• Hi, all! I am try to be jovial for this holiday season but all I've been is depressed and confused about a relationship. I will make it brief but I need some insight and advice:=) I (Sagittarius)met this guy (Gemini) online September 2010, we have communicated by text mostly and a few phone calls. We haven't offically met but I have a feeling he may be married , living with someone or seeing someone although I have asked him if he was married or seeing someone and he stated he "wasn't married or seeing someone.>" He travels alot but this date he won't show me a picture of himself although he knows what I look like. Can figure out if he's hiding something? Claims he ready for a long term relationship but I have some doubts ( like I don't know what he looks like, always texts me and seldoms calls). Lately when he texts, I barely respond back. Should I just move on or do you think there is some hope? Thanks for your comments:=)

  • Dear sherangel,

    Move ON and I hear that loud and clear. You need a relationship that is person to person. I do feel that you will find that someone special in the New Year. You will have to put forth some effort and it may even be a a party you attend for the New Year.

    Lift yourself up and get out there and live life to the fullest this new year. Makes some needed changes to your attitude and let joy fill you just to be alive. It is contagious you know.

    Happy New Year

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