Like Alice in Wonderland

  • The past year has humbled us. We battled it out with our egos. What we wanted, what we needed, and what we got! I watched the movie Alice in Wonderland and when Alice was on the mountain battling the dragon I thought to myself that is most certainly what we are in the process of going through! We are being tested to overcome the hidden places in our heart where our deepest fears lurk, insecurities about our future nestle, and uncertainties about what we really want lay gnawing at us. As she climbed to higher levels (of awareness) Alice wanted to retreat but once you’ve come so far there is no going back! She didn’t feel worthy or capable of defeating such a monstrous task; to conquer a dragon out to swallow her whole! We have come so far on our journey that there really is no turning back!

    With the sword in our hand we are most certainly cutting away the places in our lives that are not functioning properly. It has not been an easy battle to say the least. At every twist and turn there has been opposition and blocks. We have had to learn when it was time persevere and use our strength and will to move us forward on our path. Followed by periods where no matter what we did, nothing would budge, thus teaching us patience.

    The tremendous, foreboding dragon are the issues we gave pure intent to resolving,. It is the relationship issues we avoided dealing with, the job we became complacent in, our financial security that we mismanaged and our health that we ignored. The dragon can be a variety of issues that got swept under the carpet as we pretended to go through the motions of day to day living and got caught up in the illusion. Until now. Until the grand awakening of the ages.

    Sometimes I feel just like Alice falling deep into the rabbit hole where absolutely nothing makes sense and I wonder if I am in a bad dream or if someone slipped me some LSD and I’m on some psychedelic acid trip! During these periods I’ve learned to not take life too seriously, step back and let things unravel in a more natural way. Choosing to detach from the drama and let go of the frustration and confusion. When things get too intense I’ve learned to preoccupy myself with something pleasant. When things don’t makes sense I have found that with some time and space things become clear. The energy is shifting so dramatically that oftentimes we just have to wait it out, as things are occurring behind the scenes with rerouted opportunities that we are unaware of.

    This year has been about awakening the sleeping dragon. We didn’t necessarily resolve our issues, however, the areas in our life that need to be healed or worked on came to the forefront. All unconscious motivation needed to be confronted. We are in the process of awakening our dreams and desires and taking steps to obtaining them. The energy was not about manifesting them quite yet, but we came really clear on what we want and need. The steps necessary to get there were taken and the intentions were set.

    This year humbled us in a way that we absolved our will to the higher purpose. We found that we could no longer muddle through our lives without being mindful of what we were creating and doing. When we forced our will, we found that the results were less then pleasant. We experienced mass amounts of clearing. We experienced a strong desire to clear the space in our home and workplace, focusing on our health, and facing issues in our relationships. A lot of ending occurred this year as well. Many souls leaving the planet, relationships ending, and changes in living and working conditions.

    Many of us experienced a lot of physical clearings this past year, which will continue into the New Year. We are clearing out cellular memory that manifests as physical aches and pains, colds/flu/sinus pressure, fatigue, feeling ungrounded or out of body, a lack of energy, and brain fog. As we our releasing SO much it is literally being purged from our physical bodies.

    We are disconnecting from our past and the path we had previously chosen. We are starting a new life within the confines of the old. Many may experience memory loss

    or be unable to recall what we had been angry or upset about or even recall certain memories from our past. The past is just no longer in our energy field as we embrace the new path we have chosen. Alternatively, people from our past will reappear in a new role in our lives.

    Within the New Year we will continue to clear any lingering issues that weren’t resolved in 2010. The beginning part of the year will be wrapping up lose ends and continuing to get clear on what we want and need. The urge to purge will continue to be strong. A desire to declutter, simplify, and make major life changes will be keen. We will continue in distancing ourselves from those we have been in inharmonious relationships with; whether it be family, friend or romantic partner. The desire for solitary time will be a strong need. We are learning to be in our own space without anyone draining our energy or making demands on our time. The urge for time in nature will be intense as the elements have a powerful effect in recharging our battery.

    This New Year will be the beginning of manifesting our dreams. For those who have done the work and the clearing in the past few years will see the results of their labor of love. Those who haven’t will continue on their efforts of purging and aligning. Either way it will be positive steps in the right direction for those on the path of conscious awareness.

    We may feel like Alice right about now, who slipped down the rabbit hole and ended up God knows where, however, if we can accept the present moment and allow things to unfold in the coming months, things will begin to slowly makes sense. The downfall of the “system” will continue to occur so we need to practice detaching from that drama and finding peace in ways that are beneficial for us. We are going to experience the ramifications as we are tied into the system in many ways. Yet we are being rerouted to new opportunities but it does takes patience and perseverance. Like Alice we will embark on a magical journey of new beginnings we had never even dream of!


    Dear God,

    I feel as if I’ve been through so much this past year. There have been times that I felt weary and lost hope. Then I realized that the end result didn’t matter as much as the journey. Through Your grace I found that all is well as long as I keep myself grounded in the present moment. I keep my head free from worry and my heart open and my step light. Once I realize the dragons I have been slaying are only of massive proportion through my own slanted perceptions. I lay down my sword and allow You to guide the solution that is for my highest and greatest good. I choose to follow the path of least resistance with ease and grace. Not that I am choosing the easy route, but I choose to give up my resistances so I have a clear path to the destination I desire. May all obstacles be removed from my way.

    And so it is.


    By: Stefanie Miller

  • I like it that the sword is mentioned here

    in the East, a swordsman is someone who is one with the sword

    then he/she becomes the weapon itself

    he/she will never lose the sword, since they are now one

    in life, a sword can be equated to challenges, hardship

    by overcoming challenges, we advance

    lessons from challenges and hardship, become part of us, what makes us stronger

    I have mentioned about swords here and was slurred

    it';s funny how people can be overconfident and underestimate something they don't comprehend

    no wonder the very people who slurred this, were slurred by others

    what we send out, we always get back LOL

    mercy, Poetic!

  • Hi leoscorp! I havent been on here in over a year as I needed a break but I wanted to say hi to you as you were so helpful and kind towards me and I have grown so much since that time. So Hello to you! Glad to see you still on here. Have a Merry Christmas! ( :

  • lovinmylife

    I remember you. I haven't been here much either.

    work was piling up and now work is not so much but holidays take its place LOL

    happy holidays and I hope you have wonderful times ahead

  • 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing Poetic,


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