May I have a reading please

  • Hi there,

    I have been talking to Blmoon for a very long time and she gives me great hope that things will get better for me and that I am on a path and healing a great wound.

    My husband has been gone now for 23 months and she assures me he will regret his affair and will tell me he is sorry some day and wants to come home, but that I will have moved on.

    I don't understand why I still love him and pray for his return, since he has been gone so long with almost no contact with me or his boys.

    He thinks texting them is a relationship and they basically feel like he doesn't care at all so they have stopped caring.

    We are a strong family unit and have a great life, but we are missing the piece he provided to us and all suffer in our own ways.

    He is having an affair with his 3 time divorced high school girlfriend and Blmoon says they are not happy and fight all the time and that she blames me for this.

    I need to find a way to forget about him, but I don't know how.

    I work and then come home to my family and don't even really have friends anymore.

    Ron and I were married for 25 years, we still are and duringthat time we were best friends and I lost track of how to even make new friends.

    Please someone help me I can not keep living this lonely life waiting for him.

  • nancyeann, I'm not a reader but I know what you feel like. I was feeling just like you do three years ago. I don't know how to tell you to stop wishing he'd come back, but I will give you a tip someone gave me to 'get over' someone and it helped immensely. Firstly, I am not saying he'll never be back, but I think for your own healing it would be best if you moved on to the next phase of your life as if he wasn't. I did a meditation for my ex, whenever I would remember and have time, and sent him love and healing. It sounded odd to me at first when this was suggested to me, why would I want to send him love and healing when he treated me poorly and why would I want to help him out in his new relationship? But I did it nonetheless, and it had more benefits to me than it probably did to him. I felt like the loving, giving, understanding creature that I am and I found myself again!!!

    I wish the best for you and hope you find some peace soon.


  • Dear Nancyann,

    You are getting ready to enter into a New Year. I sincerely feel that you will have reason to be happy in it for more than one reason. First one will be that you free your mind and emotions from your ex-husband and start to put yourself first. Get a complete make-over and go out to single dances and enjoy yourself. If you don't know how to dance you can slow dance.

    Find a church to join and there just may be a very pleasent surprise waiting there for you of the male kind.

    People who will not let go of a spouse that has moved on without them can make themselves emotionally sick, and I would not want you to let this happen because you do not desire it and for your children sake also, get up, get out and get on with your life is what spirit is telling me to tell you, I hear some names coming in here for you Helen, Shunnie*A nick name) Joy, Albert, Johnny, Larry. The world can be your oystor in 2011.

    Make It A Happy New Year


  • nancyeann may i ask a question .... how are your finances at this time?

  • well for right now they are okay not great, but we haven't had a final divorce settlement yet so that is up in the air.

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