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  • Okay i started dating this guy a couple months ago and I havent had feelings like this for someone in a really long time. It seems that the guy feels the same way we both agreed that we should take things slow but its been rathar difficult as the excitement level between us is very high. So over the weekend we had a really big misunderstanding that almost ended things between us. After taking a couple days to cool off we have had some conversations and agreed that we dont want to stop seeing each other. My questions are what are some things that I can do to help the relationship continue growing? Is this person someone that I have potential with for a long term commitment? Also are the feelings between us real or is it just the excitement of being with someone new? my bday is april 18 1980. his is june 16 1982. Thanks!

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  • Sorry folks I would really like an answer.

  • This relationship may focus on the natural world - on exploring, for example, or preserving the environment. This combination can be excellent for a relationship based on challenge, travel, investigation and in general probing spatial and temporal limits, at home or abroad. Moreover, no matter where you two might roam, your relationship will make you feel physically and mentally comfortable, relaxed and natural.

    In your friend, you will meet your match in the areas of adventure, trailblazing, and the tendency to spend hours in actitivites like wandering, climbing, swimming or flying. Your friend is usually unable to stick to one partner for long without looking around for new interests and horizons, but both of you are extremely independent people who may enjoy having a partner who is just as free, so that you can avoid the guilt, worry or concern you might feel with someone more dependent. You two might not plumb any great emotional depths together that would give you a history of sharing feelings, private struggles and personal problems to fall back on in times of stress or trouble. You would do well then to keep things light, avoiding quarrels or heavy confrontations. Mutual stimulation is a hallmark of this combination so enjoy it for what it is - this is not the big passionate dream romance but you two can have some fun, interesting, and happy times together.

  • well thank you for answering my desperate pleas for a reading. lol Yeah this sounds absolutely true to what is going on between us. And I made the mistake of having an epic battle over the weekend. Yesterday we made up and it brought back those warm fuzzies. But today hes very distant and I feel almost like hes thinking maybe its not such a good idea to work things out. Im confused. Tis the season. Either way I think it best that I pull way back for a minute even if its somewhat painful because I am getting the impression that the guy is starting to feel smothered and in desperate need of some personal space. He deserves it too. He has given so much time and energy already in the short time we have known each other. Its odd. I am an aries sun gem moon. He is a gem sun aries moon. I think it helps me to instinctivly know what is going on so I know better how to handle things. You read his picture and said he keeps so much to himself and has a hard time developing closeness or something along those lines. He is hard to get close too. Sometimes I can be too. But when the mood is right it is heavenly. I also want to add that I think I may have caused him to feel guilt over needing a little time to himself. I hope I can remedy this by doing my own thing. Gems can be tricky. Its like If I give too much he feels smothered and wants to run. If I dont give then he starts to wonder about me. Tricky tricky gems. They are so dam charming when they want to be but when that other twin comes out its best to just get out of the way! lol

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