Bothered by Odd Dreams (long)

  • I've been having dreams featuring these two creepy little kids, and one almost angelic kid. The creepy boy I think is around 6 or 7 years old, has sandy blond/light brown hair, and blue-grey eyes. The creepy girl appears to be 4 or 5 years old. She has dark hair in pigtails that curl a bit. I usually see her in a red cardigan, a white blouse, navy blue skirt, white socks, and black maryjane shoes. The angelic girl, who I didn't connect at first because she was only briefly in one, then nothing for a long time then she returned, is about 3, maybe 4 years old. She has blond hair with just a bit of curl to it, cut to about a chin length bob. She's usually wearing a nightgown of some sort.

    The first dream featured only the boy, and only briefly. I was apparently babysitting him. I was trying to find one of my brother's old "Thomas the Tank Engine" videos for him to watch. I knew I had to keep him calm or something really bad would happen. There were two women sitting on the couch. I'm not sure but I think it may have been (one of my best friends) Tara's Aunt Jean and cousin Tammy. Grandpa was in his chair and mom was in the kitchen with Jenny, but I kept referring to mom as Grandma.Then I went into the downstairs bathroom to wash my hands, and (other best friend) Jenny came in, said something about it being nice of me to take care of the boy.

    Next came the really bizarre part, that I'm not sure had anything to do with anything. Jenny glances out the bathroom window and says "What is she doing here?" I go into the bedroom to see (the window there has a better view) and parked on the driveway is Cruella De'vil's car. Yzma from the movie/show "Emperors New Grove" got out and started walking towards the house. I opened the window and told her "Sorry, Hercules just left!" The car was gone now but I heard her sidekick Kronk yell "C'mon Yzma, Lets go!" (though, I couldn't see him). She walked over to the blue water pump in the garden and it was like she opened a door in the air, there was a shimmering light around it and she walked through and vanished.

    I walked out to the living room to check on the boy. He wasn't there but my grandfather got up and walked towards me, screaming at me about something. I kept telling him he had to calm down or he'd have a heartattack. I was terrified that he'd die and everyone would blame me. He fell to the ground by the end of the couch, then the dream skipped a bit.

    I was walking up the stairs, and someone was behind me, Tara, I think, and she asked "Don't your grandparents live together?" I said "of course they do,you just saw them." I knew I was going upstairs to pack because I was leaving the state.

    Another skip, and mom and I are buying a bus ticket. The station is a pavilion, and we are buying the ticket from a guy sitting at a table. There is a train on the other side of the pavillion, and Tara was standing there waiting to get on the train.

    Mom gives me the money for the ticket, and I'm left with 20 dollars that she asks for back. I tell her something along the lines of Mom, I've got to survive and theres only 20, and she lets me keep it. The ticket guy tells her to sign the ticket and mom signs it, but she just writes "Grandma" instead of her name. There is a bus waiting already and there is no room or something because the ticket guy says I'll have to wait for the next bus, which won't be until the next morning. He and mom start talking about alternatives, because where-ever I'm going , I have to be there very soon.

    Thats where I woke up.

    The second of these dreams occurred about 5 days later on a Saturday night.It was a "dream within a dream" of sorts. I don't recall all of the first "layer" of the dream but the 'deeper' part is vivid.

    I--though I'm not myself, so I'll call this "restaurant me" as she's not even my usual dream-self--am sitting at a big round table at a restaurant, with some friends, waiting for my fiancé. I get up to go to the pay phone to call him, but I fall and am knocked out.

    I come to (or so I think) as my normal "dream-self", wandering through a surreal landscape--think the lighting from Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings, but in a Michigan woods. I come across a small village. It seems to be civil war time, but something about it feels "off", almost modern.Details are a little hazy here, but I think I was put in a jail cell, which is where this rather frantic young woman was telling me "You can't be here, you have to go!"

    Suddenly I find myself walking up a drive with a row of trees on either side. In the distance, at the end, there is a large brick mansion with white trim. I know that is where I'm heading because the woman there can help me. When I get there, the mansion is gone and in its place is a huge grey barn. I don't see any doors at ground level but a steep flight of rickety wooden stars leads straight out from an opening near the top of the barn to where I am standing. There is no rail on either side of the steps, only open air. I climb up, crawling at times. Once I've reached the top, there is a small landing where I sit, and looking back down, the steps are now against the side of the barn, with a rail on the outside!

    The door beside me is open, and the two kids are standing there. I ask them where their mother is, and the girl tells me (with a smile) "Our mommy died. She said you would take care of us now."

    At this point the dream flashes several short scenes, the girl becoming more attached to me and my mounting fear of the boy being the focus. It seems in each scene the boy is trying to kill me. These 'flashes' come to rest as we enter an office, which, apparently, is an adoption agency.

    The time period we are in seems to have progressed, as the way people are dressed sees to be mid 20th century. The boy is trying to kill me again. I ask him why but he says nothing. The other three people in the room--the case worker and the parents I'm giving these kids to, seem frozen, just standing there smiling.I tell the children that they'll be very happy with their new parents. The girl puts her arms around my neck and begins to squeeze, unnaturally strong for her size. I try to pull her off of me because I can not breath and she just looks at me with a creepy little smile. I call her by her name (which upon waking I could not recall) and then black out.

    Suddenly I am sitting on the floor in the family room, and I am myself...not even dream-self, its me with all my imperfections. I'm sitting cross-legged holding a rag doll made to look like the girl. Her outfit, dark yarn hair in pigtails, buttons for eyes and a sewn x for a mouth. Then everything gets kinda woozy and I am blinking awake back in the restaurant, standing and walking back to the table. My fiance is there now and asks if I am alright. I answer with a hesitant yes, and everyone starts talking as if nothing happened.

    Thats all I can recall of that one, but there was a second dream later that night.

    I'm in a building with the people from the show "criminal minds". The building is old, but well kept, though a few areas look slightly charred. The floor on the stairs and halls is a green linoleum, which extends partway up the wall to about shoulder height as well. Above that is brick painted a bright yellow. The building has the feel of a school or institution of some kind. The stairwell between floors is the kind you'd find there, I think its called a switch-back stairwell? We are there looking for a missing girl. We know "HE" took her, and that "HE" is very evil, but we never talk about who this HE is.Emily Prentiss and I are have just started down the stairs from the third floor when Derek Morgan stops us, saying "I've found her! This way!" He leads us to a room off the hallway behind us.

    The walls of the room are the same as the hallway, but the floor is a dark wood. On the wall opposite the door are two kind of old fashioned looking windows. The only thing in the room is a wooden crate, probably about 4 feet long and two feet wide, and maybe a foot and a half tall. The little girl is sitting on this crate. Yep, that same girl. Emily and I walk over to her and Emily tells me to talk to the girl and calm her down, even though the girl is sitting there perfectly calm. I kinda squat down to be on eye level with the girl, and call her by name (which, again, didn't remember). When she looked at me we communicated telepathically, with me telling her if she came with us the bad man couldn't hurt her again. She put her hand in mine and hopped off the crate.

    The dream then skipped and I was in a car, in the front passenger seat. I have no idea who else was in the car, but I was reminiscing about the other events of the dream. One of the thoughts I had was "and now...I work for HIM."

    The dream skipped again but the rest I'm pretty sure had nothing to do and was just weird not creepy lol. The children appeared again the next few nights, but other than their presence the dreams were not memorable.

    Until another week passed.

    Next dream I was at a summer camp. There were no cabins, just one long building. The first room was the dorm, a long room with a line of bunk beds. Everyone slept here, from Jr Campers, to Sr Campers, to staff, boys and girls. Everyone all mixed in together. The room was crude wood like a cabin but had no windows, just a door at each end, one to the outside, and one to the rest of the building. Apparently we spent most of our time in the dorm, I'm not entirely sure why but I think it had to do with the weather.

    Down a short hall from the dorm was the gift shop. It didn't feel like a summer camp at all, but more like a hospital gift shop. Complete with flower arrangements in cooler cases along one wall. On the other side of the gift shop was a long hallway, which widened out a little at the end. There, along one wall was benches, the oposite wall was windowed, the view looking down to the lake. There was a door just past the windows, that opened onto a path down to the lake.

    As the dream opened, I was sitting on my bed (a bottom bunk), talking to a guy in the bunk to my right. We were just talking about random stuff,I can't recall anything specific. I think we played cards with a girl for a bit, and someone brought us sandwiches for lunch.

    The dream skips again and I am in the gift shop, which is run by an older, grandmotherly type blond woman, who never seems to get upset no matter what happens, just stands behind the counter ringing up peoples purchases and smiling. I wander around the shop looking at the items. I know I'm looking for something in particular, but as I tell a person who asks me, I don't know what it is. As I look I start to get frustrated.

    Another skip, and we are gathered at the end of the hall, it is the final night of camp (though its still daylight out) and the director of the camp is saying goodbye to us. The angelic girl is standing there holding my hand. I go back to the gift shop and continue my search. Tara is there (though only briefly and is seen nowhere else in the dream) and she holds up what she's buying. Its a shaped plastic box-purse, put together from a kit. I ask her where she found it and she leads me over and points to a bottom shelf, where theres stacks of the kits.

    Very soon, I am on the floor, with boxes of kits strewn around me as I try to find the 'Right' one. There are several variations...different shapes and patterns..animals, flowers, stuff like that. I don't recall now which one Tara had.

    Anyway, the guy I'd been talking to in the dorm walks up and tells me that the guy that runs the camp is taking a bunch of kids across the lake to see the old house thats supposed to be haunted. I panic, get up, and run down the hall to the windows. Most of the group is already to the edge of the lake and getting into canoes. I shiver and say "Maybe they'll find her there." The guy looks at me and says "So you're not going?" I shrug and answer "Maybe later if they take another group."

    The dream skips again, and we're back in the dorm. We're all packing, quickly, and it seems like something has us all terrified. I am sitting on my bed, talking to the guy next to me as we pack, and I turn and look over my shoulder. Standing there, a few bunks behind me, are those two children. They are staring at me, perfectly calm amid the chaos around us.

    (Warning, here it gets a bit gross)

    Another skip, and I am in my home town, riding around in a van with a few other people. We're scared and running from something. We pull up in front of Jenny's house, and as we do, a feeling of pure terror hits me. I get out and go up to the house with a couple of the guys. After much arguing, telling them I don't want to go in there, I know what we'll find, I open the door and step inside. The house is dark but there is enough light coming in from outside to see.

    There is no furniture, just the bunks from camp lined up against the wall just like in the dorm. The first bunk I see, contains the blood, mutilated, maggot-infested corpse of the guy I'd been talking to at the camp. My companions shine flashlights around the room, revealing more bodies, blood and gore everywhere.

    I rush back outside to puke, and shortly thereafter one of the guys comes out and says they've gotten rid of the bodies and cleaned up what they could, but some of the gore wouldn't come up. He urges me, a blond girl with us, and another guy, to hurry up and get inside so we could be safe. I start screaming at him that I won't go in there because "HE" did this (Calling whover did it "HE", not saying the guy with me did it). That "HE" was a demon and if we stayed in there "HE" would find and kill us.

    The guy tells me if we stay outside the Melonheads will get us ((its an ohio legend apparently, and its no surprise it popped up in my dream that night, I'd been reading about it shortly before bed, so no mystery there)) because it was a full moon.I said I would be safe if I locked myself in the van and urged the others to join me. Don't know if they did, because thats when I woke up.

    For the next several weeks, about two months, the kids would pop up in the dreams from time to time, particularly the two creepy ones, but nothing real memorable. Then in early December the next vivid dream came.

    In the dream, I went with the pastor of my grandpas church, a woman from church that I grew up with, and two kids, in a Winnebago to a retreat/training event thing. Basically a bunch of campers and tents in two rows down the middle of a parking lot, with a u-shape of campers and tents around the outside, and a bunch of stages set up at the open end. The first night went well except the creepy kids being at a campfire on my way back to our spot. The next day after a workshop, the kids want to go swimming, theres a beach across the road. We all head to this bathroom down the sidewalk a ways set into a big cement wall. The other girls go in the bathroom to change, but I get curious about some stairs a few feet away, leading down as if to the sewer.

    Instead of the sewer it leads to a door (or maybe the sewer was further along, I'm not sure)...looks like the door to an old church. I open it and step through, and I'm on the side of a cathedral like chapel. Theres benches to the left of me facing the front, and more to the right. The front is way up to the right. Its filled with people that look like the kind of folks I can relate to. Nerds, Geeks, Goths, Freaks, etc. I sit down with a couple people and we talk...the place is a safe haven for outcasts, one young woman tells me.

    Then a girl I went to school with comes in and tells me "you have to get out of here, you can't be here" and pulls me out the door I came in. We get up to the street and I tell her I have to go back, and run back down. But when I get there, the place is deserted...papers and rubbish everywhere. I hear a small whimper from the back and make my way to where it came from. There's the angelic girl...curled up, crying. She tells me the bad ones are coming.

    The girl from school comes in and explains that all the other people had been this little girls illusions to keep her safe and hidden. When the bad ones got to close the little girl got scared and couldn't keep the illusion up anymore. We pick up the little girl and run out the door, just as a group of commando looking people burst in the opposite door.

    The rest of the dreams since then have just been the two creepy kids, but nothing that stood out.

  • Wow amazing dreams, seems like the Angelic Girl wants you to help her and the little evil ones may be demons searching for the girl, why don't you pray for the Angelic Girls spirit and I wonder if she is protecting you from EVIL?

    In one of your earlier dreams I was thinking God forbid that one of your Grandparents would be leaving this plane, weird dreams, are you keeping a journal? I wonder if those kids were murdered at a camp ground or something?

    There are others like Domenic who are good at deciphering dreams, good luck and be careful.

  • Thanks Poetic. I have been praying for the little girl, a lot. A friend has seen the two creepy kids in her dreams too. We described them to her mom at separate times, before talking to each other about them. Was kinda weird. I need to talk to her again and see if the Angelic Girl has been showing up for her or not.

  • K.

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