For Shuabby

  • Shuabby, I've read that you are leaving. i would like to take the last chance to have your insight if possible. Can you tell me what i can expect in 2011?

  • Hello Moonalisa,

    I really like that name and I need your DOB and your questions please.

  • just anything you pick up.

  • Dear Moonalisa,

    You will feel the need in 2011 to change a lot of things in your life. Like the need to sort though clutter and put things in order. What you no longer need will go out the front door. This will be a time of letting go and renewal for you.

    This is because you will find the inner strength to move forward after some heartbreak you have been through. I have to tell you to go to church is what I'm getting here, You need to change your attitude and your friends also.

    If you are married or in a partnership this has to be put under the looking glass. Is it a positive relationship? I feel the need for escape here for you. Why I am not being told. Only you know what this means. Is there drugs involved here?

    You will reach out to your spiritual helpers and call upon them for guidence this new year. As I see some broken pieces that have to be mended. Your family is coming in here like something is distance here " a father perhaps. Somethimes we can not all have a wonderful loving family , only one that makes us grow into either a person that follows the dark side of life or a person that looks, listens and learns just what they will not be from the example.

    You will have love in your life but honestly I do not feel it coming in strong until 2012/ Than you will have one of the most happy years of your life. You will be more in balance and giving off light to draw the good things of life to you.

    I know you can do it is what spirit wants to tell you and a grandparent Granny is watching over you and it feels like a dog a blk dog is here also looking out for you. Your not alone is what they the angels want you to know.

    Work will improve for you also and there may be a change in what you do or want to do in it. A Claude and Andy are here and one of these men will walk with a limp. They will help you along your journey this 2011 year. You have many new friends awaiting you also.

    Enjoy your New Year and New You In It


  • Dear Shuabby, this oncoming year will be my ninth personal year hence probably the need to get rid of old attitudes, all that is unnecessary or painful in my life.

    I am not married nor in a relationship. There is some kind of a 'distant' relation in my life right now. i am not sure if you may be referring to that. But no, no drugs involved. 🙂

    I'm happy to know that i have some good spirits around, with me. it is good to know that especially in the moments when it seems there's little hope.

    Thank you for the reading with all my heart. i'd like to wish you warm, joyful, happy moments at Christmas. We are starting to celebrate today with a special Christmas Eve supper. You and other good spirits:-) will be in my thoughts then. I hope you will find happiness on your new path. 🙂

    Thank you Shuabby!

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