Trying hard to see if this is working: cap vs lib

  • Okay i ve been seeing this libra girl about 4months ago and we have been consistently seeing each other since then. there are couple of obstacles biggest being the age gap i am 32 capricorn and she is 20 libra although i would like to say i am well dressed, have a good job and good mannered and look around 4-5 years younger. i actually posted about this a couple of months ago, since then, lot of thing went and our understanding of each other and friendship has deepened i believe.

    could you give advice about age gap? is this negative?

    using power astrology i did a lot of investigation into her behavior etc etc courting her. but i am worried it is just not being quite romantic although we are in total harmony in conversation. someday, i miss her terribly sometimes i feel like i dont need her.

    as a capricorn, i held out my emotions well, but she definitely senses my feeling towards her, other than that we are very open and conversational. i would like to say i am way way more expressive than normal capricorn, and have a great sense of humor, and artistic talent and eye for beauty etc.

    nowadays i feel like she is becoming bit more quieter than she used to be and less flirtatious but becoming more talkative with me. in order to get our relationship going i did a lot of compromise: i found she is not caring for their companion (me) at all, but i would say my compliment will sometimes arouse her and sometime she just ignores it.

    bottom line is she is nice to me, but i am just not receiving the receptive signals that girls send to me when they fall in love with me based on my past experience. also whatever we do, she will completely take charge, what we do is always her initiation but not mine. whenever i suggest something she will find some way to pass or ignore it with the exception of going to her favorite places.

    i just wanna know if she has any feeling for me. can u guys judge me based on what i said above? any input is appreciated.

  • if you provide dob (mm/dd/yy) it would help

    I don't do free chart reading on here anymore, but someone else can do it

    the way I see it, both of you are back and forth

    you said sometimes you miss her, sometimes you feel you don't need her

    she is sometimes aroused by your compliment and sometimes she ignores it

    Capricorn in general is a sign of formality and organization

    any planet sitting on this part of your birth chart will sends its energy in that area

    sometimes you put too much energy on being 'proper' or doing it 'proper'

    holding your emotions is one attempt to achieve this

    this is a great asset in business and work life

    but in relationship and romance, you need to let go a bit more and have fun

    spontaneous fun is unplanned. you'll catch her off guard.

    just go with her plan, but take every chance to surprise her with your spontaneity while at it

    and just let go, I mean really let go, or else she will think you are not sincere

    I should know LOL I am married to a Capricorn dominant.

    Out of 10 heavenly bodies, 4 sit on this part of his chart

    Just like astrology says it, his business is doing well from the start, but he is seriously in need of having fun, real fun in life, going all crazy

    His motto is "I have to". My motto is "what if?"

    every day, when he plans to go out, I will go out but not to the same place LOL

    when he is all excited about his business, I took out my musical equipments and get him to sing and dance

    try it. just have fun and go all out about it.

    romance and creativity go hand in hand. if you are already creative, break your emotional boundaries. what if it fails, you ask? it will not fail with another girl (/wink)

    but what if, what if it works? what will you lose, if it works?

    happy holidays and have fun!

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