Getting Educated in Astrology?

  • Does anyone have any suggestions about legitimate courses in Astrology? I'm interested in taking some intro classes, but finding it difficult to determine which programs are real, and which are scams. Any information would be helpful, Thanks! --leah

  • I don't know courses

    but I don't need them to give a close accuracy on reading

    nobody can be 100% accurate anyway

    all I have is reading the right books

    because there are so many books out there it can be confusing if people don't know where to look

  • here is the list of books if you are interested

    they are good starting point, you can develop your own understanding afterwards

    if you want to learn about chart drawing and houses , that can be found online

    many good astrologers have a great website and forum you can join

    happy holidays !

  • Thanks for the info! Happy holidays to you too!

  • you are welcome

    I can suggest some good astrologers you can use search engine to find their websites and writings

    let me know if you want to

  • Hello, The CAAE, Canadian Astrology association is where I sought out accredation. I obtained a degree in Psche and Human Services. I can say its not a way to live, from my personal experience most people fall for anything if they do not believe in any thing...I am a counselor and have realized its all in the mind. We own our will and its our choice to be what we want. Good Luck

  • sorry for the late reply! @leoscorpion, I would love your suggestions!

  • @Capricorn444, thank you for sharing. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "it's not a way to live," do you mean following astrology in general, studying it, practicing it careerwise? I don't have any intentions as far as a career in it, I'm just interested in the subject. I wonder if you could elaborate? Happy new year, by the way! 🙂

  • Dear Leahruthe

    Can I echo LeoScorpion's wise counsel....PLUS should get hold of one of Julia and Derek Parker's beginner's books on Astrology, which are comprehensive and easy to use

    (they are step-by-step tuition books in fact) You can't go wrong with them...available from Amazon etc.. Good luck.

  • hi leah

    no worries, holidays take a toll on everyone's life

    HP3 has done a lot of reading here since before I joined, I'm sure you will find her book recommendation helpful also

    I will send you the list from scorpion.leo501gmaildotcom.

    I noticed that URLs got erased here.

    I hope you got my email before it's deleted.

  • @highpriestess3, thanks so much, I will check that one out as well! @leoscorpion, I didn't get your e-mail, where did you send it to? I'll send you an e-mail from my gmail. I should've written them down while they were still up! Hope you are all having a good start to 2011!

  • leah

    I gave you my email address

    we can't see email addresses here unless we give it away

    and usually that's when it's deleted

    anyway just post your email address here and I will send it to you instead LOL

  • Hey everyone..

    I had an astrology question as well...I posted something on it..please check it out if you can I would truly appreciate :))...has to do with Chart reading

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