FORK in the ROAD of life decisions...please help

  • As the year end....I see a situation in my life that will be continuous into the new year son who is severly brain damage and living at a medical group home for fragile young adults...whom sometimes I wonder is it better to bring him home and a 13 year domestic relationship that has been mentally & verbally abusive since 2005.......sometimes I see a glimmer of hope for us and most of the time I WANT to LEAVE .....what should become of this....

  • Wow Ms Tonya I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, I totaly understand your dilema and it's not easy, you have to think would bringing him into a negative enviornment be good for him? Is he already Happy where he is? Think about yourself first what would be best for you, is there a way for you to get out safely? I can't tell you what to do with your life you have to come to that conclusion but know that you are unconditionally LOVED by God and he wants whats best for you, you deserve to be happy and that Love does not hurt, maybe someone else will give you better insight for you future but you have to take the first step. If you ever need anyone to talk to be glad to do it. God Bless You!

    P.S. I used to be in a verbally abusive relationship too, I had to put my foot down and not take it any more, refuse to be a victim, men (they) only do to you what you allow. Stand up for yourself and don't let anyone put you down, you are a Queen! Happy Holidays!

  • thank u Poetic,

    I appreciate all of what u said....and I do know that i have to make that move but we been together for 13 years and Im kinda taking that hard to let go....besides he spoils me financially thats the best part of him....isnt that sad...but thank you...deep down I know what I need to for my son David, your right he is safe and being cared for 24hours...I just get selfish of wanting my son home where he belongs, not in another part of our state, that he or I never been to until he was assaulted and became severely brain damage.....but I do see my freedom to visit , maintain & advocate for him constantly...

    thanks again,


  • Okay!

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