...I will defintely check out the spirit librairy postings as well as the other postings you have about 2012 and the Ascension. I think you have helped to point the way for a portion of my path. Please let me know if I can assist in some way.


  • Thank you my new friend, I know I'm a light worker but have no other special gifts that I'm aware of (yet to be) I know somethings coming though, last night my bed was shaking and when I closed my eyes there were a pattern of lights like a space ship almost, strange.

  • I feel like I am a lightworker but not sure at what point in the ascension process. I think my gifts somehow come into play and understanding them furtheris very important as it is a path I must take but I have to protect my daughter in the process as things tend to pick up on us both due to our level of sensitivity. I feel like those threads I mentioned before are not my own and somhow weaving the threads of life have some sort of healing impact as well as the ability to shape things. I feel like the day in the hall of thbe Akashic records I asked something that pertained to lightworking and was granted some kind of access and training on these threads of life. Its like this process of coming into my own is happening at a very rapid pace.


  • I'm researching Sacred Geometry now, found some info and will share with you.

    Something I read made me think of you, gonna post, the info. they Masters say we (humans) will remember things (Who we really are) on a faster pace this year especially, always ask God to Gift you with the "White Light Of the Christ Conciouness) forgive my spelling, and say out loud, I am Guided, grounded and Divinely Protected, you can also cover your daughter in White Light too! I'm so excited we are all in this together and it's so beautiful!

    I saw lights like this last night.

  • Oh, you can also call on the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels of the highest order ONLY TO ASSIST YOU IN MEDITATIONS!

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