Gemini & Fidelity

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  • I am an Aries woman and i dated a gemini man for a few weeks, it was fun most of the time but sometimes he seemed aloof and would then suddenly be 'with me ' and everything would be rosy again!

    Anyway, he texted me a while ago saying he didnt want anything serious and felt he was leading me on, and would i meet him for a drink.. I just said i wasnt wanting to jump into anything heavy either. And i also said i was too embarrased to meet him now (he had ruined it for me, i thought we were having a good time) Then i decided later i would like to meet, so he told me to let him know when i was free, i left it a week, then text him to ask if he was free that reply. I didnt contact him again.

    A week later i bump into him on his way to the beach with his son, i live next to the beach and was on my way home from school with my son (our sons go to the same school)..i stopped to say hi and he asked if i was coming to the anyway we went to the beach and met each others children for the first time, made sandcastles and had a fun afternoon. All i said to him about us was that i was glad to bump into him as i didnt want things to be awkward as id like to stay friends..he just said 'oh yeah yeah'.

    I didnt give him the chance to arrange to see me again as i live the opposite end of town and just said a casual goodbye and quickly made my way up the cliff path as he continued along the beach..i did see him looking up at me alot, i had sunglasses on and pretended i didnt see!

    What i'd like to ask after such a lengthy message (sorry!), is could he still be interested in me?

    Is it likely he will text me again? I have'nt got emotional or needy with him, and have'nt done any 'you bastard!' stuff.

  • I can contribute a little something to this development. I'm a Cancer woman who's been with a Gemini man for four years this November. One thing in particular that's been bothering me about him quite a bit:

    Whether or not we ***, he's practically always asking me (accusing me) if I've been with (of being with) another man during our time together. Now I find this quite annoying since I've been faithful to him ever since we started seeing each other. The kicker is, for a few months or so, HE has NOT been faithful to me, and been with another girl in addition to me. (Worst part is, it was someone I knew from junior high school and had somewhat been friends with)

    Now, half the time when he asks me these things, I have to point out to him that I'm not the one who cheated--he did. Why I stayed with him during this, I have no idea. Maybe I was holding out hope that that girl would lose interested or my b/f would lose interest in her. I guess I was right because he hasn't been calling her, and she hasn't called or been around since.

    Things will never be the same with him, but at the same time I'm lucky I haven't lost him. I think he's over her now, and even through this hot mess he's still declared that I'm the 'first' woman in his life. (Kind of like the one he'll walk the ends of the earth for, or some overly dramatic thing similar--but it's sweet, you know?) I mean, I have been completely faithful to him, I have given him space (because as a Cancer, I understand about needing space--I need mine as well). I try to be there for him emotionally when he needs it, and I love talking with him. Sometimes I wonder how on earth I managed to keep him in my life, because he can easily dump me if he so chooses, or am I giving myself too much credit?

  • Thank you, all of you for the insights and help. I have been studying so been tied up a bit but this has been so helpful. I suppose the trouble is that I have no trust now, or respect for him, and still watch my back in case the horrible gemini comes back. I also find myself alternating between not listening if he "talks" about anybody or getting panicky, which is not ideal and actually making me feel ill.

    Undertanding, given by all of you has helped me to a road to making up my mind about the relationships and looking at my part of the process, in undervaluing myself and trying to be "perfect". However that was, I see now, purely conditional and done in the expectation that I would receive fidelity and kindness back. The obvious answer is that I should be giving that love to myself, and respect to myself and actually BEING myself. And loving myself first and lets face it, you cannot love others without pain unless you love yourself first.

    Still in there, but still to decide whether to love and let it go, or try to reconcile the two of him in the relationship (good and bad) with the angry coward in me! Will keep you posted but thank you all very very much.


  • Having a Gemini rising and saturn in Sag in the 7th house ; being married is a very difficult thing for me. I never cheated on my husband; but did notice when he would try to push me into believing what he believed and tried to tell me what and how. i found my eye wander; and have thought over a million times that I would leave him. I know this relationship worked best when he allowed me to me ; and he was so needy or controling. I also have my sun in the 7th house in Cap so I will stay as long as I feel I haven't given my free will over to him. I think we as Gemini personality need to have a mental stimulation; and our cries are don't hem me. The same cry for the Sag. Can we be faithful yes. Do we always want to is another question.

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