Cris1962, Shaubby, or Others with Insight

  • Hi Forums, looking for a little guided insight. I wonder if you can tell me what to look forward to in my next relationship. I would like to know if I'm going to meet someone soon, or if it will be a while, and what kind of person he will be. Also if it's someone I already know or if he's going to be a stranger--hopefully not stranger than the ones I'm dealing with now! lol (Couldn't resist that one). If you're able to see anything I'd love it, but if you don't get a feel for it, I get that too. Thanks in advance for your time!

    And may everyone reading have a blessed holiday!

  • Bump!

    Guys and Gals......I'm self aware enough to know that I really shouldn't always have specifics. So if you guys get a message that says "don't tell her, she's going to obsess/freak out/misinterpret, that's ok too, you can tell me. 🙂

    I just have hella fun on these forums!

    Namaste all of you reading,


  • Whoopsie. Something I learned is that you like some additional info. My dob is 8/5/68. 🙂

  • DARN it all!! lol I posted that I noticed Cris1962 hasn't been around in a while and that I saw Shaubby is discontinuing her online readings as of today. Best of luck in your new venture Shaubby!!

    I hope everyone in this wonderful community has a very happy holiday!

    (I wonder where I posted the other one? LOL probably on some thread that has nothing to do with this and will make zero sense. ahhhhh yep I'm blonde)

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  • Thanks, Miss Spam-a-lot!

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