Captain could you pls help me ?

  • hello captain

    my friend has meet a guy and his ok but my friend is always worried that he is going to leave her l dont know if you can maybe see if they will remain together so maybe she could shake this feeling off. cos she is making life very hard on her slef ......... there date of birth 20/06/1970 and 16/061980 well l think its 1980 if not 1979 sry lm not sure

    kind regrads

  • Actually this relationship is worst for love so maybe your friend's anxiety is not fear but intuition. Her career may be a better thing to devote herself to than one single person, and work is where she will find her greatest satisfaction in life. She has learnt to have a negative unhealthy view of family relationships from her upbringing and it has taken its toll on her through some bad love situations. This in turn has led to her fear of being abandoned and the bottom dropping out of her life just when things get good. She expects it to happen and, as we attract what we expect, so then it does happen to her. But, if she can learn to expect positive things, they will come to her too.

    Love and marriage to this pair is likely to be secondary to their struggle to achieve their goals. Your friend must be induced to be motivated here, for her basic tendency in such relationships is to give herself to romance and the security of a home base. Her new guy must then be able to prove to her what is at stake and how it can be achieved. Should this pair fail in their goals, your friend may grow to dislike and ultimately reject the relationship's values.

    This relationship will devote its energy to trying to accomplish epic feats. Whether these attempts have a chance of success or will in retrospect be revealed as unrealistic will very much depend on the orientation here. 'Epic feats' don't necessarily have to be on the scale of slaying dragons, or making a killing in the stock market - they can include bringing to fruition projects that might ordinarily be out of reach. The new guy's inspiring outlook and your friend's ability to work magic can synergistically combine in a relationship with just such awesome powers, especially if they are friends or colleagues.

    In fact friendship is the best option here. A friendship between this pair tends to be more easy-going with fewer pressures than a love affair. Love relationships can make both of them very insecure. The new guy will be able to go off and do his own thing here without feeling obligated to include your friend in all his activities. He needs to be able to feel free to do his own thing and may feel restricted in a love affair. His drive for success and your friend's need for security will be less demanding within a more casual light-hearted relationship. Both of them need to scale back their grand expectations of relationships and other people.

  • hello captain

    my friend and l would like to thank you

    and wish all the best for 2011

    Thanks again

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