final reading?

  • Shuabby,

    Merry Christmas to you! I am wishing you many blessings of abundance in all forms in the coming year and onward. You have been a true gift to all on this site and will certainly be missed. Thank you so much for all you've done to enlighten and encourage me on my own journey.

    If you are so inclined, would love one final reading from you re whatever you can pick up for me.

    Love, light and blessings to you now and always,


  • Dear Jenlyn123

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and I know you will have a Happy New Year in more ways than one. I feel a change in your residence in 2011 their saying you may move to more accomadating arrangments. HMMMMM Are you in a relationship now because I feel some loneliness here for you? I really do not feel a partner around you.

    If this is the case don't fret to much about it because the new year will bring much intimate happiness to you. You will be more active and find new friends that just may have Mr. Right tucked away for you to meet.

    Your work is going along fine is what I am told and you will climb the ladder moneywise in 2011. I see more money crossing your hands.

    If you have any questions please send them along.


  • Shuabby, Merry Christmas! Thanks very much for the reading. I will certainly miss you here, as I know many others will as well. I am sure great success is in store for you and I send many blessings your way.

    Change of residence? Hmmm, I moved into a new place about 6 months ago and have a year and a half left on my lease so no plans for a move for now, but you never know I guess.

    You are correct, there is no romance in my life right now. I am taking this time to align and balance myself and trust that when the time is right, someone will come in. I am hopeful it will be sooner rather than later, but am grateful all that my life provides as it is now and will just be with that for the moment.

    Thanks so much for your insight and all that you have provided here. I will truly miss you!


  • Shuabby,

    Where are U going? Did your husband get the job in Austin? I live in Austin.


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