Can anyone give a reading of SEVERE BRAIN INJURED SON ..dob 12/5/90

  • Hi My name is only child David Tyrell Epps was assaulted by stabbing to the chest on April 7,2008 which left him in a severely brain injuried state (persistent vegetative state).....David isnt talking, walking or doing anything for himself....he's totally dependent on others help..he has a tracheostomy, feeding tube, and ventilator in place...of which he recently got on the vent in June 2010 due to about of septis......PLEASE give me some out-look of this new change of lives for the both of us....I was born June20,1969....

    Thank you


  • misstonya,

    give me some out-look of this new change of lives for the both of us....: you are dominated by the will power of a man.

    Contemplation: in order to see, oyour own inner world has to be still. Every inner sound overrules the signals, or colors them and distorts them. You can only see under water when the surface is quiet. And to be as vigilant after hours like in the first minutes, that is also only possible with inner stillness. Time does not exist, every minute is a new minute.

    Who does not exist himself can see the world, because he does not look, he sees.

    Travel for pleasure.

    I was born June20,1969: you have come full circle in your quest for knowledge. You have a powerful mind and a consuming desire for more knowledge as well. In this life you must learn to regain the control over your mind which has developed somewhat of a life of its own. The best path back to self-mastery is to direct the mind into right motives and higher principles. There is emotional restlessness, which can be a strain on relationships. The strong desire for spiritual wisdom and study of spiritual philosophies will bring contact with many uplifting groups and will increase enjoyment of life. You have good luck in work and labor relations and could do very well in the real estate business. In this life you will be doing much experimenting as you work towards finding out what really satisfies you. You often spend a lot of time deciding what is your life's work. Once you decide, you can rise to the heights. Choosing things that allow for freedom and travel gives you the best results.


    all tensions

    belong to the doer, the ego As soon as you begin to

    contact the observer in you, all tensions vanish. If

    this happens even for a moment you will catch a brief

    glimpse. The waves of the ocean will start dancing

    within. Again and again you will lose it. This is only

    natural, for you have cultivated unconsciousness over

    many births. It will take time to overcome this

    unconsciousness. You have to be persistent and

    courageous. You have to keep on pouring the oil into your wakeful state -- say about

    twenty times during the day.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    Thank you very much for that indepth readings....most of it I understand...but I get it.


  • misstonya,

    one thing which is very fundamental has to be

    remembered, and that is: whenever I am doing anything

    -- astrology, future suggestion, horoscope-readings,

    i ching, tarot -- anything that is concerned

    with the future, it is basically a reading of the

    unconscious of the person. It has nothing much to do

    with the future. It has more to do with the past, but

    because the future is created by the past it is

    relevant to the future too.

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