Gone with the Wind and Feminism

  • Chapter XlIII

    A particular bone to pick. Why doesn't Scarlett chastise Rhett for not taking care of Melly and Beau when she busted her butt to do so?

    I am re-reading the book and there are so many places where I would have told Rhett to stuff it. In one way it is nice to see how far women have come. The other is I am astonished that Scarlett did tell him where to put it earlier.

    Anyone else interested in this discussion?

  • BTW

    I think Ashley a Cad too.

  • I thought she did rip into him for that? And Rhett was always helping Melly, just not in the same ways Scarlett was. Like most men I know, he'd help in big ways. Like he technically saved her and Scarlett's life by stealing a horse for them when the town was under attack. And he saved her husbands life. And I'm pretty sure he gave them an assload of money at some point, too. Rhett is not a nurturing person, so he wouldn't actually nurse her...but he really liked Melly and helped her in any big way he could whenever she needed it.

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