Is this a rebound relationship??? Advice and insights please :)

  • I have been in a rebound relationship before but I was the one rebounding..this time I may with a rebounder... Heres the story:

    So I started dating someone who was my neighbor. He liked me and wanted to meet me for several months, and when I finally gave him the chance he took it and hes AMAZING...but.. over the past year he was in and out of a relationship with a girl who I beleive was his first love. She was juggling him and another guy and he ultimately decided not to be her fool... still now she tries to contact him but he doesnt give her the time....I also know that he lied to me about when their last breakup was only a few weeks before he started pursuing me...he said it was 4 months ago though..but he doesnt know I know that.

    He doesnt talk about her alot or anything but he has expressed alot about her to me..she hurt him...saying shes bad and im good and she was never what he wanted in a woman...I am ..etc. I know everyones different but I asked me one day if he still had feelings and he quickly said no. He is very devoted thoughtful..caring..sweet..hes great..but I wont be a rebound...I have to have someones heart mind body and soul lol..(venus in Scorpio) ...

    What to do (Hes a sun in Scorpio)....I dont wanna hurt him but my feelings are getting stronger and im freaking out...I dont wanna get hurt.

    Don't wanna scare him off either...thought I would just ask him for some time to think and he could have some time to think too...??? But I dont want him to see this insecurity either..

    Now what?

  • Dear Silana,

    He has been upright and honest with you. I believe that you really are not a rebound. A start over is more the words I'm getting. He will learn in time after he heals with your help to give you his soul, heart , mind ect. I just really feel like you should not let this tastey fish off the hook. Of course you are a bit insecure about his feelings, but noting or no one comes including true love before their time , and they are always worth waiting for.


  • Shuabby, Thank you...I really appreciated your advice...You seem to know what your talking about...I am going to hold back these urges to throw what could probably be a really beautiful thing away...Thanks :)...I guess we all are rebounding from someone but if its the right person it could turn to real love huh? I get so caught up in trying to protect my feelings maybe I just ruin my chances of true love altogether

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