Please someone anyone help?! Thank you!!

  • So I got fed up finally, I quit my job as now I am a failure in everyones eyes and I wait for my husband to get home and get mad at me for quitting especially now right before bills due in January! Why did I do it? I think I deserve better as this company was a joke anyways poor customer service and quality not a company I want to represent. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on where to go from here?! Will I be ok in 2011 and will I be able to get a job sooner then later?!

  • P.S. - You may want to also seek out a job counselor where you live. Just the fact that I mentioned a coach. That might be another way you can begin to seek some type of support.

  • Jenna, didn't realize you were a different jen. Sorry I got you mixed up with someone else!

  • I think after several tries at the point where you feel you have reached the end of your rope you will find a job possibly by feb/mar. But its going to take some serious effort and an open mind. This isnt going to be a dream job persay but it will bring you some fullfilment as you will find a friend in one of your co workers that will make you smile at work. good luck

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