Earth Day: What are your green goals?

  • We know the community is in tune with the cosmos -- but we'd love to know what you do here on Earth to contribute to a healthier planet!

    With Earth Day just around the corner, we'd like for you to share your thoughts on what you’re doing to improve our environment. Jump into the discussion here!

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  • I live in a rural community where recycling really isn't an option. My neighbors and I have come together in the H/O Association we live in, to recycle aluminum cans and use the money in an effort to clean up the waterfront and woods we all use and share.

  • I found a great site online called and we all make fabric bags from recycled duvet covers, shirts, skirts, shorts, curtains, pillow cases, table cloths anything fabric really and then we hold bagging events where we give these out for free to encourage people to use these instead of plastic bags. We get given the fabric or we trawl the charity shops and many give us something especially if its a bit holy as they can't sell that so its perfect for our bags.

    We went to the London Awares Exhibition last weekend where we picked up 2 awards which was a really big eco/ego boost... We start pods of people and sew together or as solopodders and at last count we had over 40,000 bags made and pods are springing up all over the world from Australia to America, Bulgaria and Italy and also Japan as well as a few other countries inbetween. Its catch phrase is Sociable Guerilla Bagging ! and its great fun. Come and join us its very addictive.

  • I have a small 4 acre Raspberry farm in Canada and I don't use pesticides. I don't want them used on the food for my family or for my customers. This has caused me alot of extra work at times, bug catching lol. We have also been trying to help our school raise money to build an outdoor reading garden for the students to enjoy.

  • I use recycled tires that have been chopped up, around my roses. I also reuse plastic water bottle so they aren't going into the landfill. We recycle in Austin so that cardboard boxes, cans, glass jars and any plastic contains from juices to soap. I don't rake my leave, I mow and mulch them back into the grass.

  • I recycle, unplug electronics when they're not in use, and I pick up trash around my neighborhood. I love our planet and will continue to do my part to keep Her healthy. I've learned some great tips from the members here:)

  • I recycle whatever I can, in addition to reusing whatever I can -- sometimes to the point of overflowing my cupboards. I reuse containers for leftovers, use coffee containers to root new plants, ice cream buckets to hold balls of yarns while I'm crocheting, and microwaveable dinner containers to keep toiletries and cosmetics sorted. I cut the tops off plastic bottles to use as funnels, save the legs from sweatpants turned inside-out to use as emergency spot-remover "scrubbies" for the carpet, keep unmated socks for dusting and polishing, and cut t-shirts into soft car washing rags. I try to use and reuse everything I can until it just falls apart in my hands. For other practical tips, try chatting with your mothers and grandmothers that may have lived through the Great Depression -- they recycled before it was cool!

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